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What are the restrictions after laparoscopic surgery?

How many days of rest are needed after laparoscopy?

Is bed rest required after laparoscopy?

Can I walk immediately after laparoscopic surgery?

When can I shower after laparoscopy?

What can I eat after laparoscopy?

How long does laparoscopic surgery take?

How long after anesthesia can you eat?

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

What does minimally invasive surgery mean?

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Hello doc, I'm suffering pain on the left side of my stomach for the past few days. It reduces and increases at regular intervals. Sometimes it is like my full stomach is paining. Please advise. I am taking tabs for the LASIK surgery which I took recently.

Female | 35

You can get alternative therapy done and get the meridians balanced. i.e acupuncture acupressure

Answered on 26th Feb'23

Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani's profile picture

Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani

Hi, I am 41 year old man, and I need to remove fat from my face as well as double chin. Looking for the surgery but off course with scissor. So what would be the easiest way to Remove it and how long does it takes?

Male | 41

According to me, it is liposuction. It can be done in 1-2 hrs. But please note, liposuction is only recommended if you want to remove small amounts of fats. Many people mistake it as a weight loss procedure. I suggest you to visit a doctor for proper examination. Based on that, it will be decided whether you eligible for liposuction or need some other procedure to remove fat from your face and double chin. 

Answered on 7th Feb'23

Dr. Deepesh Goyal's profile picture

Dr. Deepesh Goyal

My mother has type 1 choledochal cyst (age 52) . Which doctor is best for the treatment. Is this disease covered under insurance? because it is a congenital disease

Female | 52

what are her symptoms??

Answered on 13th Jan'23

Dr. Mangesh Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav

Sir my wife is suffering umbilical Harniya, want to ask question that after harniya opration she can be mother?

Female | 32

Definitely YES

Answered on 13th Jan'23

Dr. Mangesh Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav

I m 22 year old female having a problem of disfigured buttock with excess bulging out . Does it have any solution as its inherited

Female | 22

u can see a plastic surgeon,they will help u out

Answered on 13th Jan'23

Dr. Mangesh Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav