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Get Best Hair Transplant in London with FUE and FUT methods.Average hair transplant cost in London starts at £5,000.for each hair graft it cost £2-£5.

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By Arya Kamat

Updated on 26th, June'23

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We will discuss regarding Hair transplant London and the hair transplant London cost.


Before starting, we all know that our hair is the major part of our personality and having hair is sort of Pride for us all. We all love styling our hair and trying out new products to look more beautiful. 


Although in recent times hair loss has become a common problem due to the fact of increase in pollution and unhealthy way of living. If you are also worried about your extensive hair loss and want a hair restoration, hair transplant in London is a good option for you!


As we know, London is the most modern city which has a vast history and new-age medical facilities. People from many under-developed countries travel for hair transplant London because of the hair transplant London cost.


The hair transplant London cost is affordable for people who have financial backup who can bear expense on their own in return of best hair transplant London. On the other hand Turkey is one such country which offers the most affordable prices for hair transplant, where the cost of each hair graft falls between $3 to $5, and among all Turkish cities Istanbul is the most preferred destination for hair transplant procedures.

Additionally, Turkey has some of the best hair transplant surgeons, specially in Istanbul. There are some of the most advanced clinics present for hair transplant in Istanbul.

It also gives an opportunity for sightseeing in London, with rich history, museums and wonderful art galleries.


Before we dive right into hair transplant London, let me brief you what is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is basically a procedure of taking hair from an area which has not been affected by hair loss to an area where there is hair thinning or baldness.


Hair transplant is suitable for people who have male or female pattern baldness or scarring caused due to burns or any injuries.


After completion of placing the grafts in the affected region of the head, the hair will start to grow similar to the donor’s hair characteristics for example the size, growth speed, quality and the lifespan will be identical. Whereas to know how the treatment or surgery is carried out, you can watch to the videos above.


Why should you choose hair transplant in London?


There are several reasons why you should choose hair transplant London.


London is known for highly advanced medical facilities and healthcare services. London is the capital of medical tourism in Europe; hence people come for hair transplant London. 


There are many private healthcare facilities who offer best hair transplant surgery in London. These private clinics are very well funded thus having high-end medical equipment and have best hair transplant surgeon in London.


Citizens from GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) countries come for hair transplant London as the expenses are partially covered by their respective governments.


In recent years, there have been new clinics which claim to be best hair transplant clinic London. The reason being is cheap hair transplant London.


So the most important question that comes to the mind is.


What is the hair transplant London cost?

The hair transplant cost in London will vary depending upon the baldness, the clinic you choose, experience of the surgeon etc. The cost of a regular hair transplant will depend on number of grafts needed.


The average hair transplant London cost is around £5,000 to £15,000 ($7,200 to $21,600) Whereas the grafts are concerned, it depends on the clinic and the experienced surgeon. Usually, it costs around £2-5 per graft.


The cost may also vary depending upon the type of the treatment that is FUE or FUT;we will discuss the types of hair transplant in Londonlater. The FUE hair transplant will cost more than FUT.



Number of graftsFUE cost (£2.5 - £5 per graft)No. of sittings (6-7 hours/sitting)
1000£2,500 - £5,0001 sitting
1200£3,000 - £6,0001 sitting
1500£3,750 - £7,5001 sitting
2000£5,000 - £10,0001-2 sittings
2500£6,250 - £12,5002 sittings
3000£7,500 - £15,0002 sittings
3500£8,750 - £17,5002-3 sittings
4000£10,000 - £20,0002-3 sittings



Number of graftsFUT cost (£1.5 - £2.5 per graft)No. of sittings (6-7 hours/sitting)
1000£1,500 - £2,5001 sitting
1200£2,500 - £3,0001 sitting
1500£2,250 - £3,7501 sitting
2000£3,000 - £5,0001 sitting
2500£3,750 - £6,2501 sitting
3000£4,500 - £7,5001 sitting
3500£5,250 - £8,7501-2 sittings
4000£6,000 - £10,0001-2 sittings

The hair transplant London price is calculated by the difficulty of the procedure, amount of grafts to be planted and the time taken for the procedure. As cost is the deciding factor that one has to consider while travelling to another country for treatment.


The below table shows the comparison of hair transplant treatment cost in other developed countries.


If you need a cheaper alternative to hair transplant in London you may consider Hair transplant in Turkey.


Let me round it up in pointers the factors that make up the hair transplant London cost.

  • The level of baldness: If the affected part of the head has large bald area then obviously you will need more number of grafts to cover that area thus increasing the cost of the treatment.
  • Expertise of the surgeon: The reputation and the experience of the surgeon also has an impact on the cost of hair transplant in London.
  • Type and texture of the hair: The patient’s hair colour and pattern are considered before the treatment. Some patient has curly or wavy hair whereas some have straight hairstyle. So finding the right grafts also raises the price of the treatment.
  • Desired density: Some patients like to have more density of hair on the scalp, this means increase in grafts which will increase the cost of the treatment.


Choosing the right clinic for your hair transplant in London


Let me tell you that hair transplantation is the best solution for hair loss; it helps in keeping the natural look and is permanent. There are many clinics in London that help in restoring your hair.


I have listed below few clinics for hair transplant London based on their hair transplant London cost:


1. HGC (Hair Growth Centre), London

HGC (Hair Growth Centre), London

The HCG’s hair centres have been expanding widely and becoming one of the finest hair transplant clinics in Europe. They have more than 50 staff members to provide best facilities for the patients. They claim to have carried more than 2500 hair transplant surgeries.

They are available for all age groups, a different form of hair fall, and for men and women both. It is one of the best UK hair transplant clinic London.


1) 14th floor, Wembley point, Wembley, London HA9 6DE United Kingdom United Kingdom
2) 44 Chippenham Road, London W9 2AF, The United Kingdom


2. HGC (Hair Growth Centre), London

Harley Hair Street Clinic

The HSHC clinic is one of the best when it comes to FUE hair transplants and has better results that help educate people about their brand. They have set very high standards for their medical staffs, facilities, and doctors. Here at HSHC, the doctor performs the treatment procedure.


The doctors here are highly experienced to get the most out of value for money resource. The results have been top quality and this is why many people trust Harley street hair clinics. Their specialist has treated many sub-standard hair transplants. They are the best value for hair transplant London cost.


Address: 75 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9RS.


3. Wimpole clinic

Wimpole clinic

The Wimpole clinics are known for their services and techniques which are finely researched and use the techniques which are proved safe and effective in hair transplant London. They have more than 4 decades of experience and also have cheap hair transplant London cost.


They design personalized plans for every patient based on the level of baldness or thinning of the hair.


Address: Wimpole Clinic, 11-16 Manchester Street, London W1U 4DJ, United Kingdom (UK)


4. Harley Street Healthcare clinics

Harley Street Healthcare clinics

The Harley street healthcare is among the best in the restoration of your hair. They have many other branches in popular locations such as Manchester Street, Birmingham’s Victoria square, with the best hair transplant London.


The Harley street healthcare clinics are registered with the UK’s care quality commission and regulatory standards. They have more than thousands of satisfied patients across different parts of the world.


Address: LONDON, 22 Harley St, London W1G 9PL, United Kingdom.


5. The private clinic – hair transplant

The private clinic – hair transplant

The private clinic of Harley Street was established in 1983. Their staff and doctors have experience of more than 35 years of at hair transplant London. They even have world-class doctors for plastic surgery, liposuction, and dermatology for both men and women.


The private clinic in London is recognized around the globe for its services in cosmetics and hair transplant and has various branches around the United Kingdom.

Address: 98 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HZ


6. The Westminster clinic

The Westminster clinic

At the Westminster hair transplant clinic, the doctors and the surgeons are very skilled with years of experience in hair transplant surgeries. Here the hair loss can be treated with the use of hair loss drugs, wigs, simple hair thickener and hair transplants. The Westminster clinics are reputed for best FUE hair transplant London.


The cost of hair transplant is also cheaper compared to other hair transplant clinics in and around London. Along with hair transplant, the clinic also offers other services like eyebrow and eyelashes hair transplants.


Address: 31, Harley Street, London W1G 9QS


7. Harley Hair Clinic

Harley Hair Clinic

Harley Hair Restoration clinic is a part of Harley cosmetic group, they are known for their care-taking services. Only one procedure is undertaken at a time so the staff and the nurses can stay focused on the patient. It is one of the best places for hair transplant London. Mega sessions also take place where over 3000 grafts are transplanted in a single session.


They have multiple language staff that can understand people coming for hair transplant from other parts of the world.


Address: 61 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 8QU, UK


8. Ziering hair clinic

Ziering hair clinic

The Ziering medical is a private organization for hair transplant and hair restoration. The services are provided by well-renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ziering. At Ziering medical, the medical equipmentis of advanced mechanism, expert staffs that give proper care to the patients.


There are many different non-surgical hair loss treatment methods used in this clinic. Ziering is one of the best hair transplant clinic London.


Address: The Triangle, 5-17 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 0LG


9. Timeless Hair Transplant

Timeless Hair Transplant

The timeless hair transplant clinic provides excellent treatments and different types of techniques to resolve their hair loss issues. The clinic is committed to providing best hair transplant London.


All the procedures are carried out by experienced professional doctors giving you the best results for your hair.


Address: 288 Kensington High Street, Lower Ground, London W14 8NZ, United Kingdom


10. London hair loss clinic

London hair loss clinic

The London hair loss clinic is one of the best clinics for hair transplant and aesthetic surgeries. With a highly experienced team to provide best quality treatment at an affordable hair transplant London cost. They provide desired results as per the requirements of the patients.


The treatments they offer are very safe and effective using different types of treatments methods such as FUT, FUE, and Stem cell FUE etc.


Address: 10 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9PF, UK


What are the different methods used for hair transplant London?

If you are considering a hair transplant in London, you will have to know about choosing the FUT or the FUE hair transplant treatment.


Let’s get to know more about the different methods for hair transplant London.


FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant):

This technique is one of the oldest hair transplant method which is still popular nowadays due to the results.

People that are suffering from permanent hair loss, or male and female pattern baldness, hair thinning etc. FUT involves removing a strip from the donor area and planting it on the bald area.

The extracted follicle strip is divided with care to obtain single grafts, which will be planted into your bald area of scalp.

The donor area will be stitched by the surgeon.

A thin linear scar will be seen from the region where the follicles were removed.

Usually the recovery time is around 3-4 weeks along with bed rest for first week after the transplant.

UT (Follicular Unit Transplant)


  • You will have a natural look after the surgery.
  • The hair that has been transplanted will last for the rest of your life.
  • In FUT, you can get transplantation of more grafts in a single session.
  • FUT cost is relatively low.

Disadvantages :

  • It will leave a linear scar at the donor region.
  • As the surgery involves stitches, the recovery time is more and you have to take extra care of it.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

The FUE hair transplant London is the most advance technique for hair transplant. This treatment involves extraction of grafts rather than a strip of skin from the donor area.

The follicles extracted can be transplanted directly without storing them in a saline solution. The thickness of the follicles is usually around 1mm.

The follicles which are finer will be placed in hairline for a neat look and the thicker grafts will be transplanted in the mid-region of the scalp.

The scars left will be only like pinhole in the donor region.

In FUE, the recovery period is around 2-3 weeks.

Only pinhole scars are left behind in the donor areas after the procedure.

  • The recovery period is approximately 2-3 weeks.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)


  • This technique will not cause linear scar like that in FUT method, hence it will make it look natural.
  • There is a special tool designed to remove the hair follicles and transplanting on the bald region of the scalp.
  • The pain is less.
  • The recovery is quicker.


  • A lot of time is taken to extract each graft and the effort of the surgeon is doubled. It is relatively expensive.
  • What is the difference between FUT and FUE? There are not many differences between these techniques, the below image will describe the difference between FUT and FUE.

What is the difference between FUT and FUE?

There are not many differences between these techniques, the below image will describe the difference between FUT and FUE.

Difference between FUT and FUE

Stem cell FUE:

  • The stem cell FUE is also known as automated FUE; this method is the most recent hair transplant technique.
  • The best surgical hair transplant technique with 99% efficiency.
  • It works similar to standard FUE technique, but there are special automated tools available for follicle extraction.
  • Many of the follicles of the donor grow back.
  • Scarring is rare
  • The recovery period in stem cell FUE is less than one week.
  • People looking for a quick hair transplant can choose stem cell FUE treatment.
Stem cell FUE


  • It lasts for lifetime
  • The treatment is fast and precise.
  • More than 4000 grafts can be transplanted in one session itself.
  • Recovery period is very less.


Requirements for Stem cell FUE

  • Donor hair: The stem cell FUE technique tends to transplant maximum number of grafts in less time hence it is necessary to have enough donor hair.
  • Body hair transplantation: this technique allows grafting from donors chest hair if the donor has less hair on the head.
  • Age: It is not recommended to undergo Stem cell FUE surgery for people less than 25 years.


PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) therapy

  • It involves PRP from your own body.
  • With the help of a thin needle the PRP is injected into your scalp.
  • The blood cells in your body will help grow the hair naturally.
  • It is totally natural, non-surgical technique
PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) therapy
Who is the Ideal candidate for Hair Transplant London?

Nowadays there are many people all over the world who opt for hair transplant in London due to the success rate of hair transplant surgeries. However, according to the doctors at different hair transplant clinic London there are various factors to consider before undergoing a certain technique of hair transplant in London.


Some of the factors are:

  1. Type of hair loss: People who are suffering from alopecia are not regarded as a good candidate for the hair transplant, because of hair thinning all over the patients scalp. In case they undergo hair transplant treatment the desired result would not be permanent. People who are suffering from male and female pattern baldness are ideal candidates to undergo hair transplant surgery.
  2. Age: People in their 30’s are usually better candidates for hair transplant London. It is not recommended to have a hair transplant surgery at an early age.
  3. Donor’s hair: You will always need a good supply of healthy donor’s hair, which is needed for your hair transplant treatment. If you need a desired density, you will need sufficient follicles from the donor.
  4. Hair type: The texture and thickness of the hair must be taken into consideration before undergoing the surgery. Some people have curly hairs while some have straight hair.
  5. Health: A healthy candidate will recover quickly from the surgery. Different health issues such as diabetes, heart problem or blood pressure can affect hair growth and your recovery. All these factors should be informed to the doctor before the hair transplant treatment.


Facial Hair transplant in London

Apart from a Hair transplant, many clinics in London offer facial hair transplant treatments too. Some people are also concerned about their facial hairs and hence undergo a facial hair transplant.

  • Beard Transplant: In recent years there is an increase in the number of beard transplant in London. Many people have patches in facial hair growth and opt for beard transplant. The surgeon takes hair follicles from donor area and is grafted in the area with patches. After the transplant the hair will grow in the region and will look natural and as desired.
  • Eyebrow Transplant: Few People have low-density hair in the eyebrows, having thick eyebrows is a sign of beauty. Due to different reasons like over-plucking, genetics etc.; people tend to lose hair on the eyebrows.
  • Eyelash Transplant: People all over the world have undergone eyelash transplant for beauty reasons. Majority of women love thick eyelashes and opt for eyelash transplant. This transplant needs an experienced surgeon to havean successful eyelash transplant.

To know more about hair transplant click here.


Side effects of hair transplant

For your information, there are many risks involved in hair transplant but each of them can be overcome with proper care and time.


Some of the side effects are listed below:

  • Itching: You may feel itchy after your hair transplant surgery, but this can be eased off by shampooing and other moisturizing oils which will be recommended by doctors.
  • Infections: Infections usually do not occur after surgery. But in cases, if there is an infection there are different antibiotics to overcome these infections.
  • Swelling: There can be swelling in most cases on your forehead and around eyes. This is normal, and it will subside within a certain period of time.
  • Numbness: The donor area will be numb for several weeks.
  • Scarring: In FUT technique there will be a linear scar over the donor’s region. There will be no scarring if you have undergone FUE technique.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding is usual since it is a surgery. If bleeding does not stop then you should consult your doctor. Bleeding will happen mostly in FUT technique.
  • Pain: Pain will be very less during and after the procedure. However, in case of severe pain, you can take painkillers prescribed by your doctors.

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Question and Answers

Baldness level 2 how much price to transplant hair

Male | 26

For a baldness level 2, where hair loss is relatively mild, the number of grafts needed may be lower compared to more advanced stages of baldness. Generally the cost is determined by the number of hair grafts required to cover the affected area. 
You can go through our blog - Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in India

Answered on 21th July'23

Dr. Vinod Vij

Dr. Vinod Vij

Do you do female hair transplant surgery

Female | 39

Hair transplants for females as well as males can be performed by hair transplant surgeons or dermatologists specializing in hair restoration. When seeking a hair transplant, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced surgeon who specializes in hair restoration. They will assess your particular condition, evaluate the extent of hair loss, and recommend the most suitable hair transplant technique, such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).  


It is advisable to research and consult with multiple hair transplant surgeons to ensure you find a qualified professional who understands your specific needs and can provide personalized treatment. They will guide you through the process, explain the potential outcomes and risks. 


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Answered on 22th June'23

Dr. Meeth Atawane

Dr. Meeth Atawane