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Answers by Dr. Anju Methil

Female | 18

I have ringworm for almost 4 months .some of the ringworm in my inner thighs and now in pubic area too.Some of them under my breast too.applied clotrimazole, terbinafine ointments. But didn't worked.What should I do

Answered on 21st Feb '24

It looks like you have bad case of ringworm which did not respond to the OTC medicines. I suggest that as soon as possible you see a dermatologist who specializes in fungal infections. They may give you oral antifungal medicine and topical treatment to improve the result. Seek urgent medical care since untreated ringworm can cause problems.

Female | 42

i am 42 years old i have hyperpigmentation on my face from last four years. i have tried many things but still their is no improvement please let me know if its curable

Answered on 21st Feb '24

There are numerous reasons for pigmentation on the face, such as sun damage, hormonal changes or trauma. It is treatable if diagnosed by a dermatologist correctly. I recommend that you see a dermatologist who deals with hyperpigmentation. They can advise you on the best treatment option, whether it is topical creams, chemical peels or lasers, based on the severity of your condition.

Female | 65

Skin rash on my left side near ribs

Answered on 21st Feb '24

Eczema, shingles, and contact dermatitis are among many reasons for skin rash on the left side near ribs. A dermatologist should be consulted to identify the cause of the rash and receive the right treatment.

Female | 24

I have hyperpigmentation

Answered on 21st Feb '24

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I went for wart removal treatment, Dr. Methil’s care was exceptional. Her friendly manner and professional approach immediately made me feel comfortable. She expertly removed the warts, explaining the procedure thoroughly and ensuring I felt at ease throughout. The results were fantastic.

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