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Updated on 28th, Dec'22

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 Having a patchy or scant beard is a very common problem but there has not been any treatment for beard hair restoration till recently.  With the hair transplant, beard hair restoration has become a reality albeit one has to be very cautious before going for one.

Just like a normal hair transplant, the hair follicles are taken from the scalp of the patient(from the back and sides, as this area forms the safe donor area).  These hairs are then implanted in the face to create a beard.


Depending on the look one wants to achieve, patchy areas can be filled, and you can choose to design a thick and sculpted beard. Even though the process sounds very simple, it is very complicated due to the following reasons.


Implanting facial hair is not an easy task unless the doctor is highly trained.  The beard grows in a unique way and the hairs are placed at a unique angle.  Implantation requires very precise grid planning and mathematical calculation of how many hairs are to be implanted in each grid.


While designing the beard line, the doctor has to be very artistically oriented and keep the natural irregularities of a beard in mind.  Otherwise, the result could look very natural.

It is also very important to understand what is the technique used by the doctor for implanting hairs in the beard area.  Most doctors create slits with scalpels in which the extracted hairs are inserted.  This technique, unfortunately, gives visible scars on the face and gives very unnatural results as there is very little control over the angle depth and direction of the implanted hair.


DHI Beard Transplant

With the DHI technique, it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and the face. One can achieve a thick, full, and natural beard with DHI’s beard transplants. Depending on your goals, DHI can add a filling to a smaller area, to cover patchiness, or achieve a thick, full beard.


Transplanted hair follicles are picked one by one to match the beard; and with DHI’s patented device, there is complete control over the angle, depth, and the direction of the implanted hair, for achieving 100% natural results.


For example, see the following case of a beard transplant of a patient Abhirup Paul, at a DHI clinic.  

Picture of the patient with the sparse beard before DHI beard transplant.

The doctor at DHI thoroughly designs the beard area according to the needs of the patient, and the defined symmetry. (as seen in the below pictures)

The doctor draws beard design on the patient.

The number of the required hairs and the kind of follicle grafts required for natural result and density are counted. The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually the back of the head). (as seen in the image below)

Hair Follicle Extraction

The extracted hair follicles are placed into the beard area. (Pictures of the patient right after the beard transplant can be seen in the images below)


Beard restoration with DHI restores the natural hair on the beard and the mustache. The implanted hair will grow throughout a person’s lifetime.


Advantages of beard transplant with DHI technique:

  1. Permanent results that last a lifetime
  2. No scalpel, no stitches, and no scarring
  3. Natural results that look and feel great

Whether you simply need some patchiness covered up, a fuller mustache, or a complete beard, DHI can create the look for you. The first step is to have a confidential consultation to ask any questions you have and discuss options. DHI’s treatment options are personalized to individual requirements, based on sound medical knowledge and experience.


DHI’s Natural Results:

  • 3 months results of the patient
Patient with the sparse beard after DHI beard transplant.


  • 10 months of results:
Patient with dense beard after the Beard Transplant using DHI Technique.


Here we have all so listed top Hair Transplant Surgeons in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Surat, and Visakhapatnam.


To know more about the cost you can visit our cost of the Hair Transplant blog where we have discussed in detail the cost of hair transplant in different cities of India. For any other assistance, you can always visit, our dedicated team will love to connect with you.

Question and Answers (84)
Hi I'm Dhivya, Pls, confirm the starting price for hair transplant treatment

Female | 23

Hi Dhivya, 
Hair transplant cost depends upon the number of grafts required and the technique used for the procedure. In metropolitan cities a good hair transplant procedure may start from 50k and goes up as per the above mentioned factors along with the expertise of the clinic .
Dr. Nandini Dadu's profile picture

Dr. Nandini Dadu

When to wash hair normally after hair transplant?

Female | 29

After hair transplant first head wash can be done on 5th day with a mild shampoo. 
after that on every alternative day shampoo can ve done and with water you can wash on daily basis.

Dr. Nandini Dadu's profile picture

Dr. Nandini Dadu

What to expect 2 months after hair transplant?

Female | 34


If you are talking about results after hair transplant,then in that case you need to wait. After 2 months of hair transplant, transplanted  hair would be in shedding phase which would continue upto three or three and a half month. 
So you would not be able to see much difference in your hairloss condition. But at that period you should continue with your regular medication to get the good results.
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

When can i sleep on my side after hair transplant?

Male | 32

If your temple area also have been created while your hair transplant, in that case you need to be a little cautious about your sleeping patterns. You should try to sleep on your back for atleast 8-10 days, you should avoid to sleep on your chest or on side. Since in this period hair grafts tend to be fragile. So after 10-12 days of hair transplant you can start sleeping on your side. 
Dr. Nandini Dadu's profile picture

Dr. Nandini Dadu

I am 35 year old woman , Ii am having excess hairfall.Need proper treatment for this

Female | 35

Hair fall in women can cause due to various reasons like nutrition deficiency, harmonal imbalance, stress or seasonal as well. To get rid of this you should consult a dermatologist to get the proper assessment done. Medication and some hair treatment like mesogrow and HGP can help you to cure. You can visit at Dadu medical centre for the detailed discussion and to line up your treatment. you can connect us on +91-9810939319.
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

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