Stem Cell Anti-Aging 2023( Everything You Should Know About The Treatment)

Have you ever wondered how your looks and health have changed? Aging is an unavoidable process. However, it can now be extended and maybe even reversed. What’s more, you don’t need to undergo scary surgical procedures to achieve this anymore. Read on to find out more.

By Shalini Jadhvani

Updated on 30th, Dec'22

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Aging is the wear and tear our bodies undergo over time. A combination of external factors and genetics controls the speed of aging. For example, too much exposure to the sun can speed up aging. 


On the other hand, regular exercise and a healthy diet can slow down this process.


Some common signs of aging are:


Signs of Aging

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin blemishes
  • Deteriorating memory
  • Poor vision
  • Impaired hearing
  • A weakened immune system
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of metabolic efficiency
  • Degenerative diseases.
  • Loss of muscle strength

We know that aging is a natural process. So far, we have only heard of surgical procedures to restore our youthful appearance. 


Is there a natural process that can give you the same results?


The next line would thrill you! 


Fortunately yes! 


One such treatment protocol is currently undergoing clinical trials. It is called stem cell therapy. 


After reading this, you might be eager to learn about this beneficial treatment, isn’t it? 


So, here you go! 


In this article we have discussed everything you need to know about stem cell therapy for anti-aging. 


Stem Cell Anti-Aging

Stem Cell


So, what are stem cells? Stem cells are certain unspecialized cells found in all our bodies. They have the capability to differentiate into any tissue of our bodies. 


These stem cells have regenerative properties. They encourage the production of new blood vessels and nerves. They also help repair tissue that has been damaged by the aging process.


Depending on the aging signs that require correction, stem cells can be used to provide targeted treatment. It is important to note here that this procedure is still undergoing clinical trials. At present, it has not been approved by the FDA in any country.


Can stem cells cure aging? Isn’t this the most important question? 


We should understand that aging cannot be cured. It is the way of nature. Our aim with this treatment is to slow the process and improve our quality of life.


One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is its wide eligibility criteria. Mild to advanced cases have the potential to be treated. 


Of course, immunocompromised patients might not qualify for this treatment. And, if you have an advanced condition, you might not get the same results as someone with a mild condition.


Before we jump into the details of this procedure, let us understand its benefits and risks. 


Benefits of Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment:


Benefits of Stem Cell Anti-Aging

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No hospitalization is usually required
  • Donor stem cells are usually not required
  • Short recovery period
  • Less expensive when compared to surgical options
  • Long-lasting results

As we know, there is no rose without thorns, so let’s discuss, 


Risks of Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive procedure. Stem cells are usually harvested from the patient themselves. This also eliminates the risk of an immune reaction. As such, there are barely any risks associated with this procedure. Some could be:


Risks of Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy

  • Infection at the site of injection
  • Bleeding at the site of injection
  • Immune reaction in case donor stem cells are used


Non-invasive procedureInfection at the site of injection
Donor stem cells are usually not requiredBleeding at the site of injection
Short recovery periodImmune reaction in case donor stem cells are used
Less expensive when compared to surgical options 
Long-lasting results 


How does stem cell therapy for anti-aging work? 

Now that we have understood the risks of this procedure, let us do a deep dive into understanding the mechanics of this procedure.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Procedure


Stem cell for anti-aging treatment is usually harvested from the bone marrow or adipose tissue of the patient. The most suitable site for extracting the bone marrow is the hip bone. 


The adipose tissue is normally taken from the fatty tissue of the abdomen or thigh.

Once the stem cells have been extracted, they are taken to the laboratory to separate them from the other cells. After preparation, they are injected back into the body.


The process of separation only takes about three to four hours. Depending on the type of anti-aging treatment required, the stem cells are introduced into the body through an intravenous infusion or through a lumbar puncture. In some cases, they are directly injected at the site of damage.


Now, we’re sure you still have one question buzzing around in your mind, how do stem cells slow the aging process? 


To answer this, we’re going to have to go a little bit more into the science of stem cells. Stem cells basically have three important functions:

  • They induce the release of growth factors in the body.
  • The growth factors encourage the formation of new blood vessels, aiding in the repair process.
  • The new cells formed eventually replace the non-functioning cells.

What to expect after treatment? 


Stem cell therapy is generally non-invasive. There is an almost negligible recovery time required. You might not be allowed to drive immediately after the procedure. Other than that, it is easy to resume daily activities very soon.


So far, no long-term side effects of this procedure have been reported. Results of the procedure are visible after two days to six months. 


This procedure is very effective and the success rate in India is 60 to 80%.


Yes, you read that right! 

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Before and After Results


As we have already previously established, stem cell treatment can reverse signs of aging. After treatment, you can expect the following improvements:


Stem Cell Anti- Aging Results

  • Increased strength
  • Freedom from chronic pain
  • Better skin and youthful appearance
  • Better quality of hair
  • Improved immunity
  • Increased capacity for physical activities
  • Better libido


Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cost

If you are planning to undergo stem cell anti-aging treatment, you would surely might want to know the cost of the treatment, right? 

Well, depending on the kind of treatment required, the cost of stem cell therapy for anti-aging can range from 4800 to 20,000 USD, with each cycle costing about 2000 USD.


Of course, this also depends on other factors like the number of cycles required and the severity of aging.


Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging can manifest as several signs in our bodies. As a result, a variety of stem cell anti-aging treatments is also required to combat this. Stem cells can repair and rejuvenate our skin, joints, bones, and organs.


Most stem cell treatments are aimed at these tissues of our bodies. One very popular treatment is stem cell facial.


Stem Cell Facelift


Stem Cell Facelift


So far, we have always heard of a surgical facelift. It is well-known that this procedure is prohibitively expensive and has several ways to go wrong. But now, there is an alternative to it.


A stem cell facelift uses stem cells from our own bodies. It is a non-surgical procedure and makes use of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from fatty tissue.


Let us first address the most important question. Does stem cell facelift work?


The answer is a resounding yes.

Although this procedure is still undergoing clinical trials, reports have detailed that it has been shown to reduce wrinkling. It also increases the plumpness of the skin and makes it smoother.


This might have encouraged you to try the treatment, isn’t it? 


But wait! First, let’s know whether you are eligible for the procedure or not! 


Who is eligible to undergo stem cell facial rejuvenation? 


At this point, it is preferred to get this treatment when you have mild to moderate signs of aging. It is also a good option for those who do not wish to undergo surgery.


Stem Cell Facelift Pros and Cons


Every procedure has some benefits and risks. Some stem cell facial benefits are:


Stem Cell Facial Benefits

  • No surgical incisions are required. Only small needle incisions are required to insert the stem cells.
  • It can be done as an outpatient procedure.
  • Faster healing is observed.
  • Quick results.
  • Patient’s own stem cells can be used.
  • Less expensive in comparison to a surgical facelift.

The biggest con of this procedure is that it is still under clinical trials. While it has shown promising results, some more studies are required to regularize the treatment.


So, how does a stem cell facelift work?


We have already read about the restoring qualities of stem cells. In a stem cell facial, the cells increase the production of collagen. This tightens the skin and eliminates wrinkles.


Stem cells also improve blood flow by promoting the formation of new blood vessels. This leaves you with glowing, youthful skin.


Stem Cell Facelift Procedure


A stem cell facelift is a simple procedure. First, a small amount of fat is extracted from your inner thigh or abdomen. These sites have the highest concentration of stem cells.


This fatty tissue is then sent to the laboratory to separate the stem cells. Small incisions are then made on your face, and the concentrated stem cells are injected into your skin.


Are you worried about the pain experienced?

Don’t worry! You might be given local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. And that’s it, you have got your facelift!


What to expect?


You can go home immediately after the procedure. There might be some pain for three to four days at the site of the needle incisions, and at the donor site. 


But, as we already know, recovery is quick for this procedure. You might be asked to avoid stepping out in harsh sunlight for a week after the procedure. 


Results are visible almost immediately in most patients. Sometimes, one week is required to see adequate results.


How long does stem cell facelift last?


This depends on numerous factors like exposure to the sun, your skin care regimen, and your intake of toxic substances like smoking. If you follow all the instructions of your doctor, you can expect the results to last for twelve to eighteen months.


Stem Cell Facial Side Effects


Are you like the majority, who gets discouraged to undergo a treatment because of its side-effects? 


Then you will be very happy to know that so far, no long-term side effects have been noted in any study. You might have some scarring at the site of the needle incisions, which resolves itself in a week.


Stem Cell Facial Before and After


Stem cell facelifts are generally advised in mild to moderate cases of aging. After a stem cell facial, you can note a reduction in:


Stem Cell Facial Results

  • Wrinkles
  • Laxity of skin
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Under-eye bags

Stem Cell Facial Treatment Cost


A stem cell facelift’s cost is significantly lesser than a surgical facelift. In India, it ranges from 1500 to 8000 USD or 112,500 to 600,000 INR.


Are you unable to believe your eyes? 


Yes, though hard to believe, it is true! 


A Research Paper Findings on Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatment

A 2019 paper published by Primoz Rozman details how the use of hematopoietic stem cells can slow or even reverse the aging process.


It states that this has already been confirmed in animal studies. Human trials have shown that using adipose-derived or bone marrow-derived stem cells can enhance one’s lifespan and improve the quality of life.


So, what are you thinking? 


Call today and get free Consultation!


Paper reference:

Cost of Stem Cell Treatment in India

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