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Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

My baby 2.10 Years old, but he did not talk. He is a pre-mature baby. He is very phone addicted. He is hearing any sound, any time he suffering cold, cough and fever.

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Dr. Sneha Pawar


10 years of experience

Answered on 25th March 2023

Your child needs to be reviewed by Oediateic Neurologist for any red flags.  He will need multidisciplinary team approach including occupational therapist, sensory integration, applied behaviour therapy.
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Dr. Brahmanand Lal

Pediatric Surgeon

16 years of experience

Answered on 10th October 2022

consult child physician 
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Dr. Harapriya B

Pediatric Cardiologist

19 years of experience

Answered on 11th April 2022

Premature babies tend to have some delay in growth and development but will catch up later . Child needs detailed development assessment . There are specific parent questionnaire on development which parent can observe and answer . Child also needs formal hearing and speech assessment.
Extended or long screen times like cell phones / TV are best avoided .. as they have an impact on child s development.

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