Oral Cancer Treatment in India: Abdhulla’s Journey to Defeating Cancer

Abdhulla’s positive and fearless attitude, combined with an exceptional team of doctors, gave him a second chance in life, which he truly deserves.

By Aranya Doloi

13th, Jan'23

  • Name: Abdhulla Ali
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 72 years
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Treatment at: Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Treatment for: Oral Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer changes a person’s life in an instant. It’s a time of panic, fear, and great distress for the patient and the family. Abdhulla suffered this big blow when he was diagnosed with oral cancer at the age of 72. 

Abdhulla’s diagnosis was followed by days of intense research by his family in pursuit of the best treatment. Doctors in Bangladesh suggested chemotherapy and surgery, followed by radiation therapy. Then, his son, Aaman, decided to look for treatment options in India. 


Keep reading to find out how Abdhulla found about ClinicSpots and how we helped him in his treatment.

Aaman stays in Qatar and was already aware of the high standard of medical treatment in India. Many of his relatives have traveled to the country before for treatment of various types and have been successful. Hence, he enquired about mouth cancer treatment options in many hospitals in India. Finally, he connected with ClinicSpots, a medical platform connecting the best doctors and hospitals with patients worldwide. 

Aaman explained in detail Abdhulla’s medical condition to our executives. Our executives immediately reached out to renowned radiation oncologist Dr. Kaustav Talapatra. After going through Abdhulla’s medical reports, Dr. Talapatra asked him to visit Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, India. 

Treatment Plan: Abdhulla and Aaman arrived in India in February 2022. Our executives greeted them at the airport to guide them the way. Our executives also booked their accommodation in advance, so the father-son duo can focus only on the treatment. Immediately the next day after their arrival, our executives accompanied them to meet Dr. Talapatra. As opposed to what they were told in Bangladesh, Dr. Talapatra said only radiation therapy would cure Abdhulla’s cancer completely. 

Abdhulla was initially skeptical about radiation therapy, owing to its side effects. Our executives connected him to a team of reputed oncologists, so all his doubts were cleared. After the doctors explained to him in detail the course of his treatment, Abdulla saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He underwent a couple of tests and began his radiation therapy three days after arriving in India. 

Abdhulla took radiation therapy 5 days a week. Likewise, he took therapy for 5 weeks before he was completely free from cancer. After completing his treatment, he was kept under observation for another 10 days. His team of doctors also repeated each and every test to ensure cancer had completely gone. 

Just 2 months after arriving in India, Abdhulla flew back home with his son, Aaman. However, after a few days of reaching home, Abdhulla faced some health issues. ClinicSpots executives arranged for online consultation with Dr. Talapatra and all of his issues were solved. 

Today, Abdhulla is cancer free and beginning a new chapter of his life with health and happiness. He is forever grateful to ClinicSpots for providing him with the best possible treatment. Our executives are also in constant contact with him. They have also made arrangements for his follow-up visit to India in July. 

Every cancer treatment is overwhelming and a challenge. However, Abdhulla’s positive and fearless attitude, combined with an exceptional team of doctors, gave him a second chance in life, which he truly deserves. 


Note:  We respect our patients' privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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