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What is the Kidney Transplant Cost in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $7510

Average Cost (approx) $11265

Highest Cost (approx) $15020

  • Treatment Type : Deceased-donor
  • Treatment Time : 3-5 Hours
  • Recovery Time : 2-8 Weeks
  • Hospitalization Days : 4-10 Days
  • Chances of Recurrence : Low
  • Success Rate : 94.88 - 98.11%

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The kidney transplant cost in India ranges from ₹5,00,000 to ₹15,00,000 ($6,014 to $18,043). However, it may cost you up to ₹17,00,000 ($20,448) for minimally invasive surgery. Here is the average cost of a kidney transplant in India, provided by world-renowned hospitals and top-notch kidney specialists.

In India, kidney transplants offer exceptional quality and care at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

Please note: For international patients, it is essential to have a valid donor present, as the opportunity for a cadaver kidney transplant is exclusively available to domestic patients.

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Treatment Cost

Open surgery (Kidney Transplant)

$6,000 - $17,000

Laparoscopic surgery (Kidney Transplant)

$17,000 - $23,000

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More Information

Costs for different types of kidney transplants:

There are two types of surgeries used for kidney transplantation: open nephrectomy and laparoscopic nephrectomy. Below, we have given the approximate values for both types of surgeries.

Type of Surgery Cost
Open surgery
  • Removal of diseased kidney.
    Replaced with a healthy kidney.
    Large abdominal incision.
    Lengthy recovery (1-2 months).
₹5,40,000 to ₹7,30,000
($6,495 - $8,780)
Laparoscopic surgery
  • Small abdominal incisions.
    Laparoscope guides kidney dissection.
    Kidney removal through existing incision.
    Fewer stitches, fewer scars.
    Shorter recovery.
    Costlier than open surgery due to advanced tech.
₹7,00,000 to ₹12,00,000
($8,420 - $14,434)

Note: The above cost is an estimated value; it can vary according to the surgeon, hospital, and location.

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There are a lot of tests done before the transplant surgery. Read on so you can plan your treatment expenses better.

What is the cost of diagnostic tests for kidney transplants in India?

The preoperative tests help evaluate the medical condition of the patient. The below diagnosis enables the doctors to take further steps to reduce the surgical risk. This will help you calculate the kidney transplant cost in India.

Diagnostic Tests for Kidney Transplant in India

A. Donor and Recipient Compatibility Test:

To ensure compatibility and the donor's overall health, a thorough assessment is conducted, involving a series of blood tests and scans, before proceeding with the kidney donation. This test includes:

Crossmatch testCost: ₹7,000 - ₹10,000 ($84 - $120)
HLA typing

B. Kidney and Liver Tests:

Kidney and liver tests are performed to rule out infections and measure enzyme levels in the blood prior to transplant.

Metabolic panel blood test measures sugar level, electrolyte, fluid balance, kidney, and liver function.Cost: ₹700 - ₹1500 ($8 - $18)
LFT measures protein, liver enzymes, and bilirubin levels in blood.Cost: ₹300 - ₹1,000 ($4 - $14)
Lipid profile is a combination of tests conducted to detect cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood.Cost: ₹350 - ₹1000 ($4 - $12)

C. Immune System Tests:

Blood typing tests check compatibility between recipient and donor blood groups.Cost: ₹300 - ₹600 ($4 - $9)
CBC blood test evaluates overall health and detects blood disorders.Cost: ₹200 - ₹300 ($3 - $4)
Blood coagulation test measures clotting ability.Cost: ₹300 - ₹900 ($4 - $13)
Antigen-antibody tests detect the presence of specific antibodies in the blood.Cost: ₹250 - ₹500 ($4 - $7)
HIV tests are designed to detect antibodies to the HIV.Cost: ₹500 - ₹1000 ($7 - $14)

D. Lung Tests:

Chest X-ray diagnoses lung infection & produces images of airways, heart, blood vessels, and bones of the chest and spine.Cost: ₹500 - ₹2000 ($7 - $28)
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) examines pulmonary hypertension and lung capacity.Cost: ₹800 - ₹1500 ($12 - $21)

E. Heart Tests:

ECG diagnoses heart rhythm and estimates heartbeat activity.Cost: ₹300 - ₹700 ($4 - $10)
The stress test measures the heart's electrical activity while you exercise.Cost: ₹12,000 - ₹15,000 ($170 - $210)

F. Blood Flow Tests:

Doppler Ultrasound measures the amount of blood flow through arteries & veins.Cost: ₹1,000 - ₹2,000 ($14 - $28)
CT scan detects problems in internal organs.Cost: ₹2,000 - ₹8,000 ($28 - $112)

Note: The above cost is an estimated value; it can vary from hospital to hospital.

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What are the factors that affect the kidney transplant cost in India?

Factors that affect the Kidney transplant cost in India

The following factors affect kidney transplant prices in India:

  • Reputation of the hospital: Hospitals that are highly reputed may charge higher fees.
  • Expertise of the surgeon: The expertise and experience of the surgeon can also affect the cost.
  • Type of Donor: Costs vary depending on the type of donor, whether living or deceased.
  • Medical Investigations: The cost of pre-transplant medical investigations, including blood tests, imaging, and other diagnostic procedures, can add to the overall cost.
  • Medications: The cost of immunosuppressant medications that transplant recipients must take for the rest of their lives can vary. The type of medication prescribed can impact the long-term cost.
  • Length of hospital stay: The duration of hospitalization post-transplant can affect the cost. Complications or additional medical care may extend the hospital stay.
  • Post-Transplant Care: The cost of post-transplant care and follow-up visits, including regular check-ups and medication management, is an ongoing expense.
  • Geographic location: The cost of healthcare services can vary based on the region or city within India. Metropolitan areas often have higher healthcare costs compared to smaller towns or rural areas.
  • Insurance coverage: If you have health insurance that covers organ transplantation, it can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Be sure to check the terms and coverage provided by your insurance policy.
  • Additional expenses: Miscellaneous expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and the cost of caregiving can add to the overall cost.
  • Medical Complications: Unexpected costs may rise as a result of complications.
  • Type of Transplant: Costs may vary depending on the type of transplant being done (laparoscopic vs. open)
  • Government Rules: Rules or subsidies may have an impact on the final price.


  • Before you proceed with a kidney transplant, it is crucial to have thorough discussions with both your kidney transplant surgeon and the financial department of the hospital regarding all possible expenses. They can provide you with a detailed breakdown of expenses and help you understand your options for financing the procedure.

Find out why India is the most ideal destination for kidney transplant surgery.

Why should you undergo a kidney transplant in India?

Why you should undergo a Kidney transplant in India

India has rapidly established itself as a leading destination for kidney transplant procedures. The incredible response to a kidney transplant hospital in South India is evident in the more than 300 inquiries it received within a mere two days of opening.

Indian hospitals are leading the way in medical innovation, adopting advanced techniques such as robotic surgery for kidney transplants, thus providing patients with the most advanced and top-notch care available.

  • Kidney transplant procedures in India are known for their exceptional affordability, making high-quality healthcare accessible to a wider population compared to numerous other countries.
  • India is renowned for its world-class medical facilities and highly skilled healthcare professionals, guaranteeing exceptional care throughout the transplant procedure.
  • Indian surgeons are highly skilled in organ transplantation, with many of them achieving international recognition for their exceptional expertise and impressive success rates.
  • Short Waiting Times: In India, patients can benefit from relatively shorter waiting times for kidney transplants compared to certain other countries, which ensures that they receive prompt and timely care.
  • India offers a wealth of tourism opportunities that allow patients and their families to seamlessly blend medical treatment with unforgettable travel experiences, thanks to its abundance of cultural heritage and captivating tourist attractions.
  • Quality of Care: The quality of healthcare and post-operative care in India meets or exceeds international standards.
  • To ensure the utmost success, thorough research and careful selection of a reputable hospital or healthcare provider in India are imperative when contemplating a kidney transplant.


In addition to these medical advancements, a host of amenities is readily available for both local and international patients. These amenities encompass essential features such as health insurance, access to blood banks, travel assistance, and psychological counseling. Additionally, services like currency exchange and language interpreters cater to the diverse needs of patients seeking kidney transplants in India.

The price of kidney transplants in India is moderately affordable compared to that of other countries.

Comparison of the price of kidney transplants in India with other countries:

India$8,500 to $17,000
United States$2,00,000 to $4,00,000
United Kingdom$49,000 to $56,000
Canada$28,000 to $35,000
UAE$28,000 to $35,000
Singapore$49,000 to $70,000

Apart from the affordable cost of kidney transplants in India, there are numerous other compelling reasons why medical tourists should choose the country for this procedure. Those reasons are given below:

Currency: The value of Indian currency is comparatively less than the currency of other countries such as the dollar, euro, pound, etc. Hence, healthcare facilities are highly affordable in India.

  • Standard of Living: Indian living standards are economical compared to other developed countries. Hence, facilities like food, healthcare, transport, and accommodation are relatively cheap.
  • Quality of Treatment: Over the years, India has gained a reputation for its excellence in urology and nephrology. Here, thousands of extensive kidney transplants are implemented every year.
  • Top Hospitals: Most of the best kidney hospitals in India are specialized in conducting kidney transplants only by skilled surgeons. These hospitals are accredited by NABH and JCI certifications. The quality of healthcare services provided by these hospitals is as advanced and innovative as abroad.

    The above factors reduce kidney transplant expenses in India. Hence, people across the world choose India for healthcare facilities.

Other Details

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Please Note: To be on the safer side, be prepared for a 5% to 10% variation in the estimated cost of one kidney transplant depending on your condition. These charges include the surgeon’s fee, operation theater charges, anesthesia charges, hospital stay for a specific period, meals for the patient and one companion.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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Questions & Answers on "Kidney Transplant" (5)

Sir my husband need kidney transplant can you do free transplant

Male | 56

Do you have a donor in the family, should be a primary question. Primary workup will be needed of you have a fit donor. If a good match is available in a related donor, a lot of your expense can be funded by trust and schemes. And lastly nothing is free. Even if someone sponsors your surgical part, post op immunosuppression medicines also have cost of 8-10k monthly.

Answered on 27th Apr '24

Dr. Abhishek Shah

Please help me, my father is scheduled to have a kidney transplant next week. Is there any chance of failure in this procedure? And if yes, then what happens next?

Transplant it is a super major surgery. Any kind of transplant has its complications, and graft rejection is one of them. There are many other complications associated with the kidney transplant therefore transplant needs a multidisciplinary approach and a team of experts to deal with such patients.


Consultant kidney transplant doctors as they will be in a better position to guide you accordingly, because everything depends on patients age, his condition associated comorbidities, the match of the graft and many other factors. Consult a transplant specialist for guidance. Hope our answer helps you.

Answered on 10th June '23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

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