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How much does cancer treatment cost in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $1134

Average Cost (approx) $6300

Highest Cost (approx) $34650

  • Treatment Type : surgery
  • Treatment time : 3 to 6 months
  • Recovery time : 2 months
  • Success rate : 80%

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In India, cancer treatment costs around INR 5,03,118 (USD 6,300) on average, with a minimum of INR 90,561 (USD 1,134) and a maximum of INR 27,67,149 (USD 34,650). However, determining the precise cost of cancer treatment in India proves challenging, as it can vary widely based on factors such as the cancer stage, location, and the patient's age.

We have explained everything about the cost of cancer treatment in India in this article. Explore affordable treatment options now!

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Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $1236 $6867 $37769
Ahmedabad $1032 $5733 $31532
Bangalore $1213 $6741 $37076
Mumbai $1281 $7119 $39155
Pune $1168 $6489 $35690
Chennai $1111 $6174 $33957
Hyderabad $1077 $5985 $32918
Kolkata $987 $5481 $30146

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Treatment of cancer in India costs 60–80% less than in countries like the US, UK, Singapore, etc. Also, the quality of treatment is not compromised because of the low cost. Thus, people from across the globe visit cancer hospitals in India for treatment.

Cancer treatment procedures are very overwhelming. Knowing about the expenses in advance can take away a major chunk of your stress. Read on to know the costs of different cancer treatments.

For your convenience, we have detailed the cancer treatment cost in India below:

Cancer TreatmentsCost in India (in INR and Dollars)
SurgeryThe surgery cost for most types of organ-specific cancer treatment in India ranges from ₹2,80,000 ($4,000) to ₹10,50,000 ($15,000) depending on the site and severity of the cancer.
Robotic SurgeryThe cost of Robotic surgery in India is INR 5,25,000 (USD 7080) on average. 
ChemotherapyChemotherapy cost in India costs around INR 18,000 (USD 231) per session. The cost of chemotherapy in India varies depending on the type of therapy you need; your total costs will most likely vary between INR 1,38,974 (USD 1,789) and INR 2,08,462 (USD 2,683)
Radiation Therapy

The radiation therapy cost in India depends on the type of patient’s needs; whether he needs internal or external therapy.

In the case of internal radiation, the therapy procedure cost ranges from INR 61,960 ( USD 797) to INR 5,16,337 ( USD 6,647).

In the case of external beam radiation, radiation therapy costs in India range from INR 30,000 (USD 386) to INR 20,00,000 (USD 25,748).

ImmunotherapyThe immunotherapy cost in India ranges from INR 4,41,000 (USD 5,677) - INR4,55,000 (USD 5657). The cost estimation is for once a month over a period of two years.
Bone Marrow TransplantFor blood cancer treatment in India, the Bone Marrow Transplants cost in India ranges from INR 15,00,000 (USD 19,311) to INR 48,00,000 (USD 63,000). 
Targeted Therapy

This is usually given in combination with chemotherapy and targeted therapy cost in India ranges from around  INR 2,00,000 (USD 2574) to INR 2,50,000 (USD 3,218).

Targeted therapy for cancer cost alone might also cost you around INR 1,20,000 (USD 1544), depending on your condition.

Hormone TherapyThe cost of Hormone Therapy in India starts from INR 3,22,845 (USD $4,156 to $4,500) onwards. How high it can go depends on the type of cancer.
Stem Cell Therapy

The average cost of stem cell therapy in India is $16584.

*The FDA has approved stem cell treatments to treat only certain cancers and blood and immune system problems. So if doctors recommend going for stem cell therapy for blood Cancer and bone marrow cancer, then the cost of treatment may increase. 

*To be on the safer side, be prepared for a 5% to 10% variation in the estimated cancer treatment cost in India, depending on your condition.

*This cost estimates the procedure only and does not include external expenses such as hospital room rent, nursing charges, food, etc.

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What is included in the cost of cancer treatment in India?

Cancer treatment costs in India vary based on type, stage, treatment plan, hospital, and region. 

The cost of cancer treatment includes the following components:

  • Medical Consultations and Evaluation: This covers visits to oncologists and other specialists for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Costs for various imaging studies, biopsies, blood tests, and other diagnostic procedures are included.
  • Surgery: If surgery is part of the treatment plan, the cost of the surgical procedure and related hospital charges are included.
  • Chemotherapy: The cost of chemotherapy drugs and related administration and monitoring are included.
  • Radiation Therapy: The cost of radiation therapy sessions and associated services are included.
  • Medications: Costs for medications to manage side effects and support care may be included.
  • Hospitalization: Charges for hospital stays during treatment are factored into the cost.
  • Supportive Care: Costs for supportive therapies like palliative care, pain management, and counseling may be included.
  • Follow-up Visits: The cost of follow-up consultations and tests after treatment is often included.

Cancer treatment costs can vary significantly from patient to patient, and some expenses may not be covered by the initial estimate, such as additional tests or medications needed during treatment. Many hospitals in India offer financial counseling and support to help patients understand and manage their treatment expenses.

Qualifications required for surgeons/doctors to perform Cancer Treatment in India:

Certainly, here are the six qualifications and certifications required for surgeons and doctors to perform cancer treatment in India in a table format:

DM - Med. OncologyPostgraduate degree in medical oncology.
FRCR - Clinical OncologyFellowship in Clinical Oncology (RCR, UK).
MCh - OncologySuper-specialty surgical oncology degree.
DNB - Med. OncologyDiplomate of National Board in Medical Oncology.
MCh - Surg. OncologySuper-specialty surgical oncology degree.
MD - RadiotherapyPostgraduate degree in radiation therapy.

These qualifications and certifications reflect the specialized expertise required for cancer treatment in India.

Factors affecting the cost of cancer treatment

Several factors can significantly influence the cost of cancer treatment. These factors include:

Pre-treatment Costs

Some costs occur for cancer patients in India before the treatment for cancer starts. These costs include consultation fees and diagnostic tests that one must undergo so doctors can diagnose the type of cancer, its stage, location etc. 

Pre Cancer Treatment Cost

Pre-treatment CostsDescription
Doctors ConsultationPhysical examination and consultation from the best cancer doctor in India or oncologist in India may cost around INR 600 (USD 8) to INR 5,000 (USD 64) depending on the doctor’s fees.
Lab Tests

There are a number of tests that are required like Blood tests, Urine tests, Ultrasound, CBC (Complete Blood count), PFT (Pulmonary Function Test), EEG (Electrocardiogram), etc.

The cost range for these tests are INR 56,000 (USD 720) - INR 70,000 (USD 901). This range may be higher if the patient gets admitted because of other factors considered.

BiopsyThe cost of a biopsy ranges from ₹30,000 ($429) to ₹35,000 ($500).
X-rayThe cost of X-rays differs for different parts of the body. It costs around ₹300 ($4) to ₹1,000 ($14).
PET ScanThe cost of PET Scan lies between INR 15,000 (USD 193) to INR 30,000 (USD 386). It can vary for different body parts.
CT ScanThe cost of a CT Scan lies between INR 2,000 (USD26) to INR 2,500 (USD32). It may also include additional costs of INR 1,000 (USD13) to INR 2,000 (USD 26) for contrast material.
MRI ScanThe cost of MRI Scan depends on the body part that is being scanned. It ranges from INR 2,000 (USD 26) - INR 25,000 (USD 32,137).
EndoscopyThe type of endoscopy performed will have different costs ranging from INR 1500 (USD 19) to INR 30,000 (USD 386).
FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology)Depending on the factors such as city and availability, the cost of FNAC lies between ₹450 ($7) to ₹2,200 ($32).

Managing post-treatment costs requires financial planning and support networks.

Post-treatment Costs

These are the costs incurred to monitor the treatment's progress, ensure recovery, and prevent or treat any infections or side effects caused by the treatment. Post-treatment costs also include extra services and hospital stays.

Post-treatment CostsDescription
MedicationsThe post-treatment costs include the medications prescribed by the doctor to take after the above-mentioned treatments. These medications include drugs to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments.
Hospital StayThe treatment period for different types of cancers can vary. It may require patients to stay in any best cancer hospitals in India for post-treatment a few hours or days or months for treatment. Thus, the cost includes the hospital stay.
Additional servicesThis includes any additional services availed or stay at the hospital.
Accommodation ChargesThe hotel charges incurred by the patients and their family members will be included in the post-treatment costs. The cost may differ depending on the type of hotel chosen.
Conveyance ChargesThe patients can incur travel charges in case if the hospital is at a distance from their stay.
Homecare servicesThis service may not be required by every patient, but sometimes a patient may require extra assistance from medical staff or a trained nurse and may need additional medical equipment for monitoring. So, these are included in the costs post-treatment.
Complications ManagementIn case of any complications after treatment or any unanticipated care needed by the patient due to which he/she requires extra stay beyond the stipulated period, will have separate charges.
Follow – Up costsAfter the treatments, regular follow-up with the doctor is required for health check-ups which is also included in the post-treatment costs.

Read on to know why India is the best country to get treated for cancer.

Why do patients from all over the world travel to India to get cancer treatment?

One of the primary reasons is that one gets the best cancer treatment in India at very affordable costs. We have compared the cancer treatment cost in India of a few major types of treatment with other developed countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, etc., for your reference.

Type of Cancer 






Blood Cancer$5908-$8,862$40,860$106,000- $160,000$70,000-$1,00,000$51,000
Breast Cancer$7,000-$8,500$10,620-$15,148$20,000-$1,00,000$20,000-$50,000$12,000
Colorectal Cancer$1,200-$10,000$20,150-$23500$40,000-$80,000$31,650$18,000
Prostate Cancer$5,500$6,400-$7,050$15,000-$1,00,000$39,600$18,000
Lung Cancer$5,377-$9,409$12,355-$16,476$15,000-$2,00,000$18,745$16,500

Disclaimer:  Actual costs may differ from those listed due to factors such as stage of cancer, recommended therapy, sessions, and other pre and post-treatment cost.

The reasons why the cost varies between India vs. other developed countries are:

  1. Currency: The major difference in the cost is due to the lower value of Indian currency than USD, pound, euros, etc., which makes treatment and cancer operation costs in India effective. From doctor’s consultation, treatment and cancer surgery costs in India to post-treatment facilities like stays, everything costs less over here.
  2. Standard of Living: The standard of living is lower in India than in countries like the USA, UK, etc. So, facilities like food, transport, accommodation, and medical treatment are quite affordable.
  3. Competition:  There are many acclaimed and best cancer hospitals in India that follow international treatment and quality standards. Since patients have a wide range of options to choose the suitable hospital according to their budget, hospitals tend to provide competitive prices.
  4. Hospitals: Both globally recognized government and private cancer hospitals in India can deliver the best quality treatment. Moreover, government hospitals provide cancer treatment at subsidized rates, contributing to one of the reasons for varying costs compared to other cancer hospitals in the World.
  5. Doctors: We have highly skilled, qualified, and the best cancer doctors in India practicing at the top cancer hospitals in the country. The doctors in India charge lower fees as compared to doctors in other countries. Thus, it’s one reason cancer treatment is affordable here.

All these factors contribute to making cancer treatment in India affordable. That’s why patients from all over the world consider it one of the best destinations to get treatment for cancer.

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Other Details

Services for Domestic & International Patients


ServicesDomestic PatientsInternational Patients
Consultation and DiagnosisThorough consultations with oncologists and specialists.Consultations with experienced oncologists and medical specialists.
Treatment PlanningPersonalized treatment plans based on cancer type and stage.Tailored treatment plans designed for specific cancer diagnoses.
Treatment ModalitiesAccess to a range of cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy.Availability of diverse treatment modalities to address various cancer types and stages.
MedicationsPrescribed medications, including chemotherapy drugs and supportive medications.Access to prescribed cancer medications and support for managing side effects.
HospitalizationInpatient care when required, covering room charges, nursing care, and related services.Admittance to hospitals with comprehensive inpatient care facilities.
Surgical ProceduresSurgical interventions performed by experienced surgeons.Surgical procedures performed by skilled surgeons as part of the treatment plan.
Follow-Up CareOngoing follow-up care, including regular appointments and monitoring tests.Continual follow-up care with medical evaluations and monitoring of treatment progress.
Supportive CareAccess to supportive services like palliative care, pain management, nutritional counseling, and psychological support.Comprehensive supportive care services to enhance the patient's well-being during treatment.
Hospital FacilitiesUse of advanced medical equipment and technology within hospital facilities.Access to state-of-the-art hospital facilities with modern medical infrastructure.
Billing and Insurance AssistanceSupport for billing, insurance claims, and assistance with financial aspects of treatment.Assistance with insurance coordination, billing, and financial planning.
Transportation and AccommodationAssistance with transportation to and from the hospital, and guidance on accommodation options.Support for travel logistics, including airport transfers and accommodation arrangements.
Multilingual SupportCommunication in regional languages to accommodate patients from various parts of India.Multilingual support staff to assist international patients who may not speak the local language.
Patient EducationEducational resources and information about the cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and lifestyle changes.Provision of educational materials and explanations about the cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.
Access to Clinical TrialsOpportunity to participate in clinical trials for experimental cancer treatments.Availability of participation in clinical trials and research studies, when applicable.

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