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Best Psychiatriy Hospitals in Pune

Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic

Dhole Patil Road, Pune

53 Doctors
550 Beds
50 Doctors
60 Beds
2 Ambulances
48 Doctors
50 Beds
2 Ambulances
40 Doctors
120 Beds
4 Ambulances
21 Doctors
16 Doctors
300 Beds
13 Doctors
110 Beds
3 Ambulances
Orchid Hospital

Orchid Hospital

Lohegaon, Pune

13 Doctors
60 Beds
1 Ambulance
6 Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent panic attacks after eating?

Can certain smells or flavors in food trigger a panic attack?

Can panic attacks after eating be a symptom of a thyroid disorder?

Can panic attacks after eating be triggered by social anxiety or phobias related to food?

Are panic attack after eating more common in individuals with a history of eating disorders?

Can panic attacks after eating be a sign of an underlying mental health condition?

Can changes in blood pressure or heart rate after eating trigger a panic attack?

Can certain eating habits or rituals contribute to panic attacks after eating?

Questions & Answers on "Psychiatriy" (108)

mental health , depression , anti depressants

Female | 43

Depression is a mental health problem that can deeply affect a person and their life. Seeing a qualified therapist who is either a psychiatrist is essential. They are in a position to make a comprehensive assessment and to outline appropriate treatment approaches, including the prescribing of antidepressant drugs where necessary

Answered on 16th Apr '24

Dr. Vikas Patel

Dr. Vikas Patel

Answered on 11th Apr '24

Dr. Vikas Patel

Dr. Vikas Patel

Doctor I had headache in past so I took paracetamol Now I study but during study I have overthinking so much how I can remove it & how can I focus on studies without any distraction with discipline & consistency

Female | 16

If you are enduring the pain of a headache and overthinking while studying, it is vital to attend to the root issue. I advise you to refer to a neurologist to exclude possible medical problems of headache origin. As well, you can try to get support from the mental health professionals, like psychiatrists, who can show you how to manage your tendency to overthink and develop the necessary discipline and consistency in studies.

Answered on 10th Apr '24

Dr. Vikas Patel

Dr. Vikas Patel

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