Radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment in Turkey : Lets have a look at Iqra's motivating medical journey to a healthy life.

Iqra Ali, who lost her will to fight breast cancer, found a ray of hope to get her treatment done Turkey. She chose Turkey as it had all the best medical facilities available while getting the treatment done at the lowest cost possible.

By Aqsa Fatma

23rd, Aug'22

Patient Name -  Iqra Ali

Gender - Female

Age - 70 years

Native Country - Iraq

Treatment -25 Sessions of Radiotherapy Treatment

Hospital - Medical Park Antalya Hospital Turkey

Doctor -. Beyza Sirin Ozdemir



Ms. Iqra 70 -year-old, is an Iraqi national whom ClinicSpots assisted in her medical journey from Iraq to Antalya (Turkey) to help her get treated for breast cancer. Due to the lack of treatment facilities in Iraq, Ms. Iqra had no option but to travel to a new location in search of better medical facilities. She visited Turkey with her son on April 18, 2022.


Her son was searching for a country with all the top, modern facilities and experienced doctors, where the cost of treatment would be low. He came across ClinicSpots,a medical Q&A platform, which also helps  patients to get their treatment done by assisting them to get top medical facilities and experienced doctors for the same.

His son filled out the inquiry form so as to get in touch with the clinicspots team. One of the coordinators from Clinicspots soon reverted back to him through mail and calls, but later on, the communication was passed on through whatsapp.


Ms. Iqra faced a dilemma when ClinicSpots gave her an overview of the costs for the same treatment across different cities in Turkey. The treatment cost in Antalya was around $5000 approx. She wanted to travel to Istanbul for her treatment, but clinicspots advised her that since she already had a relative residing in Antalya, she could save her stay-related charges, which would bring the cost of the whole treatment in Istanbul as well as Antalya at par.

She went with Antalya. ClinicSpots then gave her the profiles of the best doctors and hospitals she could find within her budgetary requirements. ClinicSpots also assisted Ms. Iqra with all the legal procedures and other formalities pertaining to travel as well as hospital paperwork.

Her medical history documents were asked for and then an appointment was made at Medical Park Antalya Hospital ,Turkey.

Ms. Iqra had gone through radical mastectomy dissection procedures before. She had also gone through several chemotherapy sessions and was not new to the procedures needed for cancer treatment.

 Her case was assigned to Dr. Beyza Sirin Ozdemir , who has gotten great reviews for treating cancer patients. 


Diagnosis Tests:

Ms. Iqra suffered from stage 3 breast cancer and had an immediate need to get her treatment done. The following diagnostic tests were recommended by the doctor for her.

  •  planning CT scan
  • 25 radiotherapy sessions.

ClinicSpots assisted her to get a comfortable and affordable treatment experience with high-quality facilities in Turkey.

Treatment Plan: 

 After the tests, Dr. Beyza Sirin Ozdemir  decided to take the treatment further by using radiotherapy.

 During the whole tenure of her treatment, Iqra  attended around 25 radiotherapy sessions , costing her around $5,000.

Iqra stayed for over 1.5 months in Turkey.

 All the procedures went well and were successfully completed.


It was a moment of relief for Ms. Iqra , her family, and ClinicSpots, as she could finally undergo treatments necessary for managing her condition. It was quite a journey for Ms. Iqra to travel from Iraq to Antalya, and ClinicSpots assisted her by enlightening her on cost estimates and constantly helping her with travel and documentation work. Ms. Iqra thanked ClinicSpots for fostering a smooth experience.


Note : To maintain patient privacy, we have changed the name of our patient to protect their personal information.


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