Bypass procedures at the AIIMS in Delhi, which is one of their expertise, have been performed more than 100,000 times, just as knee replacements and coronary eye surgeries, which have been accomplished more than 80,000 times.

With the appropriate care and under the supervision of a licensed professional, Aiims hospitals handle more than 10 million patients at once.

Aiims Delhi has more than 2300 beds, the greatest medical staff in India and the entire region, with over 4000 staff members and nurses, and the best medical team in India and the entire world.

The most excellent specialists in neurology, nephrology, and ophthalmology are found at AIIMS Delhi.

The top medical specialties for treating cancer are cardiology, cardiothoracic & vascular surgery, endocrinology, dermatology, urology, plastic surgery, and rheumatology.