Stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy in India

Cerebral Palsy can affect both boys and girls, and it usually manifests itself. It affects the body, specifically the brain. It’s severity is increased by a number of factors, including ageing and exposure to toxins in the environment. Because of its feasibility and ease of use, stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy disease is widely used.

By Priyanka Dutta Deb

Updated on 30th, Jun'22

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The term "cerebral" means it has something to do with the brain. The term "palsy" refers to movement issues in the body.


Cerebral Palsy is a development and posture disorder that is observed during the initial stage of childhood, and this disease is caused by brain damage.


In India, our kids have been observed through detailed movements for any signs. Premature birth increases the causal reason for cerebral palsy. However, a child may develop cerebral palsy as a result of birth complications or later in infancy from an injury or disease which directly targets the brain. 

In India, we make sure no child has to continue with this disease. Hence, stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy is in demand as a hope for a new life. 


Can stem cell therapy help with cerebral palsy?

Although scientists are unsure of what causes cerebrovascular palsy, they know which areas of the brain and which cells are affected. Because cerebral palsy affects a single type of cell, it can be treated by replacing lost nerve cells with healthy new ones. Stem cell research has the potential to treat cerebral palsy by generating healthy good hormone-producing cells from stem cells.


Because of their unlimited divisions, stem cells have a strong ability to differentiate into all cells of different lineages. Stem cells are the master cells that develop an entire human body from a tiny two-celled embryo.


Technology has harnessed the power of stem cells, allowing them to be isolated outside of the human body, concentrated in a clean environment, and implanted back into the body.

As a result, stem cell therapy entails delivering concentrated cells to the affected area, where they can colonise and adapt to the properties of resident stem cells. This activates some of the lost functions caused by the disease or injury.

A large amount of data gathered from various studies performed suggested evidence of stem cell differentiation into healthy producing neurons.



How does stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy work in India?

Stem cell therapy reduces symptoms, prevents future complications, and increases function independence. This mechanism repairs and regenerates damaged tissue, restoring operations in the affected area and resulting in clinical improvements. Stem cell therapy has a significant impact on the overall quality of life.


This effective strategy for treating cerebral palsy is based on stem cell capacity, which leads to improved metabolism and immune system. Stem cell therapy has a remarkable and positive effect on the brain and its system. The use of autologous bone marrow and stem cell therapy has resulted in significant and effective improvements in cerebral palsy patients. Because it works at the neurological level, the therapy is simple, safe, and effective.


What is the cost of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in India?

The cost of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy treatment in India starts at 2000 USD per cycle. It varies depending on the patient's condition, the protocol used by the treating specialist, and the doctor chosen.

It is expected that the treatment will take 10 to 30 days in India. In some exceptional cases, the stay can be extended to 45 days.


Best clinics and doctors for stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in India

If we talk about advanced and updated medical research and doctors, India is the first country that comes to mind. 


In India, some of the best clinics are built for the sole purpose of stem cell therapy, which is segregated into particular diseases and their treatments. 


The following are the clinics that provide all the procedures to treat Cerebral Palsy Disease.



Address: Thane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Stem Rx is a reputed clinic in the stem cell research and operational industry. They have a team of medical experts who provide services of great quality. Each medical practitioner is licensed. Patients can consult all their queries from the very experienced in-house consultants. 


Dr. Pradeep Mahajan always strives for a better future, technological and scientific advances. He is very known and famous for his successful stem cell treatments and consultations for decades. He has been a part of the ongoing discovery of stem cell therapies that has given rise to a new alternative treatment strategy as well as a new means of controlling our life. This has evolved to be intriguing and promising areas of human science.





Address: Pune, Maharashtra

The Universal hospital is one of the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Pune. It is situated in the main city area near a historical place Shaniwarwada. The hospital has advanced facilities and provides quality health services as a priority. They have a team of great skilled individuals. 

DR. ANANT BAGUL (Stem Cell expert)

Dr. Anant Bagul has over 30 years of experience and is a pioneer in the field of stem cell research and treatment specially for stem cell therapy in autism. He has treated over 2000 patients with a good success rate. Patients from all over India and world come to have treatments in this hospital. 




Address: Mumbai Maharashtra

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is an organisation and a concept that aims to provide stem cell therapy for individuals with incurable neurological disorders. NeuroGen's team works together under the same roof to provide patients with hope and the best treatment.


Dr. ALOK SHARMA is an award-winning, internationally recognized neurosurgeon. He is a ray of hope for individuals with neurological disorders. People have waited for a long time for a solution that Dr. Alok serves.



What is the success rate for stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in India?

After cerebral palsy treatment in India, the majority of patients live ah appy , healthy , and normal lives. Patients report improved bowel and bladder control, as well as good controlled movements and independent activity.


After getting stem cell therapy in India, 85 percent of the patients resulting amazing improvement in cerebral functions.


According to the data, stem cell therapy combined with HBOT has helped more than 73% of patients diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


Is stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy legal in India?

In India, Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy Treatment uses stem cells to repair brain damage. Studies on nervous tissue regeneration have shown that damaged brain tissues can be repaired to some extent.


Although Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy has a high success rate in many cases, government guidelines must be considered before getting the treatment. According to the government guidelines and the NSGR, 2017, this disease is not on the approved list of operations for stem cell treatment in any government clinic. Private clinics, on the other hand, offer this treatment. There is no rule stating that clinics cannot provide this treatment, although it is not even specifically permitted. 


The private clinics provide all necessary procedures. Only experienced doctors perform the procedure at these private clinics. Though the FDA does not approve stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy , it also does not condemn these clinics by prohibiting or prosecuting them. 



Is stem cell therapy safe for cerebral palsy?

Stem cell therapy has a remarkable and positive effect on the brain and the entire body. It uses the original and own natural cells from the patient’s body. The use of autologous stem cells and stem cell therapy shows significant and effective improvements in cerebral palsy patients. Because it works at the neurological level, the treatment is simple, safe, and effective.


Why is stem cell therapy preferable to other treatments?

The current advanced treatment options available assist patients in managing symptoms and effectively repairing brain damage to a large extent. As a result, sophisticated and new technological therapy options are being considered for patients suffering from cerebral palsy around the world. Regenerative Treatments, such as stem cell therapy, are becoming so famous in the medicine world. It is more widely accepted as a standard treatment for patients with neuron targeting disorder. To speed up stem cell therapy, specialists in India are bringing about oxygen therapies combined with stem cell therapy to achieve positive results. It is said to be a much better combination for this success of the positive result.  


Disclaimer: We are not advertising any stem cell-based therapy for cerebral palsy. The above article is only for informational purposes. 

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Cost of Stem Cell Treatment in India

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We have good result in autism cases. Kindly share report and video of patient. Also try to schedule call.

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