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Egg Freezing Cost In India

Lowest Cost (approx) $604

Average Cost (approx) $1813

Highest Cost (approx) $3022

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    Egg freezing costs in India are more affordable than in most other countries. The egg freezing price in India is as follows:

    Retrieval of gametes and freezing of embryosINR 50,000 - 1,00,000 (USD 637 - 1254)
    Preserving or storing the embryosINR 15,000 - 30,000/year (USD 188 - 376)

    Note: Kindly expect a 10-15% variation in the cost of freezing eggs in India as they change across cities and hospitals. Note that these are only approximate numbers and may vary depending on your condition.

    Egg freezing is the process of storing the eggs of a female for future use. During this process, the eggs are removed from the ovaries and collected in a cryo-preservation solution. It is a process that allows a woman to store her eggs when she is at her prime reproductive age and use them later, when she is past her prime reproductive age. It is a cost-effective and medically proven procedure to achieve pregnancy outside the uterus.

    What is the egg freezing cost in different countries? 

    The cost of freezing eggs in India is lower compared to other medically advanced nations. Given below is the cost of egg freezing in the medically most developed countries of the world: 

    CountryCost of egg freezing (USD/cycle)
    USA$6,000 - $10,000
    UK$8,033 - $9,181
    Singapore$10,000 onwards
    India$637 - $1254

    Note: Kindly expect a 10-15% variation in the costs as it depends on the severity of the patient’s condition and the team of doctors and hospital chosen.

    Cost in Top Cities

    Cities Min Avg Max
    Delhi $658 $1976 $3294
    Ahmedabad $550 $1650 $2750
    Bangalore $646 $1940 $3234
    Mumbai $683 $2049 $3415
    Pune $622 $1867 $3113
    Chennai $592 $1777 $2962
    Hyderabad $574 $1722 $2871
    Kolkata $525 $1577 $2629

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    What are the additional costs associated with egg freezing in India? 

    Costs before and after egg freezing: 

    Procedure followedCost (USD)
    Initial screening (fertility hormone tests and health check-up)$100-125
    Ovarian stimulation (injections and medicines)$87-100
    Cycle monitoring (USG, hormone tests and consultation)$125-188
    IVF laboratory (egg screening and denudation)$313-376

    Factors that influence cost of freezing eggs in India

    • The experience and reputation of the hospital: Some hospitals have a reputation for providing excellent medical services, while others are less reputable. Choose a hospital or a doctor only after checking the credentials. 
    • Experience of doctor: An expert and reputed doctor with years of successful experience will cost more. 
    • The type of anesthesia: General anesthesia costs more than local anesthesia. The choice of anesthetics depends on the doctor.
    • Whether any complications arise: If the surgery is complex or requires an extended stay in the hospital, treatment expenses will increase.

    Other Details

    Why choose India for freezing eggs?

    • World-class healthcare services: The health sector in India is growing at a rapid pace, and there are many international hospitals making their way into the country. This makes India an excellent choice for patients looking for affordable medical treatment.
    • Low treatment costs: Given the wide range of services available in India, the cost of egg freezing is lower compared to other western countries. At the same time, India already has a stellar reputation in healthcare services, so it is a great choice for patients from around the world. 
    • Experienced and qualified doctors: India has a plethora of experienced doctors who are reliable because of their excellent track records of positive outcomes. Doctors from India have a stellar reputation worldwide for their practice and expertise.

    Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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