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Best Breast Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Apollo Hospital Delhi

Apollo Hospital Delhi

Sarita Vihar, Delhi

214 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances
Max Hospital Patparganj

Max Hospital Patparganj

Patparganj, Delhi

167 Doctors
400 Beds
20 Ambulances
Max Superspeciality Hospital

Max Superspeciality Hospital

Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

152 Doctors
300 Beds
5 Ambulances
118 Doctors
15 Ambulances
60 Doctors
150 Beds
47 Doctors
325 Beds
5 Ambulances
38 Doctors
150 Beds
10 Ambulances
Bhagwati  Hospital

Bhagwati Hospital

Rohini, Delhi

37 Doctors
100 Beds
3 Ambulances
Medeor Hospital

Medeor Hospital

Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi

24 Doctors
301 Beds
4 Ambulances
Sukhmani Hospital

Sukhmani Hospital

Vasant Kunj, Delhi

13 Doctors
30 Beds
2 Ambulances

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Questions & Answers on "Breast Cancer" (12)

Answered on 30th Nov '23

Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan

Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan

I have breast cancer, but there are no mutations in the genetic test in 70 genes, what could cause cancer?

Female | 28

Breast cancer can have various causes, and not all cases are linked to genetic mutations. Factors like age, family history, hormones, reproductive history, etc. can also contribute to breast cancer risk. It's a complex disease and personalized treatment plans are required. Consult with an oncologist for accurate guidance.

Answered on 25th July '23

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Dr. Nisarg Patel

I suffering breast cancer I want to take best option for me, if I take decision for surgery, what is. estimated cost

Female | 45

Breast cancer may be surgically cured by a mastectomy or a breast conservation surgery. Please consult once to discuss what will be best for you.

Answered on 26th Dec '23

Dr. Shubham Jain

Dr. Shubham Jain

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