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What is the cost of blood cancer treatment in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $475

Average Cost (approx) $13693

Highest Cost (approx) $27537

  • Treatment Type : Chemotherapy
  • Treatment Time : 2 Years
  • Recovery Time : 4-6 Weeks
  • Hospitalization Days : 2-4 Weeks-
  • Success Rate : 66-89%
  • Chances of Recurrence : Mild

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Cancer is a condition when a few of the body's cells grow out of control and spread to other bodily regions.

CT scan, bone scan MRI, biopsy test, and PET scan are some imaging procedures that are conducted to diagnose cancer.
On average, India's blood cancer treatment cost is around INR 10,93,461 (USD 13,693). Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for blood cancer. Similarly, radiation therapy is also considered an option in some rare cases.

Once the cancerous cells are destroyed using chemo-radiation, a bone marrow transplant is done to replenish your body with new healthy cells. 



Treatment Cost

Acute Myeloid Leukemia $18,000
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia $22,000
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia $16,000
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia $10,000
Bone Marrow Transplant $17,500
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma $18,000
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma $22,000
Bone Marrow Transplant $17,500
Multiple Myeloma $13,000

Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $518 $14925 $30015
Ahmedabad $432 $12461 $25059
Bangalore $508 $14652 $29465
Mumbai $537 $15473 $31117
Pune $489 $14104 $28363
Chennai $466 $13419 $26986
Hyderabad $451 $13008 $26160
Kolkata $413 $11913 $23957

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Let's take a look at the cost of blood cancer treatment in India. 

When you factor in all of these treatments, the overall blood cancer treatment cost in India ranges from INR 37,931 (USD 475) to INR 21,98,980 (USD 27,537), with an average expense of INR 10,93,461 (USD 13,693).

Apart from the cancer stage, patients' age, recommended therapies, and location of the hospital, the treatment plan suggested by your oncologist also plays a role in the cost of blood cancer therapy.  For example, blood cancer treatment cost in Mumbai ranges from INR 44,000 (USD 567) to INR 22,00,000 (USD 28,363). However, blood cancer treatment costs in Delhi start from around INR 40,000 (USD 515).  This cost should only be used as an indicative cost.

Read on to know how much it costs to treat different types of blood cancer in India. 

Types of blood cancers treated in India and their cost

Mainly there are 3 types of blood cancer which are the most common when discussing this condition. So we have listed them all., 


Types of LeukemiaCost Estimation
Acute Myeloid LeukemiaThis condition arises when there is cancer in the myeloid lining of blood cells. Acute myeloid leukemia treatment cost in India starts from INR 12,75,939 ( USD 18,000).cost
Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaIt is characterized by the unregulated growth of myeloid cells in the bone marrow, which gets accumulated in your bloodstream. The cost of treatment is INR 17,06,419 (USD 22,000)
Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaIn this, large numbers of immature lymphocytes are developed in the lymphoid line of your blood cells and treatment costs start from around INR 12,41,032 (USD 16,000).
Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaBone marrow accumulates too many lymphocytes, which leads to this condition, for which the treatment cost starts from INR 775645 (USD 10,000).
Bone Marrow TransplantBone marrow transplant is one of the major treatments for all blood cancer & it might be applied depending on the case. So the average cost of the treatment if it is used is INR 13,57,378 (USD 17,500).



Following are the types of Lymphoma and the estimation of the cost of lymphoma treatment cost in India:

Types of LymphomaCost Estimation
Hodgkin’s LymphomaIt is a cancer of the lymphatic system with the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells. Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment cost starts from around ₹13,96,161 ($18,000).
Non-Hodgkin’s LymphomaNon-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is characterized by an abnormal rise in lymphocytes. Treatment cost in India starts from around INR 17,06,419 ($22,000).
Bone Marrow TransplantBone marrow transplant is one of the major treatments for lymphoma. Depending on the type of transplant, the price varies but the average bone marrow transplant cost in India is around  INR 13,57,378 (USD 17,500)


Type of MyelomaCost Estimation
Multiple Myeloma

Plasma cells produce antibodies to fight infections in the body. When these cells multiply incorrectly, a person is diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma treatment cost in India is around INR 10,08,986 (USD 13,000).


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Best blood cancer treatment in India

Given below are all the best treatments for blood cancer in India that patients worldwide can avail.

A. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment is very effective, as surgery is not an option in the case of blood cancer. The cancer cells are destroyed in the bloodstream. But in this process, healthy cells get destroyed as well.

So to counter this drawback, chemotherapy is given in combination with other therapies. A bone marrow transplant is performed to restore the healthy cells in your body that have been destroyed by chemotherapy.

The average cost of Chemotherapy in India: INR 18,000/session (USD 231)  

B. Radiation therapy

Radiation Therapy is total body irradiation used if the patient requires Haploidentical BMT. They must be completely free of any cancer cells before the transplant. 

The average cost of Radiation Therapy in India: INR 11,00,000 (USD 14,172) 


C. Bone Marrow Transplant

The Bone Marrow Transplant cost in India starts from INR 10,00,000 (USD 12,884) , which may go up to ₹15,00,000 (USD 19,326) depending upon the specific type of bone marrow transplant you are recommended. 

  1. Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant - In this, before giving you chemotherapy doses, your healthy stem cells are extracted. Once your cancerous cells are destroyed, the extracted stem cells are put back in your body. The cost of this bone marrow transplant process is the lowest in its category as there is no involvement of any donor.
  2. Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant - This bone marrow transplant is slightly different. The stem cells are extracted from another person who has a 10/10 HLA match with the patient (preferably a sibling). Due to this, the Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant cost will be slightly more than the above-mentioned BMT.

D. Targeted therapy

There are cases where targeted therapy is needed to be combined with chemotherapy to target the cancer-promoting cells in your body specifically. 

Note: Bone Marrow Transplant is used on leukemia patients to restore their healthy bone marrow. Before you undergo a bone marrow transplant in any good blood cancer hospital in India, there will be various procedures you need to follow. However, once you are done with those, you can now have a bone marrow transplant to save your life from leukemia. Therefore, the total expenses of blood cancer treatment in India are directly proportional to the type of bone marrow transplant recommended by any best doctor for blood cancer in India.

Read on to know about the additional costs during blood cancer treatment in India. 


Pre-blood cancer treatment tests and how it is detected

1. Investigations:

First and foremost, you will need to undergo some blood tests. These tests are sufficient in 80% of the blood cancer cases. But a complete evaluation includes a Bone marrow biopsy and some further imaging tests as well.

In a bone marrow biopsy, your doctor will remove a small tissue sample from your bone marrow. This sample of your bone marrow is then viewed under the microscope for any abnormalities in your blood cells.

Similarly, Lymphomas are usually detected using various imaging scans such as CT-Scan, MRI scans, and X-rays. The cost of PET scan, MRI test, X-ray and CT scan is affordable in India if compared to the medically developed nations like the USA, UK and Singapore.

 Cost: INR 45,000-55,000 (USD 579-708)  

2. HLA Typing (if required)

For a bone marrow transplant, it is essential for the donor and the patient’s HLA markers to be matched with each other for a bone marrow transplant. For this very purpose, HLA typing is used.        

In general, HLAs are proteins/markers present in cells of your body. Your immune system utilizes these HLA markers to see which cells belong to your body and which do not.

Cost:  INR 40,000 (USD 515)  

3. Donor fees

Usually, the allogeneic transplant cases will require you to pay expenses for the extraction of stem cells. If the transplant is Haploidentical, then the cost will be much higher.

What is the cost of treatment of blood cancer in India vs. other countries?

Treatment /CountriesLeukemiaLymphomaMyeloma
India$ 9000 -  $ 21,000$ 16,749 - $ 21,000$ 13,000
Singapore$11,000 - $28,500$28,000 - $31,000$22,000 - $33,000
UK$20,000 - $32,000$60,000 - $68,000$65,000 - $155,300
USA$20,000 - $40,000$75,000 - $85,000$100,000 - $150,000

Here are some of the key aspects of why any best blood cancer hospital in India charges less than other cancer hospitals in the World.

Why should you choose India for cancer treatment? 

Why do people prefer India for blood cancer treatment?

India is a popular medical tourism destination, especially for the best cancer treatment centers globally. Every blood cancer hospital offers a wide range of therapies and services at reasonable costs. With cutting-edge technology, the country also provides world-class treatment and standardized medical services. 

All the best hospital for blood cancer treatment in India are equipped with the latest advanced machines so they can give patients the most effective treatment. Blood cancer specialists doctors (known as Hematologist-oncologists) have dedicated their careers to learning more about their field and developing better therapies and treatments. 

In a 2017 article by TOI, one of the top most cancer surgeons in the world, Dr. R Bidwe, Director of the Tata Memorial Research Centre said, "We offer the same treatment as any other part of the world. Everything that can be done in the best cancer centers across the globe can be done here." 

In addition, India's healthcare services are less expensive than other western countries such as the UK or the USA. People should expect to save at least 50% on medical treatment in India.

According to the same article by TOI, the cost of treating cancer in India can be around ten times lesser. For example, the deposit is 10,000 USD (approximately INR 776143)) even for a consultation abroad.

So if you are looking for a premium and affordable blood cancer treatment, you should definitely visit India. To know more and have any questions visit

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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