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What Are the Effects of Coxicam Meloxicam, Zune Esomeprazole, and Futine Fluoxetine on Menstrual Cycles?

Period problem Coxicam meloxicam zune esomeprazole ms. futine fluoxetine as hci usp ya Madison laya tha us ka bad sa nhi araha h

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Dr. Swapna Chekuri


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Answered on 16th Feb '24

Hormonal imbalance or other factors can cause period problems and a gynecologist should be consulted for an accurate assessment and treatment. Coxicam, meloxicam, zune, esomeprazole, ms. futine and fluoxetine as HCI USP are out of the question for menstrual issues. I'd suggest going to an expert in gynecology for the management of period problems.

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