Things to know while going for Laser Hair Removal Delhi

Below we have discussed all the things and reasons you should know before considering a Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

By Ezaz Rahaman

Updated on 04th, Jan'22

Laser Treatment is one of the most advanced procedures for the removal of unwanted hair and this has gained huge popularity in India especially in Delhi. Over the past few years, Laser Hair Removal Delhi has become quite popular.


The dermatologists of Delhi are increasingly making use of this technology for unwanted hair reduction. It is a faster and more comfortable treatment. It is an alternative to plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis, or chemical depilatories.


The reason why this is not called permanent hair removal is that almost invisible hair may still be left after the complete treatment. This laser treatment for hair removal works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis (SPTL).


The process is to use a specific match of wavelength & pulse duration to get the optimal effect on the targeted hair follicles. The effectiveness of the procedures depends on the cause of unwanted hair and the skill of the clinic, some patients may require touch sessions after completing the complete cycle of settings. 

Now we will discuss the things you should know while going for laser hair removal Delhi

  • Permanent Hair Removal: Though hair removal options like waxing and shaving are preferred by most of the people they offer only temporary hair removal. So, when the hair grows back, you must visit the salon again which is very hectic. However, people who are tired of waxing or shaving have now started considering laser hair removal as the best option when it comes to permanent hair removal solution.
  • No. of Sessions: With laser hair removal, there is no need to visit the salon every week. Laser treatments need to be done only once in twice in a year and in some cases, you may not require the treatment after a few sittings. When you are considering laser hair removal treatment, the two most important things to consider are skin colour and hair colour. If you have light skin and dark colored hair, then laser treatment is indeed the best option for permanent hair removal. People who have light-colored skin and darker hair find laser treatment more effective as it is quite easy for lasers to detect the hair follicles that are darker in colour compared to the skin colour. This makes the treatment highly productive.
  • Cost: Also, you should keep gathering all the information about the treatment cost before opting for the treatment as laser treatment will cost more than ordinary treatments. So, you should also consider the cost factor. If you are looking for a reputed clinic offering unwanted hair removal in Delhi, then you also need to know about the doctors of the clinic and their way of treating the patient. Not all laser clinics will possess the right expertise and equipment to treat patients with dark skin or light-colored hair. Such a treatment requires a great deal of sophistication.
  • Clinic: Before you took the decision to get the laser treatment done from a certified clinic, there are several things to be factored in. You should also keep in mind that the results will not appear in just one sitting. In most cases, multiple sessions are required. If you want nothing but the best, you need to be patient enough and go for multiple sessions since they will provide the best and the intended results. Before you begin the treatment for hair removal at any laser clinic, you need to first consult with the laser physician on the approximate number of sessions that you will require to get the best results.
  • Schedule: If you have an approximate calculation or the estimation of the number of sessions, it will be easy for you to plan your budget and schedule your appointments without overlapping your work schedules.



After some days of the treatment, the treated section of your skin will appear and feel just like it's sunburned. If you have undergone treatment on your face you can use makeup unless your skin layer breaks into a blister.

Image Source: Abhirachna Dental

After one month, your treated hair will fall out. Then you can apply sunscreen for the next month to simply prevent temporary changes in the color of the treated skin. Blisters are rare but are much more likely in people who have darker complexions. Other potential side effects are swelling, redness, and scarring. Permanent scarring or changes in skin color are rare.



Laser hair removal is basically the best option and the only solution to prevent and to remove unwanted hair. It is also a great option for those who have sensitive skin and experience skin irritation from shaving and waxing. Although laser hair removal effectively slows hair growth, it does not guarantee permanent hair removal.

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