Paras Hmri Hospital

Paras Hmri Hospital

Raja Bazar, Patna

NH 30, Bailey Road, Raja Bazar, Patna, Bihar 846003 (INDIA)

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  1. Paras Institute of Cancer Care is renowned in the city of Patna for its expertise, infrastructure and international protocol for providing comprehensive cancer care.
  2. Their specialized treatment protocol is meant to provide comprehensive cancer treatment with the use of chemotherapy, biological and hormonal therapy.
  3. Their surgical oncology department is equipped and manned by experienced onco-surgeons as surgery plays a a very important role in management of most solid cancers.
  4. Also, the radio-oncology department is is also one of the few centers of the region to have Gamma Camera specialized equipment that redefines radiology and diagnostic experience.
  5. Radiation therapy is one of the most modern and advanced treatment for cancer and it acts by killing cancer cells with the help of X rays by damaging DNA of tumor cells.


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