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Stem Cell Treatment for Psoriasis: Innovative Therapy Options

Discover the promise of stem cell treatment for psoriasis. Explore innovative therapies, potential benefits, and personalized approaches to managing this skin condition. Prioritize your skin health with cutting-edge solutions.

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By Shalini Jadhvani

21st Oct '22

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Psoriasis, a challenging skin condition, finds new hope in Stem Cell Treatment. This innovative approach harnesses the body's healing mechanisms, offering a promising solution for those affected. Through Stem Cell Treatment for Psoriasis, patients can look forward to potentially effective and less invasive options. This method marks a significant step forward in psoriasis care, blending advanced science with patient-centered treatment.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by white scales and demarcated red rashes. It is commonly seen on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp.

Psoriasis causes

Psoriasis is a cyclic condition. While the exact cause remains unknown, it is believed to have a genetic component. Psoriasis is triggered in afflicted people by infections, cuts or burns, and medication.

Discover new hope for Psoriasis with Stem Cell Treatment. Your health is too important to ignore – schedule your appointment now for personalized insights and proactive skin care.

Psoriasis symptoms

While reading this, did you feel the urge to itch your skin and were itching continuously? 


Well, itching or burns is another common symptom of psoriasis! 

Psoriasis doesn’t have a particular test to confirm its diagnosis. The condition is diagnosed by a dermatologist after evaluating the symptoms.


Types of Psoriasis


Psoriasis doesn’t have a cure yet. Certain medications and treatments are available only to reduce the frequency of flare-ups.

However researchers have discovered a potential new treatment that could one day lead to a cure—stem cell treatment!

Stem Cell Treatment for Psoriasis

Stem cell treatment for psoriasis

We are sure you’re wondering what stem cells are. 

Well, stem cells are immature cells found in our bodies that can differentiate into any tissue.

The most used stem cells to treat psoriasis are hematopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stromal cells. These are found in the bone marrow of the hip bone or the fatty tissue of our abdomen. 

Of course, there are other types of stem cells too, namely umbilical stem cells and embryonic stem cells. However, both these types of stem cells are not easily available and are surrounded by major ethical concerns.

Since stem cells are abundantly available in our bodies in most cases, most clinical trials are conducted using autologous transplants, or the patient’s cells.

Psoriasis stem cell therapy is quite new, and clinical trials are still ongoing. It is important to note here that this treatment is not FDA-approved.

Does Stem Cell for Psoriasis Work?

This is probably the top-most question in your mind, and we have some encouraging news for you. 

Stem cell treatment has shown promising results in treating psoriasis. Not just by reducing the symptoms, but also by reducing the frequency of flare-ups.

Are you curious to know how it works? 


Remember how we said that stem cells can differentiate into any tissue of our bodies?

Well, that’s not their only ability. 

They have several more, but the ones that contribute the most to treating psoriasis are:

  • Their ability to repair and regenerate damaged tissue
  • Their immunomodulatory response. This means they modulate the functions of regulatory T cells, whose hyperactivity leads to psoriasis.
  • If this wasn’t enough, they are also anti-inflammatory. As a result, your flare-ups will be significantly milder after this treatment.


Benefits and Risks

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • It is a potential cure
  • In case of a relapse, it reduces the severity of flare-ups
  • It treats the condition at its root cause
  • It can repair and regenerate damaged skin cells
  • Possibility of infection at the site of injection
  • Risk of rejection if donor cells are used


How does one find out if they qualify for stem cell therapy psoriasis in the first place?


We have the answers.

Every clinical trial has its own set of stringent requirements. 

However, some of the general ones are:

Eligibility for stem cell treatment for psoriasis

Curious about eligibility? Take charge of your health and life – contact us today for personalized information and discover your path to well-being.


You might be surprised to hear that stem cell for psoriasis can be done in three simple steps. 


Yes, really!

Stem cell treatment for psoriasis procedure

Step 1: Stem cell extraction
  • Stem cells are generally harvested from the bone marrow of your hip bone or the fatty tissue of your abdomen.
  • This step only takes a couple of hours.
  • Not just this, but it is completely painless. You will be given a local anesthetic to ensure this. 
Step 2: Stem cell preparation
  • This step is done in a stem cell laboratory.
  • The stem cells are separated from the bone marrow or the fatty tissue by a technique called ‘Density Gradient Technique.’
  • The end result is a concentrated solution of stem cells.
  • This step takes about three to four hours.
Step 3: Stem cell transplantation
  • This is the final step of the procedure.
  • The stems are usually injected into the body through an intravenous infusion.
  • This step only takes an hour or two.

The entire treatment is usually spread over two or three days to ensure maximum comfort for the patient.

What to Expect After Treatment?

Did you know you can return to your daily activities just one week after your stem cell transplant? 


Yes, it’s true. 

Stem cell treatment requires a very short recovery period. You will be discharged from the treatment facility one or two days after the transplant. 

During the week of recovery, you will be asked to avoid all strenuous physical activity. That’s it.

Right after the procedure, you might feel a headache or some nausea. However, this is transient and passes in a few hours.

Apart from this, no long-term side effects have been reported by any clinical trials in over a decade, making this a completely safe procedure.



Are you concerned it will be a long time before you can see any results? 


You can relax. 


You will start seeing visible results two or three weeks after the procedure. The stem cells continue to form healthy new cells for almost a year after the transplant, during which you will see steady improvement in your condition.

Curious about the potential results? Take the first step to recovery – get in touch with us for personalized treatment information and embark on your journey to better health.

You can expect the following:

Stem cell for psoriasis results

Unfortunately, it’s too soon to say if the results are permanent. Many patients have reported a relapse about a year after the transplant.

However, it has also been witnessed that the condition follows a significantly more benign course after the transplant.

Success Rates of Stem Cell Therapy for Psoriasis

Success rate of stem cell treatment for psoriasis

The success rate of stem cell psoriasis is dependent on many factors such as the severity of the condition and the age of the patient.

Globally, the success rate of this treatment is 65 to 75%.

Cost of Stem Cell Treatment for Psoriasis

You must know the hit your wallet will take if you choose to undergo this treatment.

Cost of stem cell treatment for psoriasis

The cost of stem cell treatment depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The type of facility you choose
  • The severity of your condition
  • The type of stem cells required
  • Your medical history in general

Stem cell therapy for psoriasis in India will cost you 4,000 to 6,000 USD per cycle. This figure is inclusive of your hospital stay.

The same treatment will cost you 25,000 to 50,000 USD in the US!

It is important to note that since this treatment is still undergoing clinical trials, it is not covered by medical insurance.

Where is Stem Cell Therapy for Psoriasis Available?

Several countries are conducting clinical trials for psoriasis. Some of the more popular ones are:

Where is stem cell therapy for psoriasis available?

  • USA
  • India
  • Spain
  • Canada

Several major health institutes in India have been conducting clinical trials for more than ten years. As a result, they have developed a treatment protocol that gives predictable results for almost every patient.

They consistently report a success rate of 70-80% in the treatment of psoriasis.

Yes, you read that right!

Present and Future Scope and Challenges of Stem Cell Therapy for Psoriasis

Clinical trials on stem cell treatment for psoriasis have been ongoing for over ten years. Massive advancements have also been seen.

There is no denying that stem cell therapy could one day cure psoriasis too. However, certain challenges also need to be overcome at this point. 

A research paper written by S.M. Lwin, J.A. Snowden, and C.E.M. Griffiths addresses this exact issue. They state that researchers still need to understand how to use stem cells to extend the remission period of this condition.

They concluded that while these points still need to be ironed out, stem cell treatment is the only current treatment that has the potential to become a cure. They also stated that no other advanced treatment is as safe as stem cell therapy.

Searching for Stem Cell Therapy for Psoriasis? Your well-being is our priority – call us today to book your appointment and explore treatment options available near you.

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