10 Best Pediatric Oncologists in India - Updated 2022

Cancer in children is devastating. Diagnosis of cancer in a child is a catastrophic blow to the family members. However, pediatric oncologists in India have time and again restored faith and happiness in countless families by successfully treating their child and defeating the Big C. They offer evidence-based treatment options tailored specifically to the needs of each individual patient in order to ensure that the cancer is treated accurately and effectively while minimizing discomfort and side effects. In case you are looking for pediatric oncologists in India, here is a list of the best in the country.

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Dr. Satya. Prakash Yadav.'s profile picture

Dr. Satya. Prakash Yadav.

25 years of experience

Fellowship in Hemato Oncology, DNB - Paediatrics, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS

  • Dr. Satya Yadav’s clinical focus is mainly pediatric Leukemia and Bone Marrow transplantation.
  • With over two decades of experience, he has performed more than 400 blood and bone marrow transplants including 50 unrelated donor/cord transplants and 50 Haplo Identical Bone Marrow transplants. 
  • He has published nearly 500 citations in both national and international journals, and aims to make BMT accessible and affordable to all in need.

Achievements & Recognitions

  • Editor- Oncopedia, Doing editorial work for Cure4kids, St Jude’s Hospital, USA - 2012
  • Hemophila Academy Fellow, 2 week training in Hemophilia in Edinburgh, - 2010
  • ANZCCSG Scholarship, To present paper during SIOP meeting in Brisbane - 2010
  • National Co-coordinator - National Training program in practical pediatric hematology (NTPPPH) - 2010
  • Secretary- Organ Transplant Group, Indian Academy of Pediatrics - 2009
  • Best Senior Resident in Pediatrics, Dr CK Bhalla Award - 2002
Dr. Nandini. Choudhary Hazarika.'s profile picture

Dr. Nandini. Choudhary Hazarika.

23 years of experience

MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Dr. Nandini Hazarika is a celebrated pediatric hematologist oncologist with more than two decades of experience in pediatric hemato-oncology and bone marrow transplantation.
  • She provides an array of services including bone marrow transplant,  Hematological and solid pediatric cancers, hemato-oncology, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma and soft tissue sarcomas.
  • Dr. Hazarika completed her MD in Pediatrics from Assam Medical College and then pursued a fellowship in Pediatric Oncology at the prestigious Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology in Bangalore. This was followed by a three-year residency in Pediatric Oncology at the Dr. B Barooah Cancer Institute, u unit of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
Dr. Vikas Dua's profile picture

Dr. Vikas Dua

20 years of experience

FNB - Pediatric Hematology Oncology, MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Dr. Vikas Dua is a specialist in Pediatric Hemato Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant, and has had some of the best clinical outcomes in the field of oncology. 
  • He has performed more than 200 pediatric transplants including some very rare transplants which haven't been done by anybody in India before.  
  • He is renowned for his expertise in Cell Transplant, especially in Pediatric Haploidentical Transplantation,  Haemato Oncology and Benign Pediatric Haematology. 

Achievements & Recognitions

  • Best outgoing Fellow in FNB of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital


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Dr. Santanu Sen's profile picture

Dr. Santanu Sen

20 years of experience


  • With over 19 years of practice under his belt, Dr. Santanu Sen is an experienced Stem Cell Transplanter and the only internationally accredited BMT unit inspector in India. 
  • He practiced Pediatric Hematology & Oncology in UK for 12 years before returning to India and began his practice at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Andheri West, Mumbai. 
  • Dr. Sen has been a source of strength and power to thousands of children and their parents, so if you are looking for a Pediatric Oncologist with very high rates of success, he is your calling. 

Achievements & Recognitions

  • Examiner for the Royal College of Pediatrics & Child Health
Lilavati Hospital And Research Centre


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Dr. Swati Kanakia's profile picture

Dr. Swati Kanakia

23 years of experience

Ph D (Applied Biology), MD - Pediatrics, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS

  • Dr. Swati Kanakia is a renowned pediatric hematologist with more than two decades of experience.
  • She pursued her MBBS and MD from the prestigious Grant Medical College Mumbai, with multiple distinctions in various subjects and a gold medal in the DCH examination. Later she went on to pursue Ph.D. in Applied Biology.
  • She has freed many children from cancer and is one of the most sought after pediatric oncologists of the country.

Achievements & Recognitions

  • Bibi Chand Travelling scholarship awarded by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics - 1995
  • Senior Research Associate, Awarded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India - 1993
  • Travelling Scholarship from the International Outreach , St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis , USA - 1998
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket


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Dr. Ramandeep Singh Arora's profile picture

Dr. Ramandeep Singh Arora

25 years of experience

Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH, London, Glasgow or Edinburgh), Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS

  • Dr. Ramandeep Singh Arora is a pediatric cancer doctor with more than 24 years of practice. 
  • He has been honoured with  the membership of various prestigious associations including  Indian Co-Operative Oncology Network, India, International Society of Paediatric Oncology, Netherlands, Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group, UK and Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, UK.
  • He offers treatment for all types of cancer including Brain Tumour, Sarcoma, Lymphoma and Leukemia, so if you are in need of a doctor with multi-speciality expertise, you should book an appointment. 
Dr. Raghuram C P's profile picture

Dr. Raghuram C P

27 years of experience

FRCP, MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Dr. C.P. Raghuram has almost three decades of experience and is considered one of the best pediatric oncologist in India. 
  • He completed his MBBS in 1996 and went on to get an MD in Pediatrics from Eastern Deanery Cambridge in the UK. 
  • His area of expertise lies in treating children with lymphomas, leukemia, brain tumors, solid tumors like Wilms tumor, bone tumours, neuroblastomas, soft tissue sarcomas, germ cell tumors, Retinoblastomas including giving high dose treatment and bone marrow transplantation.
  • The highly experienced doctor is famous amongst his patients for his accurate diagnosis, patience and humbleness. 
Dr. Neema Bhat's profile picture

Dr. Neema Bhat

9 years of experience

Diplomate from the American Board of Paediatrics, Fellowship in Hemato Oncology, MBBS

  • Dr. Neema Bhat is a celebrated name in the field of pediatric hematology and oncology. 
  • She completed her MBBS from Devaraj URS Medical College, Kolar in 2008 and pursued MD – Pediatrics from Cooper University Hospital in 2014. Thereafter, she went for a Diplomate from the American Board of Pediatrics in 2018.
  • Dr. Bhat has performed over 50 bone marrow transplants (including Haploidentical and MUD) for malignant and non-malignant Hematology conditions.
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Dr. Amita Mahajan's profile picture

Dr. Amita Mahajan

29 years of experience

MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Dr. Amita Mahajan has a rich experience of over 23 years as a hematologic oncologist and has played a pivotal role in setting up Hemato Oncology Services at the reputed Apollo Hospital, Delhi.
  • After her MBBS, she completed her MD in Pediatrics from the renowned All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Thereafter, she did her Fellowship (MRCP) with specialization in Pediatrics Oncology and Hematology from the UK in 1996. 
  • She is one of the most sought after oncologists of India and is consulted by both Indian and international patients for her successful treatment procedures.
Blk Super Speciality Hospital


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Dr. Vipin Khandelwal's profile picture

Dr. Vipin Khandelwal

19 years of experience

Observership in Pediatric Oncology, Fellowship in Pediatric Hemato-Oncology & BMT, MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Dr. Vipin Khandelwal is a leading name in the field of Pediatric Haemato - Oncology treatment in India. 
  • Patients worldwide acknowledge Dr. Khandelwal for his versatile and patient-centric approach. So if you are looking for a friendly and approachable doctor, he is your best bet in India. 
Questions & Answers on "Pediatric Oncologist" (400)

What are the five most prevalent kinds of cancer in children?

The five most prevalent kinds of cancer in children are:

  • Leukemia: It refers to cancer of the blood and bone marrow
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors: Most brain tumours in children start in the lower parts of the brain, such as the brainstem or cerebellum.
  • Neuroblastoma: This type of cancer starts in early forms of nerve cells found in a developing embryo or fetus. It develops in infants and young children, and is rare in children older than the age of 10 years. 
  • Wilms’ Tumour: Also called nephroblastoma, it starts in one, or rarely, in both kidneys. The symptoms include a swelling or lump in the abdomen along with fever, pain, nausea, or poor appetite.
  • Lymphomas: This type of cancer starts in the immune system cells called lymphocytes. It often starts in the lymph nodes or in other lymph tissues, like the tonsils or thymus. The two main types of lymphoma are Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

Are childhood cancers inherited?

Some children inherit DNA changes (mutations) from a parent that increases the likelihood of certain types of cancer. These changes are present in every cell of the child’s body but only a few of these DNA changes are linked only with an increased risk of cancer. Other DNA mutations can cause other syndromes like health or developmental problems. 

Most types of cancer in children are not caused by inherited DNA changes. Cancer happens in children due to changes in the DNA in the early stage of life. When a cell divides into two new cells, it copies its DNA. At times, this process isn’t perfect, especially when the cells grow quickly. This kind of gene mutation can happen in a person at any point of time in life and is called an acquired mutation. Acquired mutations stay only in a person’s cancer cells and cannot be passed on to his/her children.