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Best Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India 2024

Discover effective liver cirrhosis treatment in India. Explore renowned hepatologists, advanced therapies, and comprehensive care for managing this condition and improving quality of life.

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By Rahul Chauhan

4th July '22

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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India combines advanced healthcare with expert specialists. With rising success rates in treatment, India is becoming a global hub for managing this serious condition. Here, we explore the effective approaches and innovations in Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India.

Overview of Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis is the irreversible scarring of the liver. In severe cases, up to 80-90% of the liver tissue is damaged. This is a potentially life-threatening condition.

It is caused by constant liver damage over several years. The damage can occur from:

  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Viral Infections (like Hepatitis)
  • Toxic substances (like drugs, excess copper or iron in the liver)
  • Fatty liver
  • Blockage of the biliary system
  • Some inherited conditions like Wilson’s disease, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency, etc.'

Take control of your liver health – schedule an appointment now to assess and address potential cirrhosis risks.


Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms

You may also notice swelling of the feet, as an initial symptom.

There are four stages of liver cirrhosis. Liver failure is seen in the final stage.

The following sequence of tests is followed to obtain a confirmed diagnosis:

  • Blood tests check for the levels of bilirubin and certain enzymes.
  • Imaging tests like MRI CT scan, and ultrasound.
  • Liver biopsy to determine the severity and extent of liver damage.

Every patient is different, facing unique challenges. Only the best doctors can overcome these challenges and fulfill all your needs!


Given below are some of the best doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in India:  

Best Doctors for Liver Cirrhosis in India


It is very important to choose the right specialist for your treatment. So, which kind of specialist is qualified to treat liver cirrhosis?

A gastroenterologist and a hepatologist are the best specialists for this purpose.

In advanced cases, you may need to seek a transplant hepatologist to perform a liver transplant.

Are you planning for a liver cirrhosis treatment in India? 

As you are on this page, you likely are! 

So as you are planning for liver cirrhosis treatment, you would be surely keen to know where can you get the best treatment and which doctors provide effective liver cirrhosis treatment in India, right? 

Below is a city-wise list of the best doctors qualified to provide the best liver cirrhosis treatment in India:


Dr. Vasudev

Dr. Vasudev - Gastroenterologist and Liver diseases Specialist (Hepatologist),  Interventional Endoscopist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • He is a gastroenterologist with an overall experience of 23 years.
  • He is attached to the liver & Gastro Endoscopy Center, Apollo Hospital, Reliance Hospital (Koparkhairane), and Terna Hospital.

Dr. Ameet Mandot

Dr. Ameet Mandot, Hepatologist And Gastroenterologist – View Profile and  Book Appointment –
  • He is a gastroenterologist with 15 years of experience.
  • He has done his fellowship in Paris, which has one of the largest liver centers in the world.

Click here to know more best hepatology doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in Mumbai


Dr. Rajesh Upadhyay

  • He is an expert in gastroenterology, pediatric gastroenterology, and chronic liver diseases.
  • He has 44 years of experience and is the best doctor for liver cirrhosis in Delhi.
  • He practices at Maxim Specialists Clinic and Max Superspeciality Hospital.

Dr. Avnish Seth

Colonel Dr Avnish Seth to lead Gastroenterology and Hepatology at HCMCT  Medical Hospital
  • He has 41 years of experience.
  • He has pioneered organ donations in brain-dead patients.
  • He is an expert in liver transplants, and the treatment of Hepatitis B and C.
  • He practices at Gastro & Liver Care Clinic in Dwarka.

Click here to know more best hepatology doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in Delhi


Dr. Dinesh Kini

Dr Dinesh Kini, Director - Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Sakra World  Hospital - Health Vision
  • He is a gastroenterologist with 31 years of experience.
  • He started trans-jugular liver biopsy and TIPSS for end-stage liver disease patients in Karnataka.
  • He is attached to Sakra World Hospital.

Empower your health journey with the best liver cirrhosis specialists in India. Act now, contact us, and take charge of your well-being!

Dr. Sonal Asthana

Dr Sonal Asthana, Hepatologist in Kochi, India |
  • He is a gastroenterologist with 28 years of experience.
  • He is an expert in the transplant of the liver, kidney, pancreas, and small intestine.
  • He is attached to the Aster C M I Hospital.

Click here to learn more best hepatology doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in Bangalore


Dr. Kannan D

Dr. Kannan D - Gastroenterologists - Book Appointment Online -  Gastroenterologists in Adyar, Chennai - JustDial
  • He is a Surgical Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist with 40 years of experience.
  • He practices at Dr. Kannan’s Gastro & Gyneac Specialty Center.

 Click here to know more best hepatology doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in Chennai


Dr. H. Ramesh

Dr. H. Ramesh | Best Liver Specialist Doctor in Ahmedabad | Gastro Hepatic  Surgeon Gujarat.
  • He is a Surgical Gastroenterologist with 30 years of experience.
  • He conducted the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Kerala.
  • He practices at VPS Lakeshore Hospital.


Dr. Govind Verma

Dr. Govind Verma - Hepatologist in Hyderabad | ClinicSpots

  • He is a Surgical Gastroenterologist with 23 years of experience.
  • He is trained in advanced therapeutic endoscopic interventions like ERCP, CBD stenting, esophageal stenting, and pancreatic stenting.
  • He is attached to Pace Hospital.

Click here to know more best hepatology doctors for liver cirrhosis treatment in Hyderabad

Are you seeking the best hospitals for liver cirrhosis treatment in India? 


Your search ends here!


We have curated a list of the best hospitals for liver cirrhosis treatment in India just for you!  

Best Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Hospitals in India


India has several multi-specialty hospitals which constantly upgrade themselves with the latest medical technology. They also provide affordable care, which is hard to find in any other part of the world.

Nearly all the hospitals in the list below have international accreditations. They also follow globally recognized sterilization protocols.


Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai - View Doctor List and Address
  • It is a 750-bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital.
  • It is the only hospital in Mumbai with a Full-Time Specialist System.
  • It has Novalis TX, which is among the world’s first whole radiosurgery systems for the brain, liver, pancreas, and lung.

Jaslok Hospital

Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital to be dedicated COVID-19 facility - The Hindu
  • It is a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with 364 beds.
  • It is the first hospital in South Asia to perform MR-guided ultrasound surgeries on the liver, brain, kidney, and pancreas.
  • Some of the best doctors in this field practice at Jaslok.


Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals - Hospitals - Book Appointment Online -  Hospitals in Sarita Vihar, Delhi - JustDial
  • It is a multi-specialty hospital with 1000 beds.
  • It is the first hospital in India to perform a Pediatric Liver Transplant in 1998.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital

Best Hospital in Delhi, India | BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital
  • This 650-bed hospital is both NABH and NABL accredited.
  • It has 17 modern modular operation theaters.
  • It is one of the top organ transplant hospitals in Delhi.

Embark on your path to recovery with the top liver cirrhosis treatment hospitals in India. Contact us today to take the first step towards better health.


Manipal Hospital (Old Airport Road)

About Manipal Hospitals HAL Old Airport Road, Bangalore
  • It is a 650-bed multi-specialty hospital.
  • Manipal Hospital is the third-largest healthcare network in India.
  • It is rated the Most Patient Recommended Hospital in India by Consumer Voice.

Fortis Hospital (Bannerghatta Road)

Fortis Hospital, Bangalore (Bannerghatta Road) - Doctor List, Address,  Appointment |
  • It is a 276 -bed multi-specialty hospital.
  • It is ranked No. 3 among the best hospitals in the world.
  • It is ranked No.1 in India for Medical Tourism by Medical Travel and Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQUA).


Apollo Hospital, Greams Road 

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai | Globalmediclinic                                                        

  • It is well-known for performing minimal access surgery for major gastrointestinal problems.
  • It houses an internationally renowned transplant care program specially designed for adult and pediatric transplants.


Aster Medcity

Multispeciality Hospital in Kochi, Kerala | Aster Medcity                                                            

  • This multi-specialty hospital has 670 beds.
  • It is the first hospital in Kerala to provide facilities for Minimal Access Robotic Surgery (MARS) using the da Vinci Surgical System.


Gleneagles Global Hospital    

Our Locations - Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group                            

  • It has a dedicated Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary and Liver Program.
  • The hospital has a panel of globally recognized hepatic and pancreatic surgeons.
  • They emphasize using a minimally invasive approach for surgeries.

Do you want to go for a liver cirrhosis treatment?


If yes, then the first thing coming to your mind will be “How much will the treatment cost?” 


If that's the case, we have got you covered!  

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Cost in India

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Cost in India

Liver Cirrhosis is an expensive disease to treat. Severely affected patients require a liver transplant, which is costly. Several factors affect liver cirrhosis treatment costs in India. 

The most important ones are:

  • Age and medical history of the patient
  • Diagnostic tests required
  • Specialist and surgeon fees
  • Post-surgical care and complications
  • Relationship to the liver donor

The cost of surgical treatment in India is a fraction of the cost in other Western and Southeast Asian countries.

This is because of the reduced cost of living.

Indian hospitals are also well-funded. They believe in offering affordable healthcare to patients. They design several packages to provide cost-effective treatments.

Treatment expenses also vary based on the city where the surgery is carried out. 

Below is a city-wise comparison table of surgical expenses incurred.

Mumbai10 to 32 lakh
Bangalore14 to 28 lakh
Delhi18 to 31.3 lakh
Chennai13.3 to 28.5 lakh
Hyderabad22 to 30 lakh

Want to inquire about personalized treatment expenses? Don't hesitate. Talk to us today.

Cost of Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India Compared to Other Countries

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment Country-wise cost comparison

The cost of surgical treatment for liver cirrhosis is significantly lower when compared to other Western and Southeast Asian countries. And one still receives the best medical care in hospitals with cutting-edge technology.

If this is a little difficult to believe, take a look at the disparity in expenses between India and other countries.

India14,000 to 45,000
Canada94,000 to 107,000

Are you considering liver cirrhosis treatment in India but unsure which treatment to choose?


If so, we are here for you!


We have here what exactly you are looking for!


We have collected data about the best liver cirrhosis treatments in India and their cost just for you!

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India

New Treatment for Cirrhosis—Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative new treatment that has brought renewed hope to patients suffering from severe liver cirrhosis. Mesenchymal stem cells are used for this procedure.

Although clinical trials are still underway, they have shown promising results. Stem cell treatment has not been proven to replace liver transplants. However, it has several benefits. It is considered to be the best treatment for liver cirrhosis in India.

The stem cells can replace damaged liver cells. This helps to stabilize the patient until a suitable liver donor can be found. It can also halt the progress of liver fibrosis to cirrhosis, eliminating the need for a transplant.

Stem cells reduce the rate of transplant rejection. Additionally, it helps improve the immunity of the patient. This decreases the risk of infections in patients who are already on continuous immunosuppressants.

Stem cell therapy costs 6800 to 13,400 USD, with each cycle costing 2000 USD. The same procedure can cost 25,000 to 105,000 USD in WesternForexinquiry countries.

The number of cycles required depends on the severity of the disease. Most patients show satisfactory progress after three cycles.

The success rate of stem cell therapy is quite high. 60% of patients have shown a significant improvement in their symptoms.

Prioritize your well-being with advanced liver cirrhosis treatment in India. Call us now to secure your appointment and start your journey towards better health.

 Other Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis in India

Other Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis in India

Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in India is very affordable.
  • A few studies have shown its effectiveness in treating mild to moderate cases.
  • Arogyavardhini is one of the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for liver cirrhosis. It is said to revive atrophied liver cells.
  • Certain lifestyle changes like regular exercise, abstaining from alcohol, and a low-sodium diet are also advised.
Medicine for Liver Cirrhosis in India
  • Medicines are used to treat the underlying cause of cirrhosis.
  • In some cases, they are prescribed to slow the progress of cirrhosis.
  • L-Ornithine L-Aspartate is a liver cirrhosis medicine name that is commonly used.
  • Metadoxine is a hepatoprotective agent that is also frequently prescribed.
  • The surgical intervention consists of a liver transplant.
  • This is the last option for an end-stage cirrhosis patient.
  • The patient must meet strict criteria to be eligible for the transplant.
  • The success rate of this treatment is 85-89%.
12 lakhs to 30 lakhs
Alcohol Abuse Treatment
  • This is done when alcoholism is the cause of cirrhosis.
  • Counseling with a therapist is advised.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation programs might also be required.
  • Drugs like naltrexone may be prescribed to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • 1000 to 3000/therapy session.
  • 500-600/strip of naltrexone

Success Rate of Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India

Success Rates of Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in India

It is difficult to get an exact success rate due to the variety of different treatments available. But if you look at the individual data, you will see that the success rates of liver cirrhosis treatment in India are very high.

85-89% of patients who undergo liver transplants go on to live disease-free lives. They only require further maintenance therapy. Stem cell therapy trials have also shown a success rate of over 60% in improving symptoms.

 Why Choose India?

Why choose India for Liver Cirrhosis treatment

Deciding to go to a different country for the treatment of a life-threatening disease is a scary decision to make. The sheer amount of information on the internet can also be overwhelming.

Well, we have made a list of reasons that make India the best choice for liver cirrhosis treatment. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision.

All these reasons have made India a preferred hub for international patients. 

Will you be getting your treatment in India as well?

How can ClinicSpots help you in your medical treatment?  

ClinicSpots is an integrated medical platform connecting India’s best medical facilities and most efficient doctors with patients worldwide. We allow patients to search, compare and coordinate their medical treatments with trusted hospitals. Whether cancer, heart disease treatment, or gender reassignment surgery, we cater to patients in every niche. 

Here are the details of how ClinicSpots assist international patients in the following ways:

  • Medical Counselling
  • Help With Medical Visa Travel Guidance
  • Assistance with Payment, Currency Exchange & Insurance

Step 1. Medical Counselling


Things You Should Know

Visit the Website

  • Your enquiry is reviewed within 24 hours
  • You receive calls to review medical histories and reports.
  • Our medical counselors will guide you with treatment plans.
  • Our medical counselors will assist with travel planning.
  • You travel to India and begin treatment.

Connect on WhatsApp

  • You need to send your medical reports over WhatsApp
  • Our medical counselors will review your reports.
  • Our executives pitch doctors and hospitals best suited to your needs.
  • Treatment is tailored to meet your financial and medical expectations.
  • Our medical counselors explain tentative treatment plans.
  • You will receive a cost estimate.

Video consultation

  • Connect with doctors to make informed choices.
  • Clear all your doubts regarding critical care before you travel.
  • Connect with India’s best doctors regarding critical cases such as transplants, cancer treatment, surgical complications etc.

Step 2: Help With Medical Visa Travel Guidance


Things You Should Know

Medical Visa

  • Medical visa is issued for 3-6 months as per the line of tentative treatment.
  • We assist in extending visa duration (IF REQUIRED)

Visa Invitation Letter

  • Only NABH/JCI-accredited hospitals can give VIL.
  • We issue VIL once you confirm your visit to India.
  • With VIL, visa to India is processed and issued quickly.

Travel Guideline

  • Through VIL, 2 people will get visas to assist the patient (max. 3 in some cases)
  • Patients can visit India on tourist visa for minor treatments (dermatology treatment, basic health check up, etc)
  • Patients need medical visas in India to undergo major treatments (cancer, cardiovascular issues, neurological issues, etc)
  • Patients in India need a medical visa for admission to a hospital.

Stay & Bookings

  • We assist in FRRO form registration.
  • We assist in C form submission.
  • We arrange accommodation suiting your medical needs (built-in kitchen, infection control)
  • We arrange accommodation suiting your financial needs

Step 3: Assistance with Payment, Currency Exchange & Insurance


Things You Should Know


  • Cash payment limit is subject to change with the hospital
  • Only cash is accepted for minor medical expenses (doctor consultation, blood tests)
  • Wire transfer/Credit/Debit card accepted for major expenses
  • International currencies accepted in SUPER/multi-specialty hospitals
  • We do not participate in fundraising initiatives

Currency Exchange

  • We assist you with forex
  • Hospital admin assists you with forex


  • Send your insurance documents to our executives
  • Our executives will check which hospitals accept the insurance policy.
  • Hospitals then directly connect with your policy provider.

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HbsAg positive hai 2.87 hai

Male | 21

A positive test result for the presence of HBsAg at 2.87 or above indicates potential infection with Hepatitis B virus. Symptoms may include fatigue, jaundice (yellowing skin/eyes), and abdominal pain. The disease is spread through contact with infected blood or other body fluids so if you think you may have been at risk it's best to get screened as soon as possible.

Answered on 27th May '24

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

I have symptom of jaundice for last 7 years

Male | 22

Having jaundice for 7 years is not usual. Jaundice is when your eyes and skin turn yellow. This occurs when your liver does not work well. Infections, liver problems, or blocked bile ducts can cause it. Tests will be required to know what is causing it. After knowing the cause, treatment will be given to make your liver work better and reduce jaundice.

Answered on 27th May '24

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

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