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  • Sankalp Healthcare Speciality Pvt. Ltd. is a company located in India. The Business runs mega specialist hospitals and Related Health Facilities. The hospital is situated in Maharashtra, at Nashik.
  • The facility has amenities such as emergency services; operation theatre; accident department; dialysis center around the clock; medical services including x-ray system, mri system / echo cardiography; pharmacy around the clock; surgical services; catering services; and safety inspection program.
  • The facility provides Division of Trauma Care, Casualty, Diagnostic Procedures, Intensive Care Clinic, Division of Nephrology, Department of Oncology, Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care, Department of Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Microchirurgy, Bariatric Surgery and Joint Replacement Surgery, to list only a few units with mega speciality.
  • Formerly known as the Sankalp Speciality Hospital, it's situated at Tidke village, Nashik, in the center of Nashik. This is led by an outstanding team of experts in their sectors. And often ably supported by a multitude of committed expert staff whose USP is commitment, empathy, technical ability, timely response and reliable treatment at reasonable rate.
  • There is a well equipped IMCU / ICCU which is manned 24 hours by efficient, well trained staff and duty doctors. These are state-of-the-art bedside devices, ventilators, CPAP machines, defibrillators and other auxiliary appliances (syringe tubes, nebulizers, central oxygen and central suction systems) for treating all types of medical and surgical emergencies. The ICU is also fitted with HEPA filters and insulation tubing.
  • The ICU is equipped with HEPA filters and isolation cubicles as well.There is an IMCU / ICCU, fully fitted, and secure, fully-trained workers and doctors are accessible 24 hours a day. There are state-of-the-art bedside controls, ventilators, CPAPs, defibrillators and other aid tools for all aspects of safety and medical emergencies (syringe pumps, nebulizers, central oxygen and central suctioning).
  • There is a 24-hour emergency department with a trauma doctor and ambulance staff. Experienced physicians treat accidents and traumas of all sorts as appropriate. Significant treatment is paid around the world to emergency and injury services.
  • The patients are seen in an outpatient department between 8.00am and 9.00pm everyday, except on Sundays. OPD visits would ideally be done through prior appointments in order to keep people happy and provide a minimal turnaround period.
  • Three well-equipped main and one small operation theater are open. Competent surgeons conduct all types of large and minor procedure like routine care. Joint repair surgery is done routinely, with orthopedic replacements and intraocular replacements. The theaters are laid apart, lit and fitted with the new medical instruments for exact upgrading surgical procedure.
  • In this hospital accounting for more than 100 patients, there is an total state-of-the-art dialysis facility. Skilled and certified workers run the facility.
  • The new laboratory is well-equipped and works around the clock, with effective staff.
  • Various medical applications and 24-hour procedure for both emergency departments and X-Ray facilities are also available.
  • SSHPL provides a robust safety check-up system that can be rendered on a need-based basis. Specialist views are pursued whenever there is a need to do so 'after all, what fun it is to learn the issue if you don't have the skill to cope with the issue!! ’


Mumbai Naka, Matoshree Nagar., Behind Tupsakhre Lawns

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