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Is it possible to transplant kidney with volunteered donor?

Hi dear, I am from Nepal, 60 years male and am under hemodialysis since 2 years back. For the first year I was more centralized in myself and much concerned how much hemodialysis was safe. I met people under dialysis for 8 years to even 12 years. I even met few people come back a year or two after successful kidney transplant. Then , I used to think this is OK, my life expectancy was not more than 18 years then. But this winter I witnessed 4 critical deaths at my dialysis centre, which left me more unsafe and worried. Now I also am infected with HCV+ at this moment. I am a diabetic patient since 2001, Three years back I had a minor hemorrhage There is only one centre in my place where i can dialyze. So in a way I am handicapped, can not travel. Now something came up my mind, if I could find a volunteer Donner in India, the hospital fee is actually affordable. Considering all my health condition is it possible for me to perform transplant. If you see it possible please advise. Thank you. Regards. Nero

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Dr. Babita Goel

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Answered on 10th June '23

Hello, Renal transplant should not be an issue. You need to get listed for donor's list. There is an entire protocol to match with donor. Your fitness will be decided by the nephrologist. Please consult a nephrologist for further guidance about the treatment. This page might help you find subject matter experts who would be at a better position to guide - Best Nephrologist in India, for a kidney transplant. Hope my answer helps you.

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