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Best Medical Tourism Companies in India 2024 List

Discover excellence in healthcare with top-rated Medical Tourism Companies in India. Your journey to world-class treatment begins here.

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By Pankaj Kamble

17th Apr '20

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In India, the medical tourism industry is thriving, serving patients annually. This reflects the global demand for affordable, quality healthcare. India offers various services, including heart and bone surgeries, cosmetic enhancements, and oncology, demonstrating a commitment to excellent healthcare.

Financially, the sector thrives with an impressive 15-20% annual revenue growth, showcasing its robust resilience. Looking ahead, over 2 million jobs are anticipated by 2029, emphasizing the industry's significant role in the nation's workforce. 

Let's talk about the best medical tourism companies in India. Interested to know who's leading the pack? Stay with us as we explore the top players that are setting the standard for excellent healthcare experiences. Ready for the inside scoop? Let's dive in!

1. ClinicSpots


  • ClinicSpots is among India's top medical tourism companies, operating in major metro cities with a focus on providing excellent medical care assistance.
  • They have established tie-ups with renowned hospitals in Mumbai, ensuring access to superior healthcare facilities.
  • Offering global medical treatments such as Plastic surgery, IVF, dental implants, and hair transplants in locations like Dubai, Turkey, Bangladesh, etc.
  • Prioritizing patient convenience, they streamline procedures for a hassle-free medical journey, allowing patients to focus solely on their treatment.
  • Patient support services include assistance in finding accommodation based on budget, airport pick-up and drop services, and facilitating currency exchange/payment options.
  • ClinicSpots provides visa assistance, generating request letters for embassies to ensure a smooth process and address potential issues.

2. Peace Medical Tourism

  • Connects you with the best doctors and hospitals in India based on your specific needs.
  • Offers access to various healthcare specialists, from cardiologists to oncologists.
  • Maintains international standards in the medical tourism sector.
  • Over 15 years of experience, establishing itself as a trusted name in the industry.
  • Provides various services, including free medical invitation visas and fast doctor appointments during emergencies.
  • Offers complimentary airport pickup and drop-off, along with assistance in hotel booking and interpreter services.
  • The experienced team ensures a seamless experience, providing guides or translators as needed.
  • Committed to delivering top-notch service and support throughout your medical journey.

3. TransEarth Medical Tourism

TransEarth Medical Tourism

  • TransEarth Medical Tourism is known for its highly transparent pricing policy, ensuring clear and honest cost structures for medical tourists.
  • The professional team consistently follows international protocols, prioritizing optimal care for patients and setting high standards in the medical tourism landscape.
  • The company goes the extra mile to assist patients in finding comfortable accommodation during their stay in India for medical treatment, enhancing the overall experience.
  • TransEarth provides comprehensive support, assisting with visa arrangements and airline ticket purchases, ensuring a hassle-free journey for medical tourists. Medical clearance is handled efficiently.
  • Beyond medical concerns, TransEarth facilitates patients who wish to explore the beauty of India. Additional services include road ambulance, air ambulance, hospital admission support, private attendants, and special assistance for disabled patients.

4. MedMonks


  • MedMonks, a renowned medical tourism company, specializes in providing comprehensive services to medical tourists.
  • With a dedicated and efficient team, MedMonks assists patients in finding affordable treatment packages at the best clinics in India.
  • Recognizing cost as a major concern for patients seeking treatment abroad, MedMonks addresses this issue proactively.
  • Understanding the diverse needs of medical travelers, MedMonks offers additional services, including pre-activated SIM cards or data cards for international patients.
  • The company goes the extra mile by providing services such as airport pickup, hospitalization assistance, and the option to extend the trip for rejuvenation.
  • MedMonks caters to the ongoing needs of medical travelers, allowing them to purchase follow-up care packages for continued support and assistance.

5. Credihealth


  • Credihealth offers online solutions for medical tourism in India with a dedicated team of consultants.
  • They provide personalized advice for individuals considering moving to India for medical services.
  • The company has earned the trust of patients from various countries, establishing itself as a reliable healthcare partner.
  • Patients can easily upload their medical history documents for evaluation by experienced doctors.
  • Credihealth ensures transparency by providing cost estimates from the best hospitals for the required medical services.
  • Consultants at Credihealth also assist with services related to medical visas and follow-up treatments, offering comprehensive support for international patients.

6. Vaidam


  • Vaidam has earned trust from patients worldwide, including India.
  • It is a popular NABH-certified platform, ensuring high-quality healthcare connections.
  • Connects patients to top-rated specialists and hospitals internationally.
  • Responsive team to address inquiries and provide assistance.
  • Consultants assist in securing personalized and cost-effective treatments.
  • Vaidam's concierge team helps with medical visa, ensuring seamless travel.

7. MediConnect


  • Received the National Tourism Award twice, showcasing reliability and excellence.
  • Established connections with renowned hospitals like Apollo and Jaypee.
  • In-house team provides multiple healthcare options from different hospitals.
  • Simple process to send queries to preferred hospitals for quick and efficient communication.
  • Access to check doctors’ qualifications before making informed decisions.
  • Dedicated team takes care of post-operative queries, ensuring patient well-being.
  • Beyond healthcare, offers assistance for buying flight tickets and other medical tourism needs.

8. MedGinnie


  • MedGinnie specializes in providing affordable medical tourism packages for international patients.
  • Their services encompass a diverse range of treatments, including joint replacements, weight loss surgeries, and dental procedures.
  • The focus is on ensuring quality care while maintaining affordable prices.

9. TourMyIndia


  • TourMyIndia provides affordable services, becoming a trusted travel partner for medical tourists.
  • They offer 24-hour assistance, addressing concerns from medical treatment opinions to post-treatment services.
  • While dedicated to medical tourists, TourMyIndia's platform caters to all types of travelers, showcasing its versatility.

10. Forerunners Healthcare, South Delhi

Forerunners Healthcare

  • Forerunners is a government-registered company in the medical tourism industry.
  • International patients benefit from video consultations.
  • Highly skilled doctors and qualified nurses are accessible to medical tourists.
  • The professional team at Forerunners Healthcare understands healthcare needs and the urgency of treatment.
  • The company has a network with hospitals across different Indian cities.
  • To find the best doctor, send your medical report to the company.

Rise of Medical Tourism Companies in India

The rise of medical tourism companies in India is an exciting story fueled by a potent mix of factors, transforming the way patients access healthcare on a global scale. Here's a peek into the dynamic landscape:

Key Drivers of Growth:

  • Cost-effectiveness: India offers high-quality treatment at a fraction of the cost compared to developed nations, attracting budget-conscious patients worldwide.

Expertise Hub:

  • India features a vast pool of skilled doctors, internationally trained and equipped with advanced medical technology.

Specialized Focus:

  • Companies are honing in on specific areas like cardiac surgery and oncology, offering top-notch expertise in targeted treatments.

Government Backing:

  • The Indian government actively supports medical tourism through simplified processes, infrastructure development, and marketing initiatives.

Technological Strides:

  • Telemedicine, AI diagnostics, and virtual reality applications enhance patient convenience and treatment effectiveness.

Wellness Fusion:

  • Traditional therapies like Ayurveda blend seamlessly with modern medicine, attracting health-conscious travelers seeking holistic experiences.

Impact on the Scene:

Rising Competition:

  • Increasing competition prompts companies to stand out through specialization, patient-centric services, and digital marketing.

Quality Assurance:

  • JCI and NABH certifications gain significance, ensuring international standards and building patient trust.

Expanding Horizons:

  • Medical tourism facilities extend beyond major cities, reaching smaller towns and rural areas, providing diverse and accessible options.
  • Job creation: The booming industry generates significant employment opportunities for healthcare professionals, boosting the economy.

Challenges and Opportunities For Medical Tourism Companies in India

India's medical tourism industry boasts immense potential, attracting patients worldwide with its cost-effective treatments and skilled professionals. However, challenges and opportunities coexist, requiring companies to navigate a complex landscape for sustainable growth.


  • Maintaining consistent quality: Diverse healthcare providers across India necessitate robust quality control measures to ensure international standards and patient trust.
  • Ethical practices: Transparency in pricing, communication, and treatment options is crucial to avoid exploitation and build patient loyalty.
  • Infrastructure limitations: Upgrading infrastructure in smaller towns and rural areas can expand accessibility and cater to a wider patient base.
  • Competition: The growing number of companies necessitates differentiation through specialization, patient-centric services, and effective marketing.
  • Visa complexities: Streamlining visa processes for medical tourists can enhance convenience and attract more patients.
  • Reputation management: Negative reviews or incidents can damage the industry's reputation, requiring proactive communication and crisis management strategies.


  • Embracing technology: Telemedicine, AI-powered diagnostics, and virtual consultations can improve patient access and treatment efficacy.
  • Wellness integration: Blending Ayurveda with modern medicine caters to a growing segment seeking holistic healthcare and rejuvenation.
  • Specialization and niche markets: Focusing on specific treatments or patient demographics attracts targeted audiences and builds expertise.
  • Collaboration and partnerships: Partnering with international hospitals, airlines, and tourism agencies can expand reach and offer comprehensive packages.
  • Government support: Increased government initiatives for infrastructure development, marketing, and quality assurance can boost the industry's competitiveness.
  • Responsible tourism: Promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness can attract ethical travelers and build long-term value.

Why Choose Medical Tourism Companies in India?

Choosing medical tourism companies in India can be a great decision for a variety of reasons. Here are some key factors to consider:


  • Significantly lower treatment costs: Compared to developed nations, India offers high-quality treatments at a fraction of the price. This can be a major saving for procedures like cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, and cosmetic surgery.
  • Affordable packages: Many companies offer comprehensive packages that include not only medical treatment but also travel arrangements, accommodation, and post-operative care, making it easier to budget for your trip.

Medical Expertise:

  • Highly skilled and experienced doctors: India boasts a large pool of skilled doctors trained in international standards and equipped with advanced medical technology.
  • Wide range of specialities: Medical tourism companies can connect you with specialists in various fields, from cardiology and oncology to cosmetic surgery and Ayurveda.
  • JCI/NABH accreditations: Many hospitals and clinics in India are accredited by international organizations like JCI and NABH, ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Accessibility and Convenience:

  • English widely spoken: Communication is rarely a barrier, as English is widely spoken by medical professionals and hospitality staff.
  • Simplified visa processes: Medical visas are streamlined for patients seeking treatment in India.
  • Direct flights from major cities: Convenient travel options are available from many countries, making India easily accessible.

Additional Benefits:

  • Focus on holistic healthcare: India offers a unique blend of modern medicine with traditional therapies like Ayurveda, catering to a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Cultural experiences: Medical tourism in India can be combined with exploring the country's rich culture and diverse landscapes.
  • Rejuvenation and relaxation: Many companies offer additional services like yoga and spa treatments, facilitating a complete mind-body rejuvenation experience.

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