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My son was speaking well. He is 2 years old. But suddenly for the past 2 to 3 weeks he is facing difficulty is speaking. He faces difficulty is starting words. It looks like he is putting lot of pressure to utter the word. It happens randomly and does not happen always. When we ask him to tell the word again, he will try but some time having difficulties and he stop saying and other time he tried and some how he is saying with wrong word like he will say mammy to ammy and bappi to appi, Not sure of the reason for this sudden change. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you.

Asked anonymously on 28th January, 2022 at 10:27 am


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Dr. Bidisha Sarkar

8 years of experience


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The reasons may be varied. sometimes some parts of the brain can be affected as a result of shuttle ischemic attack (which is not uncommon in children) or maybe due to some metabolic cause that is affecting speech related to the brain. MRI BRAIN WITH MRI Spectroscopy should be done along with detailed physical &neurological examination of the child.Also, look for any worsening of other developmental domains for example difficulties in standing or in gripping something. You can also consult the Pediatricians for further information.