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Female | 23

Why am I experiencing late periods for 2 months?

Hello good evening i have been experiencing late periods exactly started from the month of August periods take almost 2 months to happened during july then August it didn't again in sept month i got it nd oct I didn't....this year also I'm facing the same problem I didn't get it in January but today that is 20th feb i got... So i have been age is 23.. height is 5'2 nd weight is 62kgs

1 Answer
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Dr. Swapna Chekuri


19 years of experience

Answered on 21st Feb '24

As per the symptoms listed, an individual is likely to be having irregular periods. This can be attributed to hormonal imbalances, stress, or even weight changes. It is important to consult a gynecologist to establish the cause and then get the right treatment.

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