15 Best Leukemia Treatment Centers in the World 2023

Leukemia is a disease that can create chaos for anyone suffering from this malignancy. Leukemia's financial, emotional, and physical toll on people, families, and healthcare systems continues to rise worldwide. The success rates of patients with Leukemia are high if treated by the best Leukemia treatment centers in the world! We have curated them in this article. So read the article to the end!

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By Rahul Chauhan

Updated on 19th, Sept'23

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Cancer is currently the leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for millions of deaths yearly. 


Leukemia is cancer that affects the blood-forming tissues of the body. It forces the tissues to produce excess white blood cells. Most of these cells are abnormal.


Leukemia is accountable for more than 61,000 cancer cases and almost 24,000 deaths globally. This disease can be more prominent in the young than adults increasing the tally of cases. 


Leukemia has a survival rate of 5 years which can be accountable for 65.7% after diagnosis of this cancer. 


The best Leukemia hospitals start with investment in talented doctors, but many more resources go into setting up a holistic treatment center.


Many technologically advanced Leukemia centers differentiate themselves with their vast treatment options and state-of-the-art facilities. 


Here is a list of the best leukemia treatment centers in the world; you should know!


Best Leukemia Treatment Centers in the USA:

The US is host to the best leukemia treatment centers in the world. You can find the best doctors for treating Leukemia in the US. They have one of the highest survival rates in Leukemia patients.


  1. MD Anderson: Houston
MD Anderson
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  • Newsweek named MD Anderson the No.1 cancer hospital in the world.
  • Their specialists use new and advanced diagnostic methods.
  • They conduct new clinical trials and try drug combinations for the best leukemia treatment.
  • The medical staff is highly experienced in taking care of inpatients and outpatients to give the best possible services.


2) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering
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  • They have been recognized as the top two cancer hospitals in the USA by the world report and US news for almost 30 years.
  • Their dedicated clinical staff researches to understand multiple cancers like Leukemia, etc.
  • Over the last decade, they have treated over 5000 cancer patients.
  • The Hospital has over 1417 working medical staff and over 514 inpatient beds.


3) Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Cancer Treatment and Research in Boston, MA
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  • Dana Farber is one of the best Leukemia treatment centers in the world.
  • They have been pioneers in treating children with Leukemia with chemical therapies since 1947.
  • They have a history of more than 75 years in carrying out research discoveries to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatments.
  • They are also pioneers in patient-centered care, where you can see specialists providing holistic Leukemia treatment.



Best Leukaemia Treatment Centers in India: 


India is an ideal destination for Leukemia treatment. They have the best hospitals equipped with the latest technologies for Leukemia treatment. This is because many best oncologists and hematologists in the world are Indians! You can get the best leukemia treatment in the world in India.


4) Apollo Hospital, Gream Roads

Apollo Hospitals
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  • Apollo has gained a world-class reputation for providing the best cancer care to patients.
  • They are experts in chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, or a combination of all to treat Leukemia.
  • They provide minimally invasive procedures to pediatric patients to shorten their hospital stay.
  • JCI, the top American medical institution, accredits the Hospital.


5) Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
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  • KDAH is one of the best Leukemia treatment centers in the world.
  • They have an excellent outcome of 95% in treating Leukemia in children.
  • They have a full-fledged 33 beds facility for chemotherapy with admin and daycare. 
  • Some standard blood cancer treatment options are stem cell transplantation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.


6) Fortis Hospital: Bengaluru

Fortis Hospital Bangalore
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  • The Fortis hospital is renowned as one of the most technologically promoted hospitals.
  • They provide advanced Leukemia treatments, including VMAT, IGRT, SRS, and SBRT.
  • They provide 24/7 medical and surgical services with a capacity of 276 beds.
  • Fortis Hospital holds expertise in radiation therapy. It is the first in the world to have digital MRI technology, 3 Tesla.


Best Leukaemia Treatment Centers in the UK:

The UK is one of the most popular medical tourism spots, especially for Leukemia treatment. They have the best Leukemia treatment centers in the world, treating patients for over 100 years!


7) The Royal Marsden

The Royal Marsden
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  • The Royal Marsden is the provider of the most holistic Leukemia treatment in the world.
  • The Royal Marsden has saved up to 6000 lives due to showcasing its patient care.
  • They have a dedicated haemato-oncology team that provides the best Leukemia treatment in the world.
  • This world-famous Hospital offers 269 inpatient beds.


8) The Christie

The Christie
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  • The Christie is one of Europe's leading cancer centers with over 100 years of experience in this field.
  • This Hospital treats over 60,000 patients every year with excellent medical care.
  • It is the first UK center accredited as a comprehensive cancer center.
  • They deliver the highest quality care with the aim of real patient benefits.


9) Guys Hospital

Guys Hospital
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  • Guy's Hospital has been serving patients for more than 100 years. 
  • Their team includes research nurses and clinical trial coordinators, and practitioners.
  • They specialize in treating Leukemia with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • They also provide access to complementary therapies, psychological and social, at their cancer care centers.


Best Leukaemia Treatment Centers in Singapore: 

Singapore is a prominent destination for Leukemia treatment. Patients prefer Singapore for its high standards of treatment. Although, the cost of Leukemia treatment is on the higher side.


10) National Cancer Center Singapore

 National Cancer Centre, Singapore
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  • National Cancer Center Singapore is the world's pioneer of comprehensive cancer treatment.
  • This Hospital was the pioneer in setting up the first radiotherapy facility in Singapore.
  • It is a national center in research, education, clinical services, and patient care.
  • They provide treatments for many cancers like Leukemia, breast cancer, etc.


11) Changi General Hospital

CGH Medical Centre
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  • Changi General Hospital is one of the largest Leukemia treatment centers in the world.
  • They have over 1,000 beds and serve more than 1 million people in Singapore.
  • They specialize in Leukemia treatment with chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and cellular therapy.
  • They were recognized as the Best Smart Hospital in the World in 2021 and the best Cancer Hospital in 2022.


Best Leukaemia Treatment Centers in the Rest of the World:

There are many more facilities providing the best Leukemia treatment in the world. We have curated them below. They are among the best Leukemia treatment centers in the world. 


Do check them out!


12) Asan Medical Center, South Korea

Asan Medical Center
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  • Asan Medical Center was established in 1977, investing aggressively in research, development, and clinical trials.
  • It is the largest medical institution in Korea, with over 2,715 beds.
  • Since 2016 they have treated over 35,588 outpatients and 1,249 inpatients with hematological disorders. 
  • They are reputed as one of the most advanced Leukemia treatment facilities in the world.


13) Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Canada

Princess Margaret Cancer Center
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  • Princess Margaret Cancer Center was ranked among the top 10 hospitals in 2019 and one of the top research hospitals in Canada.
  • It is the largest comprehensive cancer care program in Canada.
  • They provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced techniques for basic and complex Leukemia interventions.


14) Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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  • They provide tertiary care and world-class cancer care medical facilities.
  • This Hospital has over 187 inpatient beds with other state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • The best Leukemia specialists in the world practice here.


15) National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan

National Cancer Center Hospital
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  • National Cancer Center Hospital is one of Japan's most prestigious Cancer centers.
  • This medical facility has over 425 beds, including 25 beds in the palliative care unit.
  • They are recognized for providing the best Leukemia treatment in the world with innovations in their clinical trials.
  • They deploy and innovate new medical treatments for every type of cancer, like breast cancer, skin cancer, Leukemia, etc.



It might only be possible for some to get treated at the hospitals mentioned above. If so, you must not lose hope! 


There are many excellent hospitals you can choose from. However, finding them can be challenging!


If you are seeking one, you are in the right place!


We have discussed the points you should consider while choosing the best Leukemia treatment center. 


Criteria for choosing the best Hospital for Leukaemia treatment

Consider these points below before choosing a hospital for Leukaemia treatment.


Experience with the patients

  • Communicate clearly to your doctor what treatment options you are looking at.
  • If you are in a critical state, check if the hospital/doctor has dealt with similar cases before.


Facilities and Care

  • If you are looking for some particular facilities and kinds of care, go through the hospital website or ask them in person if they can meet your requirements. 
  • Ensure the Hospital you choose has facilities to accommodate attendees, so you do not feel lonely. 



  • Check reviews on the internet, newspapers, and hospital websites. Going through patient testimonials will give you much clarity on the Hospital's standards and service. 
  • It would help if you also went through reviews for your doctor, ensuring you receive treatment only from the best.

Hope this article helped you decide the ideal center for your leukemia treatment! 


So, what are you thinking? 


It is now time to win the challenging battle against leukemia by receiving the best leukemia treatment in one of the top leukemia centers listed above! 



Call today and get free Consultation!



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