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What is Robotic Hair Transplant?

The Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure is an FDA-Approved, physician-assisted technology providing permanent, natural-looking results.

  • Hair Transplant Procedure

By Pankaj Kamble

4th May '20

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Robotic Hair transplantation is the most advanced method in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Usually traditional procedures are often time-consuming, painful, inconsistent, and lack lasting results.


Whereas, with Robotic Hair Transplantation you can receive completely customized treatment with permanent and natural looking results. It helps in automation of the extraction of hair follicles with 3d image dimensions and the robotic arm assists the surgeon in the hair transplantation procedure.


Basically, Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that extracts hair follicles from one part of the body called ‘donor site’ and implants the hair follicles on the bald area called ‘recipient site’.


In recent days Turkey has become one of the favourite destinations of tourists when it comes to hair transplant procedures because of high standard and low cost services along with the high success rate of these surgeries in Turkey. The average cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is $2300 i.e. INR 134500


Why FUE Robotic Hair Transplant?

  • Automatic extraction of hair follicles.
  • Greater Speed and Accuracy while extraction
  • The Robot provides much more precision while removing the desired hair follicles.
  • It can select from the less desirable follicles something that is impossible for human eye to do.
  • It maintains the specified distance from the existing hair follicle to ensure the resident follicles remain undamaged.
  • Being a machine it never gets tired while removing the hair follicles.


What is the procedure of Robotic hair transplant?

  • Prerequisites: It is necessary for the donor to dye(colour) his grey hair before sitting for the treatment The hair has to be cut very short to 0.1mm so that it can easily point out of the hair follicle.
  • Anaesthesia: Prior to the surgery the donor will be giving local Anaesthesia so that he does not feel any pain during the surgery. Once the person is given anaesthesia then he will be asked to lie down on his back on the seat which is attached with the robot.
  • Stretch the scalp: The place from where the hair follicle has to be extracted need to corner the surface and stretch the scalp with the help of tensioner.
  • Tumescent fluid: To get more stability of the skin the donor area is injected with Tumescent fluid. It’s a combination of adrenaline which redirects the blood towards the muscles. And minimizes the wounding on the scalp.

How Robot is Used in Hair Transplant?

Finally, the Robotic arm is placed upon the extraction part of the hair follicle, with the help of 3d dimension image.

The robot is programmed in such a way that it avoids single hair follicle units and it goes for two and three hair follicular units for extraction so that it minimizes the number of holes on the scalp.

  • It focuses on the extraction part of the scalp were tensioner is placed with red color light focussing on the scalp.
  • It also helps in aligning the robot parallel to the direction of hair follicles.

While performing the harvesting, the robot will show two lights on the scalp i.e. green and purple

  • The Green light shows the active target which is the hair follicular having two or three hair follicular units.
  • Whereas, the purple light shows next hair follicular unit which is going to be harvested.

With the help of green light on the scalp, the robot removes the hair follicles with a specialised punch.

  • In the first step, the Robot uses a 0.9mm punch to select the hair follicular units.
  • Then with another tool, it scrolls the skin of selected hair follicle and uses a sharp 1.1mm blunt punch that goes deeper into the tissue to harvest the grafts.

The reason the two-step procedure is carried out is because first the sharper instrument just pierces the skin and then the deeper dissection is carried out by a blunter instrument, so it avoids transecting follicles.


How the implantation process is done?

  • The physician will start implanting the hair follicles with the help of implanter pen. With this, they can do dense hair transplantation.
  • The hair grafts are inserted into the implanter pen needle. This needle is pricked into the skin in the desired angle and direction.
  • So when the recipient’s head is pressed with the help of the needle the graft is pushed forward, and the needle is retracted (drawn back) from the recipient area of the skin.
  • These hair grafts are inserted in such a way that the hair part is inserted into the scalp and skin part of the hair graft will appear outside on the scalp.
  • Embedding this piece of skin together with the root will lead to problems such as formation of cysts and abscesses. It is important for it to remain on the outside.
  • The piece of the skin found at the topmost part of the graft will dry after surgery and will fall off within 10 days in the form of a scab.

How much time will take for entire Robotic Hair transplant Procedure?

The procedure takes about 5-8 hours for 1500-2000 hair grafts in total this includes pre-surgery workup like consent, surgery area plan and hairline markings, photography, hair trim, antimicrobial shampoo, baseline vitals, local anaesthesia, Robotic FUE harvesting phase, lunch break, graft implantation, dressings, medicines and after operation instructions.


Day following the Surgery: Washing Process

  • The next day of surgery the gauze band is removed and with the help of body lotion recommended by the doctor is applied liberally on the transplanted area with smooth movements.
  • After applying the lotion, you should wait for about an hour for the scabs to soften.
  • The areas with lotion are washed with warm and non-pressurized water and baby shampoo.
  • During the wash gauze bandages that could not be removed before is gently removed after being thoroughly soaked.
  • The transplanted areas with lotion must be treated very gently, especially during the first few days.
  • It is enough to gently wash the lotion off with baby shampoo. The washing motion must not be in the form of rubbing, but rather gently pressing and touching with very small circular motions.
  • After all gauze bandages have been removed, the donor area is also washed with baby shampoo. This area is washed easily. There is no need to be very careful
  • Hair must be washed Every day in this way until all scabs have fallen off.
  • There must be no rubbing motion when drying with a towel. Drying must be done only by tapping gently.
  • Do this entire washing process for 3 times on the next day of surgery. (Morning, afternoon, Evening).
  • In first Week of surgery do this for twice a day.

Post Robotic Hair Transplant

  • Post-Surgery, you should sleep in supine position i.e. on your back with one or two pillows below your head.
  • Avoid prone i.e. face down sleeping position as it may dislodge grafts. Avoid taking blankets overhead.
  • During the night of your transplantation and for the next few nights sleep with your head elevated at 45 degree
  • Place a cloth under your head while sleeping, there are chances of fluid oozing out from the donor area.


What are the side effects of robotic Hair transplant?


  • Due to local anaesthesia and liquid (normal saline) injected into the scalp during the treatment, the swelling will occur on the forehead after treatment. This is completely normal and will disappear after a couple of days.
  • If the area around the eyes is swollen, it can restrict your vision. However, the swelling will gradually decrease.
  • Try to avoid bending forward
  • Intermittent ice pack applications after the treatment eases the swelling. Only cool the forehead/ eyes, never the transplantation area.


  • Hyperesthesia of the scalp, i.e. an enhanced sensibility of the scalp/an irritation of the nerve tissue, is a rather common side effect caused by the extraction of the follicular units.

Loss of transplanted hair together with the Scabs

  • During shampoo, there might be transplanted hairs that could come off together with the scabs but that is completely normal and inevitable.
  • The roots of fallen transplanted hair are fixed into the dermis, only hair shafts are lost and roots will start to produce new hairs by 3-4 months post-transplant so no need to worry.

Hair loss/shock loss

  • Hair loss is mostly a temporary condition where native hair are shocked due to the trauma of the scalp during hair transplantation surgery, creating an additional but mostly temporary hair loss conditio

Other problems

  • Infection is possible if the donor and recipient area are not cleaned properly after transplantation
  • Bleeding will take place in the recipient site in robotic hair transplantation.
  • Itching will lead to infection and bleeding.
  • Losing sensation surrounding areas of transplantation.
  • White scars in the donor area were hair follicle extracted.


Precautions to be taken Before & After Robotic Hair Transplant


  • Avoid close neck T-shirts or monkey cap or any tight clothing which has be to worn overhead.
  • Use the cap, which is provided by doctor, avoid other tight things over transplant area like helmets or overhead cloth wrapping.


  • The patient can have all types of diet post-surgery only avoid too spicy as it might cause gastric problems.
  • Food rich in proteins, salads, fruits & vegetables is highly recommended. Work.
  • The patient must take at least 4 full days off from work after surgery. After that point, it is a matter of personal choice.


  • It is not recommended to drive immediately after the surgery, it is best to accompanied and let your companion drive or hire a taxi. On the day after it is not a problem to drive.
  • Also, one needs to keep in mind while getting in and out of car always be careful and you should not bump your head as it may dislodge patients’ grafts.
  • Bike driving with helmet must be avoided until 3 weeks post-surgery.


  • It is recommended to start exercising (gym/yoga) again after 2 weeks of post-operation.
  • In case of intensive or contact sports (soccer, combat sports, etc) you are advised to start after at least 4 weeks of rest.
  • Even after 4 weeks of postoperation it is recommended to avoid any bumps to the head.
  • Resume Swimming after 7 weeks.

Hair Dye

  • It is safe to dye your grey hair to black before your Robotic hair.
  • Post-transplant, it is possible to dye your hair again from 7 weeks onwards. However, use ammonia-free dye.

Smoking & Drinking

  • Three days before the treatment you are advised not to drink alcohol. Alcohol stimulates blood circulation and increases sensitivity to anaesthetics.
  • Post-transplant avoid alcohol for at least 3 weeks.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 24 hours before surgery, because smoking causes decreased blood flow to the scalp contributing to poor wound healing and high risk of infection post-surgery.
  • Immediately post-surgery graft re-vascularization starts with oxygen & nutrients diffusion, smoking alters this which result in poor growth of transplanted hair.
  • Ideally, it is recommended to stop smoking for 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks after your surgery growth.

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