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This article will walk you through different clinics and surgeons for facelift Turkey, this article shall also delve into different types of facelift procedures. Read till the end to keep yourself abreast with latest developments!

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Updated on 30th, Dec'22

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Approximately 500,000 people travel annually to Turkey for medical treatments and other surgical procedures. And facelift has become one of the popular surgeries in Turkey. Turkey is also an ideal destination for tourists worldwide owing to its affordable packages & high quality facilities!


Let's understand why Turkey is so popular among tourists:

  • Ministry of Health regulates all private and public hospitals.
  • The primary reason to prefer Turkey for surgical procedures lies in its modern infrastructure, novel techniques, and advanced technologies.
  • Another reason is the availability of aesthetic surgeons in Turkey, so patients don’t have to wait for long periods.


Facelift in Turkey at a glance



Halt before






2 - 5 Hours2 - 3 days1 day$1000 - $ 6000

Facelift results are further enhanced by their dedicated surgeons, let's know them!


5 Best Facelift Surgeons in Turkey

Plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly talented owing to: 

  • Detailed checks deployed on their credentials and standard services 
  • The presence of prestigious medical universities 
  • Strict monitoring by the Turkish ministry of health for standards & protocols 

Let's have a look at renowned surgeons for facelift in Turkey


Dr. Atacan Emre Kocman

Current FacilityAt present Dr. Kocman is a surgeon in Turkeyana Clinic in Istanbul.
Field & ServicesPlastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery who deals in a myriad of Cosmetic Surgeries, including facelifts.

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Dr. Tugba Feryal Yildiz Deger

Current FacilityDr. Tugba Feryal Yildiz Deger is currently associated with Turkeyana Clinic in Istanbul.
Field & ServicesHer areas of expertise include aesthetic facial surgery, facelifts, and more. 

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Dr. Cagri Sade

Current FacilityAt the moment he is a aesthetic, non-aesthetic, and reconstructive surgeon in Istanbul Dental and Plastic & Esthetic Group(IPEG), Istanbul
Field & ServicesRhinoplasty, neck lift, facelift and more.

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Dr. Omer Sagir

Current Facility Dr. Sagir is among the plastic and aesthetic surgeons in Istanbul, currently associated with Medistanbul Hospital.
Field & ServicesBotox, nose surgery, ear surgery, facelift, etc. 

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Prof. Dr. Gurhan Ozcan

Current FacilityAt the moment, Dr. Ozcan is practicing in Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Sisli.
Field & ServicesFacial aesthetics, chin augmentation, fillers, rhinoplasty, neck lift, and more.

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Let's also explore all the hospitals & clinics that are capable of providing a good facelift turkey experience



What are the all-inclusive facelift turkey packages?

Turkey facilities are equipped to satisfy the following needs of their patients:

  • Stay
  • VIP transfers (to & fro hotel, airport, as well as hospital)
  • Personal assistant & interpreter
  • Testing units & reports delivery
  • Follow up tests
  • Video/text consultation by doctors
  • Air conditioned & furnished rooms for patients as well as relatives (but may vary)
  • Personalized diet plans depending on patient’s needs.

5 Best Facelift clinics in Turkey

Clinics for Facelift Istanbul


1. Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

AddressEsentepe Mah. Keskin Kalem Sk. No.1 Şişli / İSTANBUL
Cost packagesPrices charged for facelift amount to $4280

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2. Estetik International · Turkey, Istanbul

AddressQuasar Tower- Fulya Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd. Quasar Tower No:76, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul
Cost packagesPrices charged for facelift amount to $1990

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3. Metropolmed Clinic · Turkey, Istanbul

AddressValidei Atik, Yonca Apt No:159, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey
Cost packagesPrices charged for facelift amount to $4250.

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Clinics for Facelift Antalya


1. Memorial Antalya Hospital

AddressZafer Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 91, Kepez/Antalya, Turkey

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2. AYT Clinic

AddressDeniz, 131. Sokak No:2 Mehtap Apt,, D:10, 07050 Muratpaşa/Antalya, ANTALYA, MURATPASA, 07050
Cost packages

Prices charged for facelift amount to $2800.

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For a detailed list of cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in Turkey, click here.

Now that we have gone through major facilities & surgeons, let's understand how much the facelift procedure will cost you!


How much does it cost to get a facelift in Turkey?

Cost of Facelift turkey can range from $500 to $6000.

Let's go through the cost of different procedures as mentioned in the table below!






  • Time: 2- 3 hours.
  • Aim: Targets sagging skin around jaws & cheeks.
$ 1000-6000



  • Time: 30 - 45 mins 
  • Aim: Subtly lifts the face.
Around $3000


Plane Facelift

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Aim: Lifts facial muscles & tissues.
$3500- $6000

Endoscopic Facelift

  • Time: 2-5 hours
  • Aim: Targets underlying fatty tissues
$2000 - $3500


thread lift

  • Time: 2-5 hours
  • Aim: Targets sagging skin & wrinkles
$500 - $1000


thread lift

  • Time: approx 1 hour
  • Aim: Lifts the nose bridge
$600 - $1600


What factors affect facelift cost in Turkey?

  • Type of procedure
  • Complexity of patient's case
  • Post-operative care
  • Personalized packages
  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Geographical location of clinic or hospital


What tests are performed for facelift turkey?

  • Blood & urine tests
  • ECG
  • Hormone tests
  • Facial measures
  • Additional tests depending on patient complexity

We have also researched how much facelift will cost in different cities of Turkey!

Facelift cost in major cities of Turkey

Facelift Types Antalya Istanbul 
Facelift$ 2866.16-$ 3528.60$ 2198.83- $ 3415.00
Mini Facelift$ 2418.71- $ 3658.93$ 2512.95- $ 3443.95
Endoscopic facelift$ 2418.71- $ 4868.84$ 3156.95- $ 4863.81


Apart from Antalya and Istanbul, other major destinations in Turkey that are gaining decent popularity for facelift surgeries are Izmir and Ankara. These cities are worth exploring if you want to find grade-A facilities that provide for accommodation and other needs of medical tourists!

Our study tells us that Turkey has the most reasonable prices for facelift surgery when compared with other countries!


Facelift costs across the world

We went through various studies to understand the cost of this procedure across different places and found that Turkey provided this surgery at affordable prices as opposed to other developed countries.


One look at the before & after results of patients, and you will understand why the costs are justified!


Transformative results of Facelift Turkey before and after

Within 8 to 10 weeks you will start seeing the results of this surgery.

Facelift surgery has an average lifespan of 10 years.

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If the prospects of Facelift Turkey are attractive, then let's discuss how to prepare for a trip to Turkey!


How to prepare for facelift surgery in Turkey?

  • It is mandatory for patients applying for Turkish visas for medical treatment, to also get travel insurance coverage before visiting Turkey.
  • You can achieve your travel insurance from an international travel insurance company.’
  • Most travel insurance policies also cover the medical expenses of travelers in accidental conditions.
  • However, insurance policies may not cover cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts.
  • From 4 weeks before the facelift, you would have to start avoiding vitamin supplements that contain aspirin & ibuprofen, alongside nicotine products.
  • From 2 weeks before surgery, you would have to start avoiding dietary pills and alcohol.
  • And one week before facelift surgery, begin avoiding makeups, moisturizers, and hair dyes.
  • You would have to avoid all kinds of food 6-8 hours pre-operation.
  • Avoid carrying/wearing hoodies.



Q.1) What’s the best age for a facelift?

Answer: Facelifts work best for people falling in the age group of 40 - 60, when signs of aging start to show up such as; deep lines & fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, which can all be reversed with the help of facelift.


Q.2) What is the ponytail facelift?

Answer: Minimally-invasive facelift technique which is performed through smaller incisions, so as to mimic the look of your face when your hair is pulled into a high & tight ponytail


Q.3) Does a deep plane facelift last longer than a SMAS facelift?

Answer: Deep plane facelift are more invasive, and thus offer longer results. They work on your facial tissues & muscles, and thus last longer than SMAS facelifts, often beyond 10 years.


Q.4) How many facelifts can you have in a lifetime?

Answer: There are no limits on how many facelifts you can get throughout your lifetime.


Q.5) Does a facelift include the neck?

Answer: Facelift can include removal of excess skin, smoothening out folds/wrinkles, and tightening tissues. It isn’t inclusive of a brow or eye lift. A facelift is focused on the bottom two-thirds of the face and the neck or décolletage.


Q.6) Can a facelift fall?

Answer: Facelift shouldn’t fall within 4 months but if it happens then the most common reason is smoking & poor lifestyle.


Q.7) What are the benefits of facelift turkey?

Answer: Following are the advantages of undergoing this surgery:

  • It promotes skin rejuvenation so that you look younger. 
  • It eliminates sagging skin by tightening it, while simultaneously improving your neck and jawline. 
  • After a facelift, your skin will look more natural and youthful, and there won't be any noticeable scars.
  • You'll also notice that your wrinkles and fine lines have completely disappeared.


Q.8) Are you eligible for a facelift?

Answer: You are a potential candidate as long as:

  • You don't have cancer & bleeding disorders
  • Your internal organs are in a proper state, with no neurological disorders or skin diseases.
  • You aren’t pregnant and/or lactating.
  • You are above 18.
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