Liposuction doctors in Chennai

Do you wish some parts of your body were more sculpted? Do you have a few fat deposits that influence your body's general shape? Liposuction may be a viable option. Perhaps you've considered it but are unsure if the fees are affordable. Here are the best liposuction doctors in Chennai.
People who have isolated regions of fat that are resistant to a balanced diet and exercise might benefit from liposuction. Ideal individuals are within a few pounds of their target weight and have healthy skin tone and suppleness. Liposuction isn't meant to help you lose weight; instead, it's designed to get rid of fat pockets that you can't get rid of any other way.

Dr. Sasikumar Muthu

20 years of experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Top Ranked in Cosmetic Surgery, Skin & Hair Care, Times Health Survey, 2018.
  • Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at SRM Medical College Hospital.
  • Founder, Cosmetic Surgeon & Aesthetic Physician Of Pearl Health.

Alwarpet, Chennai


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Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran

21 years of experience

DNB - Plastic Surgery, MRCS (UK), MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Chief Cosmetic Surgeon and Founder of Kauvery Hospital.
  • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
Spring Med Spa

Nanganallur, Chennai


Available today 10am - 2pm 4pm - 8pm

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B M Hospitals

Nanganallur, Chennai


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Dr. T Rajinikanth

19 years of experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Asst. Director of BM. Hospital.
  • Bestowed with National Award for best Med Spa  at 4th National Wellness Awards.
Cherish Hospital

Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai


Available today 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Dr. Sathya Narayanan

9 years of experience

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

  • Director and Chief Dermatologist of Uma Skin Clinic And Cosmetology Centre.
  • Former Assistant Professor of Department Of Dermatology, Sree Balaji Medical College Hospital.
  • He has been awarded for his diagnostic methods in multiple pregnancies..

Dr. D Dinesh Kumar

17 years of experience

MRCPS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

  • Owner and Consultant of Dr. Dinesh's Skin & Hair Clinic.
  • Honorary Secretary General at Association of Cutaneous Surgeons (India).
  • Former President of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologists (IADVL).
Behanced Healthcare

Alwarpet, Chennai


Available today 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Dr. Bhairavi

12 years of experience

MD - Dermatology, MBBS

  • Medical Director and Consultant Dermatologist at Behanced Healthcare.
  • She had been honoured with the Ritz Award for the Best Medical Practioner, 2016.
  • She was the panellist for Skinhance Symphonium on Advanced Skin Care, 2016.

Dr. Krithika Ravindran

14 years of experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Gold Medalist in M.Ch. plastic surgery from the National’s Premier Medical Institute.
  • Consultant at Orthomed Hospital.
  • Member of Tamilnadu Medical Council.

Dr. K Sridhar

43 years of experience

MCh - Plastic Surgery, MBBS

  • Director & Senior Consultant – Plastic Surgery of Institute of Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.
  • He has been bestowed with Lifetime Achievement award, 2011.

Dr. M Rajkumar

25 years of experience

Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery, MRCS (UK), DNB - Plastic Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Senior assistant professor at the Institute of Hand Micro Surgery & Department of Plastic Surgery.
  • Honorable member of All India Association of Plastic Surgeons.
  • An active member of the All India Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Selva Raman

15 years of experience

DNB - Plastic Surgery, MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

  • Honoured with Army Endowment Best Paper Award For The Best Journal In IJPS.
  • He was awarded International Travelling Fellowship for the year 2014.
  • Member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI).
Frequently Asked Questions

Liposuction in Chennai

In today’s time where people are connected with each other through social media and ‘selfies’, they want to look perfect. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and wrong eating habits have triggered obesity epidemic in India. People are obsessed with the way they look and do not mind spending money to enhance their look and be in shape. And because of this, there is a huge demand of cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and etc.

Liposuction in India is one of the most growing cosmetic surgery and Chennai is one of the developed cities of India where liposuction surgery is a preferred destination among people. Even Chennai is a city where the medical system is well-developed and which helps Chennai hospitals/clinics to provide the best treatment at an affordable cost. Liposuction cost in India because of the developed system of medicine is so reasonable that any common man can afford this treatment and get their best looks. Liposuction in Bangalore and Hyderabad are also popular around Chennai.

Chennai, a lovely city with magnificent architecture is a thriving commercial center bursting at its seams which offers much more than tourism. A number of people are opting for liposuction surgery in Chennai as there is greater awareness and a desire to attain a pleasant appearance.

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body with the help of suction technique. It helps to contour the areas such as arms, neck, abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks.

Liposuction cost in Chennai

Chennai has experienced and skilled doctors who perform different surgeries and procedures. You can avail their services at affordable prices. Even the liposuction cost in Chennai is reasonable and the patients are assured quality service with the latest technology. In its neighboring cities, Liposuction cost in Bangalore and Hyderabad is also economical with high standards of treatments being provided.

The person has to be in good health to undergo liposuction in Chennai. They should not be suffering from diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, weak immune system or restricted blood flow, as these conditions can complicate the surgery. They should have a stable body weight with excess body fat in specific spots.

Liposuction surgery in Chennai

During suction-assisted liposuction which is the standard method, a small cannula is passed through a small incision into the fat deposits. A vacuum device is attached to it. The surgeon moves the cannula through the fat deposit to break up the fat cells and remove them through suction.

Various liposuction procedures

Tumescent liposuction –A solution is injected that anesthetizes the area, swells up the fat and shrinks the blood vessels.

Power-assisted liposuction –This procedure uses a cannula with a vibrating tip to break up the fat cells for easy removal.

Ultrasonic liposuction –Specialized cannula is used which emits ultrasonic sound waves into the deposits of fat to emulsify it for easy removal.

Laser liposuction –This procedure targets laser lights at the fat deposits to loosen the fat so that it can be removed easily.

Complications of liposuction

Fluid imbalance –A lot of blood and liquid is removed with the fat and even a large amount of liquid may be injected by the surgeon. This may cause fluid imbalance and can affect the heart, kidneys or lungs.

Toxicity – Lidocaine when used in large volume can cause a number of side effects and lidocaine toxicity can even stop the heart.

Embolism –Fat can enter the blood-stream through ruptured blood vessels and travel to the lungs or brain causing problems.

Puncture of the vital organs – Cannula can damage or puncture the internal organs which may need surgery or may even kill.

Nerve compression –This may cause numbness or more pain sensitivity in the area of surgery.


The results are visible after several months of the surgery. After recovery, the patient will notice a trim figure, reduced body fat, defined muscle tone and a youthful appearance. The outcome of the surgery is mostly very good and most of the people are satisfied with the results.

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