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How much does breast cancer treatment cost in India in 2023?

Lowest Cost (approx) $1076

Average Cost (approx) $8761

Highest Cost (approx) $20653

  • Treatment Type : Chemotherapy
  • Treatment Time : 3-6 Months
  • Recovery Time : 6-8 Weeks
  • Hospitalization Days : 2-7 Days
  • Chances of Recurrence : Mild
  • Success Rate : 84.5 - 95.1%

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Cancer is a condition when a few of the body's cells grow out of control and spread to other bodily parts.

There are different kinds of cancer, like breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc.

CT scan, bone scan MRI, biopsy test, and PET scan are some imaging procedures that are conducted to diagnose cancer.

Treatment Cost

Proton Therapy $28, 000 - $33,000
Lumpectomy $2,200 - $3,000
Mastectomy $3,000 - $4,500
Radiation Therapy $2,000 - $7,500
Chemotherapy $2,300 - $4,000 per cycle
Targeted Therapy $1,200
Immunotherapy $2,759

Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $1173 $9549 $22512
Ahmedabad $979 $7973 $18794
Bangalore $1151 $9374 $22099
Mumbai $1216 $9900 $23338
Pune $1108 $9024 $21273
Chennai $1054 $8586 $20240
Hyderabad $1022 $8323 $19620
Kolkata $936 $7622 $17968

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Typically, the average cost of treating breast cancer in India is approximately INR 6,98,360 (8,761 USD). This estimation includes the cost of admission, consultation, investigation, treatment, and post-treatment procedures. In India, breast cancer treatment costs can start as low as INR 85,770 (1,076 USD) and go as high as INR 16,46,300 (20,653 USD). Thus, the final price depends primarily on the stage and personality of cancer as well as the decisions of the doctor and the patient’s family. 


Here is the overview of Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India:

Treatment optionsBreast Cancer Treatment Cost
Lumpectomy₹ 1,56,300 to ₹ 2,13,800 ($2200 - $3000)
Mastectomy₹ 2,13,800 to ₹ 3,20,800 ($3000 - $4500)
Radiation Therapy₹1,50,000– ₹ 5,34,500 ($2,000 - $7500)
Chemotherapy₹ 1,63,300 to ₹ 2,84,000 ($2300 - $4000) Per cycle
Targeted TherapyAround ₹ 85,400 ($1200)
ImmunotherapyAround Rs 1,98,000 ($2,759) per session

Note: To be on the safe side, be prepared for a 5% to 10% variation on the estimated cost, depending on your condition. These charges include a hospital stay for a specific period, surgeon’s fees, operation theater charges, anesthesia charges, and meals for the patient and one companion.

The average treatment cost of breast cancer in India is less than what you would pay in other developed nations. Hence, people often visit India to avail all types of breast cancer treatment at affordable prices.


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What do the various types of breast cancer treatment cost in India?

The average cost of breast cancer treatment in India is less than what you would pay in other countries. For this reason, people often visit India for breast cancer treatment.

  • Chemotherapy is one of the most common therapies for cancer. The cost of breast cancer chemotherapy in India depends on the stage. It ranges between ₹56,000 ($700) to ₹2,80,000 ($3700) per session. Breast cancer chemotherapy costs also depend to a great extent on the number of sessions a patient needs. 

  • Another major breast cancer therapy is radiation therapy. Breast cancer radiation costs in India range approximately between Rs. 1,50,000 ($2000) and Rs. 600,000 ($7800). Internal radiation therapy for breast cancer costs varies between ₹61,960 to ₹5,16,337 ($800 to $6700), whereas external radiation therapy might range from around ₹100,000 ($1300). Targeted therapy might also be used later. It attacks these proteins, which stops the growth of HER-2-positive breast cancer.
  • Immunotherapy is given in the advanced stages of breast cancer as it enables the immune system to fight cancer. In breast cancer, the doctor delivers doses of an immunotherapy drug called Atezolizumab (Tecentriq).
  • Another method of breast cancer treatment is hormone therapy. It is frequently used as adjuvant therapy after surgery to help lower the risk of cancer recurrence. Breast cancer is affected by hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Breast cancer cells have proteins that bind to estrogen and progesterone, which help them grow. Hormone therapy treatment prevents hormones from binding to these proteins. Hormone therapy for breast cancer cost in India starts from Rs. 52,000 ($673).

What is the cost of various breast cancer surgeries in India?

Surgery is the primary treatment needed for breast cancer. In almost all cases of early-stage breast cancer, surgery is done. Depending upon the stage of the patient’s breast cancer, the surgery method will differ. The breast removal surgery (mastectomy) cost in India varies depending on several factors, but on average, it costs $4000. The cost of tumor removal surgery (lumpectomy) in India starts from ₹ 1,56,300 and goes up to ₹ 2,13,800. The cost of surgery is determined by various other factors, including the choice of hospital, location of the treatment etc. For example, mastectomy costs in India are roughly $3000. But in the UK and USA, it ranges from approximately $8000 to $13000

To make it convenient for you, we have listed the breast cancer surgery cost in India -

Type of surgeryCost Estimation
Lumpectomy₹1,56,000 ($2200) to ₹2,13,800 ($3000)
Partial MastectomyAround ₹ 2,12,700 ($3000)
Total Mastectomy or Simple MastectomyAround ₹ 2,83,600 ($4000)
Modified Radical MastectomyAround ₹ 2,62,400 ($3700)
Radical MastectomyAround ₹ 3,19,100 ($4500)

Now that we have covered all the treatment options in detail, let’s bring our attention to stage-wise breast cancer treatment, as the stage with which you are being diagnosed determines the treatment plan and hence the cost of that treatment.

What is the cost of breast cancer treatment by stage in India? 

Your oncologist will come up with a plan which is best suited for your stage of cancer. So it is important that you must also know the overall cost of breast cancer treatment by stage in India.

A. Cost of Stage 0 Breast cancer treatment

Treatment RequiredTreatment cost
Surgery (Lumpectomy)₹ 1,56,000 ($2200) - ₹ 2,13,800 ($3000)
Radiation Therapy₹ 2,13,000 - ₹ 3,54,500 ($3000 to $5000)

B. Cost of Stage 1 Breast cancer treatment

Treatment RequiredTreatment cost
SurgeryLumpectomy ₹1,56,000 ($2200) - ₹3,19,200 ($4500)

Mastectomy ₹2,13,600($3000) to ₹3,20,388 ($4500)
Radiation Therapy:₹ 2,13,000 ($3000) - ₹ 3,54,500 ($5000)
Chemotherapy:₹ 57,000 ($800) to ₹ 2,84,800 ($4,000) per session

C. Cost of Stage 2 Breast cancer treatment

Treatment RequiredTreatment cost
SurgeryRadical Mastectomy: ₹2,12,700 ($3000)

Lumpectomy: ₹1,56,000 ($2200)
Radiation Therapy₹2,13,000 ($3000) - ₹3,54,500 ($5000)
Chemotherapy₹57,000 ($800) to ₹2,84,800 ($4,000) per session

D. Cost of Stage 3 Breast cancer treatment

Treatment RequiredTreatment cost
Chemotherapy₹57,000 ($800) to ₹2,84,800 ($4,000) per session
Surgery (Mastectomy)₹2,12,700 ($3000) to ₹3,19,100 ($4500)
Radiation therapy₹2,13,000 ($3000) - ₹3,54,500 ($5000)

E. Cost of Stage 4 Breast cancer treatment

Treatment RequiredTreatment cost
Chemotherapy₹57,000 ($800) to ₹2,84,800 ($4,000) per session
Immunotherapy - Atezolizumab (Tecentriq)₹1,98,000 ($2,759)
Radiation therapy₹2,13,000 ($3000) - ₹3,54,500 ($5000)

As we have covered all the aspects of treatment, let’s shift our attention to what role a hospital plays in breast cancer treatment.

We have listed the detailed cost comparison between a private hospital and a government hospital.

What is the cost of treatment in Private and Government hospitals?

Below is a detailed comparison of the cost you need to pay for breast cancer treatment at a private hospital against what you pay at a government hospital. You can view the list of the best breast cancer hospitals.

The standard breast cancer operation cost in India is less for the early stages. The reason for this is simple; you only need surgery to remove the tumor. Any of the best breast cancer hospitals in India uses radiotherapy and chemotherapy as secondary treatment options for the early stages of breast cancer.

StagesPrivate HospitalPrivate Hospital
Early Stage₹6,00,000 to ₹7,00,000
($8,700 to $10,200)
₹2,50,000 to ₹3,50,000
($3,600 to $5,000)
Advance Stage₹13,00,000 to 14,00,000
($19,000 to $20,400)
₹6,00,000 to 7,00,000
($8,700 to $10,200)

What are the factors affecting breast cancer treatment costs in India?

We will try to touch upon these factors, so you will get a better idea of why there is a variation in the overall cost of breast cancer treatment in India.

Stage of Cancer: There are various stages of cancer and depending upon the complexity of cancer, the treatment differs. Hence, each stage brings variations in the final cost of treatment.

Treatments that are given: The treatment is finalized by the oncological team. Every cancer treatment will have a different cost, therefore, if the number of treatments increases, the greater will be the cost.

Place of the Treatment: The place where you decide to get your treatment for breast cancer in India will also play a huge role in the overall price. Private hospitals will cost you more than what you pay at a government hospital. The city where the hospital is located also affects the cost of your treatment, that is, the higher the cost of living, the greater the expenditure. If you want to see the finest cancer hospitals in India, then click on this list.

The number of sessions and cycles: Systemic treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy are given in cycles. Therefore, the number of cycles prescribed by the medical team will affect the cost of your treatment.

Medicines associated with the treatment: Usually, the medicines required in breast cancer treatment are costly. So this factor also increases the overall cost of your treatment.

Equipment used: The equipment used by the hospital for the treatment of cancer will affect the total cost of the treatment. Opting for laparoscopic or robotic surgery will cost you more, high dosed chemotherapy and its costly medicine will also do the same.

As we have mentioned what the factors affecting the breast cancer treatment cost in India are, let us also outline the additional factors affecting the cost.

What are the pre and post-treatment costs for breast cancer in India?

A. Pre-Breast cancer treatment:

The oncologist will prescribe certain tests for you to undergo, the results will determine what treatment is best suited to your condition. But even these tests will make an impact on your overall treatment bill.

Mammogram: It is an x-ray image of your breast. It can be used to check for a lump or any other indication of breast cancer. It can be also done to examine breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms of the condition.
Cost: ₹ 1,000 – ₹ 2,000 ($14.10 - $28.21)

Breast Ultrasound: It can be used to check for a lump or any other breast cancer indication. It can also be done to examine the breast. It's usually done as a follow-up examination following an irregular finding on a mammogram. In ultrasound imaging of the breast, sound waves are used to create pictures of the breast's internal structures.
Cost: Around ₹ 1500 ($21)

Biopsy report: It is a test that extracts tissue from the breast. Afterward, the extracted cells are observed under a microscope and further examined to confirm the breast cancer diagnosis.
Cost: Around ₹ 13000 ($183.04)

  • PET Scan: Doctors recommend a PET scan to do an in-depth analysis of cancer. It is also done to check if cancer has spread to other body parts. 
    Cost: Around ₹ 15,000 ( $ 190)

Click here to know in detail how much PET scans cost in different cities in India. 

B. Post-Treatment cost:

There may be some follow-ups recommended by the hospital after your treatment. These procedures put the extra cost onto your bill, and hence, considering all of this is very important because it directly affects the overall breast cancer treatment cost in India.

ServicesNature of services and their cost estimation
Medication costDuring the treatment and after the treatment, the medical team will definitely prescribe you medicines that will add to the overall cost.
On-request servicesIf you extend your hospital stay or request on-demand services.
Extra consultationsThere might be a need for additional consultation with your doctor.
Complications and unanticipated careThe cost incurred for monitoring and managing complications and any other unanticipated medical conditions would be added to the final bill.
Follow up costsOnce your breast cancer treatment is complete, your regular follow-ups will be scheduled.

What is the Breast cancer treatment cost in other countries?

TreatmentSurgery costRadiation therapyChemotherapy (per session)
India$2,200 - $4,500$3,000 - $7,500$800 - $4,000
USA$7600 - $17,000$15,000 - $21,000$5000 - $35000
Thailand$3000 - $6000$6400 - $10,000$900 - $4500
Singapore$3500 - $6500$4,000 - $7000$1500 - $5000

As you can see, amongst all the countries developed in medical science, breast cancer treatment is the most affordable in India with a very high success rate.

What is the breast cancer vaccine price in India?

After two decades of research and studies, the Cleveland Clinic has begun the early stages of testing on humans a novel vaccine designed to prevent triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). The long-term goal is to prevent breast cancer in healthy people who are at high risk of developing TNBC. Though anyone can develop TNBC, Healthline states that it’s most likely to affect women of African or Hispanic descent. A woman under 40 years of age also tends to develop TNBC.

The Phase 1 trial is expected to end by September 2022, and thereafter, the vaccine can go ahead with the Phase 2 and 3 trials. Even if all goes according to plan and schedule, we are still several years away from gaining approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use. 

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Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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