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Best Hepatologists in Pune

Pune is known for establishing new benchmarks in terms of medical advancement. There is a rich pool of top and experienced hepatologists in Pune; for all the problems related to liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and biliary tree. Here is the listing of those top 10 Best Hepatologists in Pune.

Dr. Suhas Wagle's profile picture

Dr. Suhas Wagle

33 years of experience

Fellowship in Gastroenterology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS


  • Core areas of interest are Gastroenterology, Therapeutic GI Endoscopy/ ERCP, Hepatology.
  • Expertise in Chronic Liver Disease, Gastroscopy, Vomit blood, Constipation Treatment, and Endoscopy, etc.
  • Proficient in performing procedures of gastrointestinal endoscopy, GI tract dilations, relieving obstructions, stent placements, feeding tube placements, polyp removal, and stone extractions.
Apollo Jehangir Hospital


Next available - Wednesday 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Dr. Bipin Baburao Vibhute's profile picture

Dr. Bipin Baburao Vibhute

13 years of experience

MBA, GI, Fellowship, Fellowship, Post Graduate Diploma, Fellowship, Fellowship, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS


  • First to start free liver Transplant in India for pediatric patients.
  • First to start EMI for liver transplant patients.
  • Performed 700+ transplants over 7 years which included Liver, kidney, pancreas, and small bowel transplants.
  • Established an Organ transplant program in Sahyadri Hospitals which is currently the 3rd largest organ transplant center in India.
  • Performed more than 200 liver transplants and maximum simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants at Sahyadri hospitals.
  • Famous for his outstanding surgical skills.
The Cedar Clinics


Next available - Tuesday 9am - 2pm

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Dr. Lalit Shimpi's profile picture

Dr. Lalit Shimpi

28 years of experience

Fellowship in Therapeutic Endoscopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), DM - Gastroenterology, DNB - Gastroenterology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS


  • Areas of interest include Therapeutic Pancreatic and Biliary Endoscopy and Palliative care in GI cancers.
  • Performed 1600+ ERCP’s in the last 8 years of practice.
  • Expert in Vomit blood, Gastritis Treatment, Endoscopy, Constipation Treatment, and Colonoscopy etc.
Dr. Harshal Gadhikar's profile picture

Dr. Harshal Gadhikar

28 years of experience

DM - Gastroenterology, DNB - Gastroenterology, MBBS


  • One of the Top Doctors in Pune with rich experience in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.
  • Expertise lies in endoscopy, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, ERCP, Endoscopic Ultrasound, Hepatitis C Treatment, Gastroscopy, and Gastritis Treatment.
  • Well versed with therapeutic endoscopies.
Dr. Sheetal Mahajani's profile picture

Dr. Sheetal Mahajani

27 years of experience




  • Expert in Liver Transplantation Medicine & Hepatology.
  • Instrumental in establishing the first successful Liver Transplant Program in Pune at Sassoon Hospital.
  • Experienced in Performing upper GI Endoscopy (Gastroscopy), ERCP, and Colonoscopy.
  • An area of interest is in performing Endoscopic Biliary and Pancreatic Stenting.
Dr. Nisha Kapoor's profile picture

Dr. Nisha Kapoor

27 years of experience



  • Experience in all interventional and therapeutic endoscopic procedures.
  • Involved in establishing the liver transplant program in eastern India.
  • Performed first adult live donor liver transplant in eastern India.
  • Proficient in all gastroenterology, hepatology, pancreatic biliary diseases, and transplant hepatology.
Dr. Nitin Pai's profile picture

Dr. Nitin Pai

25 years of experience

Fellowship in Advanced Endoscopy, DM - Gastroenterology, DNB - General Medicine, MD - General Medicine, MBBS



  • Adept at performing all high-end therapeutic endoscopic procedures, treating a wide range of gastric and hepatic diseases and conditions.
  • Experienced in handling emergency cases of GI bleeding and foreign body removal.
  • First GI Endoscopists to start placement of Bariatric Intra Gastric Balloon for Morbid Obesity.
  • Extensive experience of Palliative Metal Stenting procedures for advanced GI cancers.
  • Performed 100+ ERCP procedures independently during his training.
Dr. Mrunmaya Panda's profile picture

Dr. Mrunmaya Panda

15 years of experience

DM - Gastroenterology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS


  • Specialized in therapeutic endoscopy and paediatric liver disease.
  • Proficient in all types of therapeutic ERCP procedures.
  • Performed 5,000+ endoscopies and colonoscopies.
  • Areas of interest are in Constipation Treatment, Peptic / Gastric Ulcer Treatment, Liver Disease Treatment, Hepatitis B Treatment, and Jaundice Treatment, etc.
Dr. Prasad Bhate's profile picture

Dr. Prasad Bhate

10 years of experience

DM - Gastroenterology, MBBS


  • Efficient in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disorder, cancer of esophagus, pancreas, and colon, viral hepatitis.
  • special interest in the treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders, colonoscopy, endoscopy Treatment, and Liver Transplant
  • Performed 4500+ Diagnostic and therapeutic UGI endoscopies.
  • Performed 550+ Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies.
Dr. Kalpana Erande's profile picture

Dr. Kalpana Erande

17 years of experience

MD - Ayurveda Medicine, BAMS, Re-Orientation course in Yoga


  • Vaidyak Seva Award in 2014.
  • Lecturer at D.Y.Patil Ayurvedic Medical College.
  • Member of National Integrated medical Association.
Questions & Answers on "Hepatology" (20)

Hello Doctor, I am 36 year old male had fatty liver grade 2 since July 2019, having Udilive 300 mg morning and evening till August 2020. fatty liver convert in grade 1 .till last Dec.2020 continued Udilive300 mg with Vitamin E 400., left the medicine for 3/4 months in from the January 2021.again repeat the same medicine for two the mid of 2021 I left medicine to intake permanently .in 2022 For Routine health check up I go through LFT and Whole Abdomen ultrasound .the report are shocking .The corsean echo texture are found in ultrasound and LFT is abnormal.the General physician whom I treated is MBBS, MD, DTM& H. He raised his hand and advised me to leave all things on All mighty God.He also suggest me to Refer High advance Liver disease Hospitals. Kindly suggest me . 9304241768

Asked anonymously on 27th January, 2022 at 12:51 am
Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra's profile picture
Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra

I am 21 years old I have many problems eating food for example rice watter fruit etc. Vomit

Asked anonymously on 24th January, 2022 at 10:27 pm
Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra's profile picture
Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra

I am having a high bilirubin 1.62, and this is the 2nd time. Last year at this same time I had it. And due to this I can't eat properly, and I feel vomiting as soon as I take a sip of water after eating. It's already been 15 days. It's making my appetite low, I feel low. I eat very less now, and in that too It's feel like my stomach is tight and blown up. Pls help me🙏

Asked anonymously on 16th September, 2021 at 2:58 pm

Based on the complaints and elevated bilirubin levels you seem to be suffering from a type of liver disorder, a condition wherein excess accumulation of bilirubin (a brown yellow coloured compound formed in breaking down of red blood cells) occurs. With loss of appetite, vomiting, stomach tightness and bloating; fever, extreme fatigue and abdominal pain can also be seen in liver diseases.

• There are multiple causes for development of liver dysfunction such as infection, autoimmune liver diseases like cholangitis, Wilson’s disease, cancer, alcoholic liver (due to alcohol abuse) and non-alcoholic (due to excessive consumption of fats) and drug induced.

• When using a medicine that is known to have the potential to cause liver damage, your doctor may recommend you to have blood tests done on a routine basis after starting the medication so that any signs of liver damage may be recognised before symptoms develop.

• Common medications that can cause damage to the liver include Paracetamol, Statins – drugs for lowering cholesterol levels and certain herbs.

• Other liver function parameters such as AST(aspartate aminotransferase), ALT(alanine transaminase), ALP(alkaline phosphatase) and GGT(gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase) bilirubin are required to be evaluated and additional to this for determining the exact cause of dysfunction especially to confirm presence of jaundice; urinalysis, CT (for distinguishing between biliary obstruction and liver disease including cancer) and liver biopsy (for ruling out concern about possible liver cancer) needs to performed.

• The treatment is based on the underlying cause and damage levels and can range from dietary changes, medications such as antibiotics, sedatives, etc to liver transplants.

• Consult hepatologist near you for further assessment and treatment.

Dr. Sayalee Karve's profile picture
Dr. Sayalee Karve

I'm 30 years Male & suffer from Liver disease (Fatty Liver G-1) I have lose my wait 6 kg from 66( height 5'.5") How can i recover from this disease?

Asked anonymously on 4th September, 2021 at 3:52 pm

• Fatty liver disease is a condition caused by fat buildup in the liver (i.e., when fat percentage exceeds 5 - 10% of your liver's weight), which can be caused by alcohol intake and/or a high fat diet. Individuals who are obese/overweight, have poor glycemic control/insulin resistance, have metabolic syndrome, and are taking specific drugs such as amiodarone, diltiazem, tamoxifen, or steroids are at risk of developing fatty liver.

• In some situations, it is thought to be symptomless, but in others, it can cause substantial liver damage. The good news is that it is frequently avoidable or reversible with lifestyle modifications.

• It progresses through 3 stages which include Steatohepatitis (swelling and damage of liver tissue), Fibrosis (scar tissue formation where your liver is damaged) and Cirrhosis (extensive scar tissue replacement with healthy tissue). Cirrhosis can lead to liver failure or cancer.

• Laboratory investigations consists of Liver functions tests such as AST, ALT, ALP and GGT; Total Albumin and Bilirubin, CBC, Test for viral infection, Fasting Blood Glucose, HbA1c and Lipid profile.

• Imaging procedures such as Ultrasound, CT /MRI, Elastography (for measuring stiffness of liver) and Magnetic resonance elastography and Biopsy (for ruling out any cancerous growth and for signs or any inflammation and scarring).

• If a patient has a fatty liver, he or she should be checked for the entire metabolic syndrome, which includes diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and thyroid issues.

• The best way to treat fatty liver is with making some lifestyle changes which can significantly improve your health which includes – Avoiding alcohol and High fat diet, Losing weight, taking medications for controlling glucose and fat(Triglyceride and Cholesterol) levels and Vitamin E with Thiazolidinediones in specific instances.

• Currently, no drug treatment is approved for management of fatty liver disease.

In order to prevent further progression of disease one can:

 Maintain a healthy weight by consuming food less/minimal in in its fat percentage.

 Follow a Mediterranean diet which is high in vegetables, fruits and good fats.

 Exercise regularly for 45 minutes where in you can include combination of cycling with walking, cardio, CrossFit and yoga with meditation.

 Restrict alcohol consumption

 Consult a hepatologist near you for further evaluation and treatment and your dietician for advice on fat loss.


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Dr. Sayalee Karve

Sir meri mom ko pichle kuch dino se levar me problem hone ki wajh se jo bhi kha rahi hai bus womitting ho jati hai uski wajh se fevar bhi a jata hai sardi lagati hai zor se aur womitting ki wajh se khana bhi nhi kha pa rahi to weakness ho gyi plz suggest me

Asked anonymously on 25th July, 2021 at 12:10 pm
Dr. Sayalee Karve's profile picture
Dr. Sayalee Karve
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