• The intensive care unit (ICU) at Fortis Hospital Kolkata is well-equipped with over 70 beds that include a Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), Coronary Care Unit (CCU), and recovery and isolation beds, with separate high-dependency units.
  • The Kolkata Fortis Hospital also has a nephrology department with over 30 advanced dialysis units.
  • Fortis hospital Kolkata provides additional services for patients that include, Airport pick up, Local tourism options, Local transportation booking, Visa / Travel office, Car Hire, Private driver / Limousine services, Shopping trip organization, Air ambulance, etc.
  • Fortis Hospital Anandapur Kolkata boasts a comprehensive infrastructure with over 230 operational beds, ensuring ample capacity to cater to patient needs.
  • The hospital is equipped with 10 well-equipped operating theaters, including 3 C-ARM and 1 Laser, enabling a wide range of surgical procedures to be conducted. Furthermore, the hospital features more than 70 ICU beds, providing critical care services, along with 20 High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds and 10 Recovery Care Unit (RCU) beds.


News About Fortis Hospital Anandapur Kolkata:


According to a news article, published in Medical Dialogues on December 20, 2022:



Fortis Hospital, Kolkata has made a significant breakthrough in the field of laparoscopic surgery by successfully conducting India's first laparoscopic reconstruction of the kidney tube (ureter) and urinary bladder (laparoscopic augmentation cystoplasty with ileal ureter replacement) on a patient suffering from advanced tuberculosis of the urinary tract.

This complex surgery, which involves the replacement of damaged ureter and bladder with a portion of the small intestine, was performed using minimally invasive techniques, resulting in reduced recovery time and minimized post-operative discomfort. The successful outcome of this surgery highlights the advanced capabilities of Fortis Hospital and demonstrates the hospital's commitment to providing the best possible care to its patients.