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Answers by Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Female | 20

Periods missed Pregnancy It's symptoms

Answered on 9th Feb '24

Female | 22

Uterus pain and dark brown discharge and i am 22 years old

Answered on 9th Feb '24

Male | 38

Hi we are planning for baby since 2 years there is no progress we are seeing

Answered on 9th Feb '24

You should consider visiting an infertility specialist who could find any hidden factors that contribute to the low fertility rate. They can advise you on the best treatments or procedures for your particular situation.

Female | 21

Hello Doc,my name is calfine,have been trying to get pregnant for a year now,my cycles is irregular,but have been trucking of late to know when I ovulate but still nothing

Answered on 7th Feb '24

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Academic Qualifications

  1. MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    University of Mumbai, Mumbai


  2. Fellowship in Reproductive Biology

    Royal Womens Hospital Melbourne,Australia


  3. Masters in Clinical Embryology & Andrology

    Eastern Virginia Medical School


  4. MBBS

    University of Mumbai, Mumbai



  1. Best Intern’s Prize, G S Medical college, Mumbai University


  2. MD Gold Medallist, University of Mumbai


  3. Herculean Desa prize for the best thesis


  4. Best paper prize at the All India conference


  5. Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Award

  6. Recipient of the RK Excellence Awards


  7. Best Doctor's Award by IMA, Mumbai


  8. Recipient of 21st LIONS Gold Award


  9. Received the Medscape India Unite for care National award for excellence in Gynaecology


  10. Received FERTICON 2015 Life Time Award for excellence in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques


  11. Received the Navshakti award for yeomen service in medicine in 2008


  12. Received the FROST & SULLIVAN 2013 as the Best IVF Company of the year in India Award



  1. Assistant Honorary Consultant

    K Bhabha Municipal general hospital

    1991 - 2007

  2. Assistant Honorary Professor

    Dr D Y Patil Medical College

    1993 - 2007

  3. Founder and Executive editor

    Journal of gynecological endoscopy and surgery

    2009 - 2010

  4. Founder Chairman


    2012 - 2014


  1. President of indian society for assisted reproduction

  2. Secretary general of FOGSI

  3. Assistant Treasurer International Federation of Fertility Societies( IFFS )

  4. Organizing secretary IFFS world congress Noida

  5. Chairman AICOG 2013 Mumbai

  6. Chairman Maharashtra Chapter of ISAR

  7. President Mumbai OBGYN Society

  8. President –Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists (IAGE)

  9. Senior Vice President FOGSI



Shalini Mehta


Egg Freezing

Choosing Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for my egg freezing was a fantastic decision. The procedure went seamlessly, thanks to Dr. Pai's expertise and supportive approach. Highly recommend for anyone considering reproductive options.


Rishi TS


Male Infertility Treatment

Dealing with male fertility issues was daunting, but Dr. Hrishikesh Pai's expertise turned the tide for us. His proficiency, combined with genuine care, gave us the confidence we needed. thank you to the entire team for making dreams come true!


Ridhima Chavan


Female Infertility Treatment

I am truly grateful for Dr. Hrishikesh Pai's expertise in addressing my fertility concerns which i was facing last more than a year! There were times when I was freaking out, thinking this is never gonna work. But Dr. Hrishikesh, he's like this calming force. Explains everything in detail. Ill highly recommend Dr Pai for anyone seeking fertility solutions

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