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Ms. Krutika Nanavati- Registered Nutritionist and Dietician

Ms. Krutika Nanavati is a Registered Nutritionist and Dietician with Nutrition Society New Zealand. A Ph.D. Candidate, College of Health, Massey University, and a member of the East Coast Bays Football Club in Auckland, New Zealand, Ms. Krutika Nanavati is an on-field sports nutritionist who offers recovery-focused nutrition strategies. Her consultations include nutritional plans per food preferences, lifestyle, schedule, and sports activity.

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By Janvi Kataria

18th Aug'22

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Ms. Krutika Nanavati is a highly esteemed Sports Nutritionist and Ph.D. Candidate with multiple certifications, including First Aid, Phlebotomy, and Personal Training from the American Council on Exercise. As an on-field sports nutritionist, she specializes in recovery-focused nutrition strategies tailored to individual food preferences, lifestyle, schedule, and sports activity. Ms. Nanavati has published a peer-reviewed article on muscle damage and won the Visualize Your Thesis Competition at Massey University. 

Recently, she joined Clinicspots as a consultant (Dietician/Nutritionist).


Ms. Nanavati provides guidance to patients on maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits following liposuction or tummy tuck procedures, and obesity treatment with the goal of optimizing results and ensuring long-term success. She collaborates with some of the best cancer hospitals in India, highly recommend her for her exceptional work as a consultant in the field of nutrition.


For patients undergoing IVF treatment, Dr. Krutika teams up with some best IVF doctors in India  like Dr. Hrishikesh Pai  to develop personalized nutrition plans. To improve fertility and raise the possibility of a successful pregnancy, the plans also include dietary advice, supplements, and lifestyle modifications.


  1. Ms. Nanavati is currently been taking training as a Ph.D. from the College of Health, Massey University (Year 3) in the School of Sport, Exercise, and Nutrition, 
  2. Completed M.Sc. Sports Nutrition from College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan, the University of Mumbai, with 9.63/10 CGPA and 
  3. B.Sc. Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan, the University of Mumbai, with a 6.72/7.0 CGPA. 


Other Certifications 

  1. Registered Associate Nutritionist (Nutrition Society NZ)
  2. First Aid and Phlebotomy
  3. Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise (ACE)



  • Ms. Krutika Nanavati has been Sports Consultant from August 2018- March 2019 in Iron Born Football Club, Mumbai (India), where she developed individual plans for the players of the U-13 team (30 Players) for their seasonal competitions as per their anthropometric measures, training patterns and durations and food preferences and schedules. She also supervised their pre and post-nutrition in-take during their training days, provided monthly reports, and adhered to their plans based on the observations. 
  • Later, from September 2019- January 2020, she was in Nutrition Faculty at VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition, Navi Mumbai (India), where she conducted lectures, practicals, and workshops for students enrolled in diplomas and certifications.
    Since August 2020 (part-time) with her course Ph.D., she has been Research Assistant at HAL Project, 2Before Study, and Vegan Study, Massey University; she is actively collecting data for HAL Project through different survey methods in Primary and Intermediate schools across New Zealand and is actively involved in participant recruitment, trial registration, meal prep, and  phlebotomy for their studies at Massey University.
  • Ms. Krutika is a Sports Nutrition Consultant at East Coast Bays Football Club in Auckland, New Zealand, where she conducts Nutrition Education through workshops (parents-player engagement) where she emphasizes recommendations for dietary intake, hydration, and pre-post training intakes, and she makes dietary plans and counseling for players U-13s to U-23 based on lifestyle, schedule, food choices, training type, intensity and duration of the initial consult. 


Academic Achievements:

  1. Published article on “Effect of Curcumin supplementation on exercise-induced muscle damage: a narrative review” in European Journal of Nutrition (July 2022)
  2. Passed doctoral confirmation in 2021
  3. Won Visualize Your Thesis Competition at Massey University in 2020. 


Besides academics and the field of study, Ms. Krutika has been very active in her other activities. She has been active in Sports like table tennis, where she won the gold medal, and in Football, where she was secretary of Massey University Albany Football Club 2021 and Vice-President of Sports Committee during her 2nd and 3rd Year of B.Sc and has secured the second position at CBSE West Zone Football Clusters in 2012, 2013 and participated in CBSE National Football Clusters in 2012. 


Ms. Krutika is available at +64 21 145 1392 for consultation and nutrition-related queries.

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