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Free liver transplant in India

Discover the free liver transplant in India, for easing your without financial burden. Access topnotch care and advanced facilities providing it.

  • Liver Transplant
By Shweta Kulshreshtha 3rd Feb '24 5th Feb '24
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In this blog, we will discuss free liver transplants in India. These transplants offer hope to people who face financial burdens. India has become a leading destination for liver transplants due to its advanced medical procedures and skilled transplant surgeons. With more hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, many patients opt for India as a destination for high-quality care at relatively lower costs than Western countries.

Liver disease may affect 1 in every 5 Indians. Around 10 lakh patients with liver cirrhosis are newly diagnosed every year in India. According to the WHO, liver-related diseases are the 10th most common cause of death in India.

Approximately 50,000 people die of liver disease in India every year. Liver transplants can significantly reduce these mortalities. The estimated need for liver transplants is around 50,000 per year, but only about 15,000 are performed. This creates a huge gap between demand and supply. Due to cost, many people cannot afford liver transplants, which underscores the need for free liver transplant options in India.

There are around 30 liver transplant centers in India. The majority of liver transplants (70-80%) are performed using livers from living donors, primarily family members. Deceased donor liver transplantation is still uncommon in India.

Learn more about hospitals offering free liver transplants in India

1. Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Delhi

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Delhi

Address: D-1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Established: 2009 

Beds: 180 

Doctors: 14 affiliated doctors, each specialising in different aspects of liver and biliary care.


  • This super speciality hospital is dedicated to liver and biliary diseases
  • Focuses on liver, pancreas, and biliary tract diseases.
  • Known for its advanced facilities and skilled experts in liver and biliary sciences.
  • It also focuses on areas like Nephrology, Urology, Oncology, Cardiology and more.
  • The ILBS has been recognized internationally for its excellence in diagnosing and managing liver and biliary diseases.
  • Offers advanced training and research in Hepato-biliary Sciences
  • Hepatology Services: Specialised care for liver diseases, including advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • ILBS is known for its comprehensive liver transplant program.
  • Paediatric Hepatology: Specialised care for liver diseases in children.
  • HPB Surgery: Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary surgery for complex liver, pancreas, and biliary tract diseases.
  • The liver transplant programme started in 2010
  • They have performed 15 transplants so far
  • They are offered at subsidised rates under the Delhi Aarogya Kosh, CGHS scheme.

2. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

Address: Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029

Established: 1956

Beds: 2,478


  • Comprehensive medical services, encompassing various specialities, are provided.
  • They include oncology, cardiology, neurosciences, ophthalmic sciences etc
  • They have a renowned liver transplant program, started in 1994
  • They offer liver transplants at a subsidised cost to Indian citizens who meet their eligibility criteria 
  • Beneficiary schemes like the Delhi Arogya Kosh Scheme, CGHS scheme
  • AIIMS Delhi has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experts specialising in hepatology and related fields.
  • They offer advanced treatments for a variety of liver diseases.
  • Equipped to handle complex liver transplants. In July 2023, AIIMS conducted its 1st live liver donation surgery for a patient suffering from end-stage liver failure and cirrhosis.
  • Also specialised in the management of liver cancers.

3. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi

Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi

Address: Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Near Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Established: 1932

Beds: 1,400 +


  • Offers a wide range of medical services, 
  • Also involved in academic and research activities.
  • Their Gastrosurgery department started in 2010
  • OPD and inpatient services for patients of hepatobiliary, liver surgery and pancreatic surgery
  • Speciality clinics for bariatric surgery 
  • State-of-the-art 3D Laparoscopic facilities are available
  • 50 patients are seen daily and 1000 patients are treated annually
  • Also offers services for liver transplant
  • Offers liver transplant at subsidised cost, under the Delhi Aarogya Kosh Scheme, CGHS scheme
  • They have a team of experienced liver transplant surgeons and specialists

4. Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi

Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi

Address: 1, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Raj Ghat, Delhi, 110002

Established: 1961

Beds: 714


  • Tertiary care hospital run by the Delhi Government
  • Offers services for a wide range of medical specialities
  • Almost 15,000 patients are treated annually
  • Facilities and expertise are available for hepatology and liver-related treatments.
  • Offers liver transplant facilities
  • They have also received the sanction for cadaver transplants
  • Beneficiary schemes like the Delhi Arogya Kosh Scheme and CGHS scheme can be availed

5. KEM Hospital, Mumbai

KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Address: Acharya Donde Marg, Parel East, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

Established: 1926

Beds: 1800

Doctors: 1200


  • KEM Hospital is one of Mumbai's most prominent public hospitals, treating about 1.8 million outpatients and 850,000 inpatients yearly. 
  • It is a BMC run hospital offering services at subsidised rates
  • It offers both basic care and specialised treatment
  • Offers services like General medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, urology, orthopaedics etc

Liver transplant facilities:

  • The Liver Clinic was established in 2007
  • The Liver transplant OPD was started in collaboration with GI surgery services
  • It offers liver transplant services at subsidised rates, even as low as 1/5th the price of that in private hospitals. In fact, the first 100 surgeries were sponsored by the Narotam Sekhsaria Trust
  • They are also sponsored by the trust called The Pravin Agarwal Foundation (TPAF)

6. St, Georges Hospital, Mumbai

St, Georges Hospital, Mumbai

Address: P D'Mello Road, opposite GPO, beside CST station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India

Established: 1892

Beds: 460


  • It is a government-run hospital, so the cost of treatment is subsidised.
  • The hospital has a good reputation for its quality of care
  • Multi-speciality hospital
  • Offers a wide range of services including General medicine, General surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology and obstetrics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Neurology
  • Psychiatry, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ENT and Dentistry
  • In 2023, the Maharashtra Government sanctioned Rs. 4 crore 33 lakh 24 thousand for the liver transplant department. 
  • The need to start liver transplant facilities was felt because there are about 500 people on the waiting list from Mumbai,
  • A new modular operation theatre and a recovery room have been built for the same.

7. Government Victoria Hospital, Bangalore

Government Victoria Hospital, Bangalore

Address: M7XX+H7W, 22-54-1, Town Hall St, near Kanaka Mahalaxmi Temple, Chengal Rao Peta, Port Area, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530001, India.

Year established: 1902

Beds: 1200


  • The Victoria Hospital is  one of the largest hospitals in the state 
  • Major referral centre for medical procedures and treatments.
  • It is a tertiary care hospital that provides a wide range of medical services to the region's people.
  • The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and technology to provide the best possible care to patients.
  • Liver Transplant is performed at subsidised rates
  • Under the PMSSY (Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana)
  • Also received a grant of 7 crores

8. Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Karnataka

Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Karnataka

Address: Nehru Nagar, Belagavi – 590010, Karnataka, India

Established: 1983

Beds: 1,200

Doctors: 750+


  • General Medicine and Surgery
  • Super Specialities (Cardiology, Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery, Gastroenterology, etc.)
  • Accident and Emergency Services
  • Blood Bank
  • Ambulance Services
  • 24/7 Pharmacy
  • Subsidised Accommodation for Patient Attenders

Liver Transplant:

9. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

Address: Ponekkara Rd, P. O, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682041, India. 

Established: 1998 

Beds:  1350 

Doctors: 600+


  • AIMS is part of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University)
  • It is recognized for its excellence in various medical specialities, including dermatology.
  • It offers comprehensive medical services and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Specialised services for liver transplant:

  • They offer both live and cadaver liver transplants
  • Robotic surgeries are done for liver transplant
  • Subsidised treatment provided under the Amrita Kripa charitable schemes

10. Stanley Medical College, Chennai

Stanley Medical College, Chennai

Established: 1938. 

Beds: 1,300


  • Stanley Medical College (SMC) is a government medical college 
  • Stanley Medical College is ranked 11th in the India Today & Nielson 2013 survey.
  • With its blend of patient care and education, Stanley Medical College provides comprehensive medical services.

Specialised services for liver transplant:

  • Chennai based Stanley Medical College and Hospital is one of the earliest  government hospitals in India to perform successful liver transplants
  • They provide subsidised treatments under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Thinking about the success rate of liver transplants in India?

India shows a success rate in liver transplant procedures as high as about 92%. Survival rates of more than 90% have been achieved. It has increased from 50% in the 1990s to more than 90% recently.


Who is eligible for a free liver transplant in India?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific hospital or organisation offering the free transplant. Generally, individuals who cannot afford the procedure and meet certain medical criteria may be eligible.

How can I apply for a free liver transplant in India?

To apply for a free liver transplant, you typically need to contact hospitals or organisations that offer such services. They will guide you through the application process and assess your eligibility.

How long is the waiting period for a free liver transplant?

The waiting period can vary based on factors such as availability of donors, medical urgency, and hospital policies. 

Can a family member donate a liver for the transplant?

Yes, in some cases, a family member or living donor can donate a portion of their liver for the transplant surgery. This is known as living donor liver transplantation.

What medical conditions may disqualify a patient from receiving a free liver transplant?

Conditions such as advanced cancer, severe heart or lung disease, active substance abuse, severe psychiatric illness, and certain infections may impact eligibility for a liver transplant. Each case is evaluated individually by medical professionals.

What follow-up care is required after the transplant?

After the transplant, patients require lifelong follow-up care, including regular check-ups, medications to prevent rejection of the new liver, and lifestyle modifications to maintain overall health.



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