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Dr. Rajesh Bhat

16 years of experience

PhD- Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda Medicine, BAMS

  • PhD in 2017.
  • Doctor at Ayurcentral Girinagar.
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Dr. Sowmya Sb

24 years of experience

MD - Ayurveda Medicine, BAMS

Skin Rash Treatment

Musculoskeletal Pain Management

Insomnia Treatment

Skin Treatment


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Dr. Girlie Francis

14 years of experience


Psoriasis Treatment


Ayurvedic Surgery

Skin Rash Treatment


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Dr. Shilpasree

12 years of experience

BAMS, M.D. Panchakarma, BAMS

  • RPL in 2017.
  • Consultant at Shathayu speciality clinic.
Sdm Institute Of Ayurveda And Hospital


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Dr. Krishnan Pisharody

29 years of experience


Psoriasis Treatment

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment



Wrinkle Treatment

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Dr. Abhiram Rayapati

9 years of experience

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

Eczema Treatment

Fungal Infection Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Medical Vitiligo Treatment

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Dr. Ashok.m.l

27 years of experience

MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS

Migraine Treatment

Skin Rash Treatment

Gout Treatment

Chickenpox Treatment

Insulin Treatment

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Narayana Ayurveda Kuteeram


Available today 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Dr. Phanindra V

14 years of experience

MD - Ayurveda Medicine, M. D. IN KAYACHIKISTA, BAMS, Yoga Teachers Training Course

  • Best Oral Presentation in 2014.
  • De-addiction Specialist at Shree Ayur Ganga.
  • Member of Ayurveda Academy.
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Dr. Suhas S

10 years of experience

FCFP, MCh - Plastic Surgery, PGDMLS, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • 1st Class in MCh Plastic Surgery Examination in 2016.
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Excel Care Hospital, Rangadore Hospital.
  • Member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI).
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Dr. Venkataram Mysore

37 years of experience

DipRCPath (LOND), MD - Dermatology, DNB, Diploma in Dermatology, MBBS

  • The President Of Association Of Cutaneous Surgeons (India) in 2010.
  • Director , Chief Consultant, Director Of Pg Fellowship Program at Venkat Charmalaya, Centre For Advanced Dermatology And Postgraduate Training , Accredited To Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Bangalore , India.
  • Member of Member (Diplomate), Royal College Of Pathologists, Uk.
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Sir my I am patient is epilepsy i regularly dose epilepsy medicine that is reason of my hair fall I libale hair transplant treatment Please reply

Asked anonymously on 24th September, 2022 at 9:56 am
Epilepsy itself and medications for the same are known to increase the hairfall, nevertheless medications need to be continued. As far as hairloss is concerned please see a dermatologist, get your scalp examined there are bright chances medical management of hairloss in form of lotions and tablets will help you. Also you need to be little patient as hair takes few months to revive back. Please see a dermatologist at the earliest .
Dr. Chetna   Ramchandani's profile picture
Dr. Chetna Ramchandani

Hi I am 20 years old, female. I’ve stretch marks all over my upper body, I’m looking for laser treatment, I just want to how much percentage you have as a result.

Asked anonymously on 23rd September, 2022 at 8:12 pm
Hi!! You can expect to see a 20-30 percent improvement in appearance with CO2 LASER
Dr. Ashwani Kumar's profile picture
Dr. Ashwani Kumar

I am bishnu das, i ama 24 years old, i live in Bangladesh Sylhet. My problem is skin problem

Asked anonymously on 21st September, 2022 at 3:47 pm
Hi Bishnu, could please elaborate it
Dr. Chetna   Ramchandani's profile picture
Dr. Chetna Ramchandani

Hi i wanted to ask that i suddenly have so many brown kind off spots on my tighs and on my lower back. The lower back ones are way dark then the one on tighs but I'm concerned cause I didn't had them since birth. I'm currently 20+ years old. What can cause them?

Asked anonymously on 21st September, 2022 at 4:24 am

It may be post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. it needs to be diagnosed properly after examination and dermoscopy. Dermatologist are best person this. Visit one.
Dr. Archit Aggarwal's profile picture
Dr. Archit Aggarwal

I am 31 years old.I am suffering from painful swelling on forhead with redness. I am facing this problem from last 2 days.

Asked anonymously on 20th September, 2022 at 11:57 am

 it may be due to bacterial infection of hair follicles. start antibiotics aftet consilting dermatologist. you may opt for online consult as well.
Dr. Archit Aggarwal's profile picture
Dr. Archit Aggarwal
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