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Hello sir I am Dr Praveena.... preparing for pg entrance....since a week I feel shortness of breath...also have many issues at home affecting my mental this a kind of anxiety attack....

Female | 26

Hello Dr. Praveena..It may or may not be an anxiety issue or it might be a cocktail of several issues as well. As there is very less information, reaching a conclusion is difficult. You can book an appointment with me and we can discuss this in detail. Whatever it is, there are various ways to get treated so don't worry!
I provide online as well as in-person sessions. 
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Dr. Charu Agarwal

Hi, I am 26 years old and struggled my whole life with anxiety and stammering. I usually don't stammer when I am not nervous or when I am in position of power. Help me reduce my anxiety please.

Male | 26

you can be helped through hypnotherapy and CBT.Reach me by
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Dr. Srikanth Goggi

Hello, my wife is 43 years old. She gets severe anger immediately. She throw object hardly and towards someone. Also she slap herself and hurt herself with some object. Threatened to suicide by putting knife on wrist and announce you will be crushed by police / her in laws. What these indicates and if she require some treatment?

Female | 43

she might have some issues with her personality.see a clinical psychologist for detailed psychological evaluation & help. you can also reach me
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Dr. Srikanth Goggi

How to overcome agoraphobia

Consult psychiatrist and start medications and behavior therapy 

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Dr. Ketan Parmar

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