Charak Hospital

Charak Hospital

Dubagga, Lucknow

Hardoi Road, Near Safed Masjid

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Charak Hospital  is located in Lucknow.. It is one of the most cutting-edge 300 bed multi-specialty hospitals in the city's centre.

The Charak Hospital’s rapid expansion has allowed the hospital to establish itself as a major component in the city's healthcare system. With an emphasis on excellence in clinical services, diagnostic facilities, and research activities, it is intended to improve India's reputation as a destination for healthcare.

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Distance: 16.2 km

Duration: 38 minutes

Railway station

Distance: 8.8  km

Duration: 27 minutes

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  • The Charak Hospital contains six modular operating rooms, one minor operating room, and one labour room. Modern equipment, including Boyle's trolley, C-Arm, Dome lighting, and mechanised operation tables (with ortho attachments), is available in the operating rooms. Separate sterilisation equipment is available (both horizontal & vertical)
  • Charak Hospital  features an advanced emergency unit with available doctors and paramedical support around-the-clock. Backed by oxygen, a minor emergency OT, and life-saving medications, the emergency room is open around-the-clock.
  • Any emergency, excluding trauma situations, can be attended to in the EMERGENCY SERVICES (EMR), which is staffed round-the-clock by qualified medical and paramedical staff.
  • For all of the specialised investigations, the radiology department at  Charak Hospital  has a high powered X-ray equipment with an image intensifier TV facility. Another portable X-ray machine is available to meet the demands of critically ill patients in ICUs, OTs, and other settings. Orthopaedic surgeons are aided in performing difficult surgery with C-arm image intensifiers.
  • For all medical, surgical, and obstetric procedures, the  Charak Hospital features a multipurpose ultrasound equipment.
  • A pathologist is in charge of the laboratory services at Charak Hospital in Lucknow.
  • The most modern multichannel auto-analyser and electrolyte analyzer are used in the biochemistry department at Charak Hospital .
  • At Charak Hospital  there are electronic cell counters, blood coagulometers, and other instruments in the haematology section.
  • The equipment in pathology and microbiology is up to date with what hospitals need today.
  • In gastroenterology at  Charak Hospital , video endoscopy is offered as an outpatient procedure.

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