how to sit on toilet after hysterectomy?

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How to sit on toilet after hysterectomy?



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Use the ‘Brace and Bulge’ bowel emptying technique while sitting on toilet after hysterectomy:

  • Lean forward while sitting, and keep your back straightened.
  • Rest either your hands or elbows on your knees to provide support to your upper body.
  • Flatten your stomach and make noises that end in "OO", the same should give your abdomen a forward bulge (thus relaxing your anal sphincter)
  • Wear either toilet paper or a pad in the initial days following hysterectomy
  • Never exert too much pressure while trying to empty your bowels as it can render your pelvic floor damaged.


If you recently had this operation, get in touch with your doctor right away. You can call our helpdesk to get in touch with us. 

Since this surgery will leave you with a hanging abdomen, thus you can combine it with a tummy tuck surgery as well.

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