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Angiography Cost in Mumbai-Pricing, Factors &Procedure

Lowest Cost (approx) $127

Average Cost (approx) $354

Highest Cost (approx) $1840

  • used for diagnosis of : diagnose health of your blood vessels
  • procedure time : 30 mins - 2 hours

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The average Angiography charges in Mumbai is INR 10,502 to INR 1,52,155 ($127 to $1840). Angiography is the process through which a doctor can visualize and assess the blood vessels of the heart or coronary artery. It includes injecting a special dye into the bloodstream to highlight the blood vessels. The procedure finds blockages that may imply potential problems and helps to treat these issues. This article explains more about how much does heart Angiography cost in Mumbai and what influences the price of angiography.

What is the Angiography cost in Mumbai?

The average cost of Angiography is around INR 29,360 ($354) which includes all the diagnostics tests and procedures. However, this cost factor may change depending on the hospital or city where the process is being done. A cost analysis of Angiography in Mumbai shows that it is an affordable procedure for most people. It is economical compared to other countries like the US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Wondering about the costs in various Indian cities and countries around the world? No worries, we’ve got you covered!!

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Cost of Angiography in Mumbai Vs. other countries

The Angiography cost in India is lower in Mumbai than in cities & countries. For instance, Angiography in the US costs around Rs $30,000; in South Korea, it is available for $18,000, while it is sold for $11,000 in Mexico. Angiography cost in Mumbai is less in these countries because of lower competition.

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The table below helps you compare the maximum Angiography cost in various other countries:

CountryCost in $
United States$28,200
South Korea$17,700
Costa Rica$13,800

Angiography price in Mumbai based on its types 

Below are the different types of Angiography and their cost in India in major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. 

Type of AngiographyCost in INR
Peripheral AngiographyRs.29,832
Coronary AngiographyRs.22,374
Pulmonary AngiographyRs.11,187
Renal AngiographyRs.12,430
Eye Angiography cost in IndiaRs.13,673
Aortic AngiographyRs.21,131
Digital Subtraction AngiographyRs.9,944
Magnetic resonance AngiographyRs.24,860
Cerebral AngiographyRs.31,075 - Rs.37,290
Right or left heart ventriculographyRs.18,645

Note: These costs are calculated through estimation. The actual costs may differ slightly.

Since now you know the cost based on cities, countries, and types, do read ahead to know the expense breakdown during your surgery stay!

Estimated treatment and travel cost for Angiography in Mumbai

The cost estimate is given after considering the treatment, food and lodging for 1 person.

  • Days of hospital stay - 1 day
  • Days outside the hospital - 3 days 
  • Total stay - 4 days
Types of Expenses Estimated cost 
Treatment Cost 339 USD
Hotel (2-3 star)67 USD (22 USD per day)
Food 27 USD (9 USD per day)
Daily Commute 10 USD (3 USD per day)
Miscellaneous24 USD (8 USD per day)
Total expense 468 USD

Note: These are all average costs. The Actual price may be high or low based on various cost factors.

Now you might be clear about the costs of this surgery, before making any decision, look at what factors might affect them.

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Factors Influencing the Angiography Cost in Mumbai

The factors influencing the angiography cost in Mumbai are as follows: -

  •  Availability of doctors: skilled doctors in a city can impact the cost of Angiography. The price might be lower if more doctors are available in a town. If doctors are scarce in a city, the cost may be higher. Thus, the Availability of doctors can impact the Angiography cost in Mumbai.
  •  Availability of medical equipment: Availability of these can impact the Angiography test cost in Mumbai. The cost can be reduced if the equipment needed for the procedure is available in a city.
  •  Cost of consumables: The cost of consumables used for the procedure can impact the cost of Angiography in Mumbai. If the cost of consumables is high, the price of Angiography can be increased.
  • Anesthetic: The cost of the drug can impact the cost of Angiography in Mumbai. If an anesthetic is available at a lower price, the cost can be reduced.
  •  Cost of hospital establishment: The cost of hospital establishment influences the price of Angiography in Mumbai. The procedure can be expensive if a hospital runs at a higher cost.

What is included in the Cost of Angiography in India?

The cost of angiography in India can vary depending on several factors, including the type of angiography (coronary angiography cost in Mumbai, peripheral angiography, etc.), the hospital or medical facility where the procedure is performed, and the city or region in India.

Generally, the cost of angiography in Mumbai typically includes:

Procedure Fees: This covers the cost of performing the angiography, including the use of the imaging equipment, medical staff, and the procedure itself.

Doctor's Fees: You will likely be charged for the services of the cardiologist or specialist who performs or oversees the angiography procedure.

Hospital Charges: These may include fees for using the hospital facilities, nursing care, pre-operative assessments, and post-operative recovery.

Medical Supplies: The cost of any medical supplies, contrast agents, or medications used during the procedure may be included.

Diagnostic Report: You will receive a report of the angiography findings, and there may be a fee associated with preparing and providing this report.

Additional Tests or Services: Depending on your medical condition, additional tests or services may be required before, during, or after angiography, and these may be included in the overall cost.

Consultations: Fees for consultations with the cardiologist or specialist may be included in the cost.

Other Details

Credits: Vaidam

Procedure for Angiography in Mumbai

The procedure for Angiography in Mumbai can vary from one city to another. However, in general, the process of Angiography in Mumbai involves the following steps: 

  • An intake: The first step in the angiography procedure is an intake. Here the doctor will ask you to provide information about your health issues, medical history, and current medications.
  •  Blood and urine tests: Blood and urine tests are the next steps. The doctor will recommend specific tests based on medical history and previous diagnoses.
  •  Explaining the procedure: In the next step, the doctor will explain the procedure of Angiography. The patient has the option to sign an informed consent, which is essential in case of an emergency.
  • Anesthesia: After explaining the procedure, the patient is given anesthesia to avoid any pain during the process.
  • Injection of dye: After giving the anesthesia, the doctor injects a special dye into the bloodstream. This dye helps the doctor to visualize the blood vessels and detect any blockages or weak points. 
  • Follow-up: The doctor will monitor the patient for a few hours after the angiography procedure is completed. 

Finally, let’s look at how Mumbai might be beneficial for undergoing the surgery!! 

Why choose Mumbai for Angiography?

If you choose Mumbai, you can save a lot of money as the medical expenses are meager compared to other developed countries. 

  • There are also many skilled surgeons available, and the hospitals have the best hospitality services for their patients.
  • Some of the top heart hospitals in Mumbai are accredited by JCI and NABH, which adhere to international treatment quality and services standards.
  • The most contemporary technology is used in hospitals for automating surgical procedures with more precision and accuracy. 
  • The hospitals provide travel facilities, meal options, translators for foreign patients, etc.
  • Free photo digital composite of doctor with white graph with flare against blurry background with light blue overlay

Want to inquire your about personalized treatment expenses? Don't hesitate. Talk to us today.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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