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Best Diabetes Treatment in India 2024

Discover India's finest diabetes care with our guide to the best diabetes treatment options. Explore advanced therapies and personalized care plans, ensuring optimal health and well-being.

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By Simran Kaur

24th June '22

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Do you know India offers great treatments for diabetes? Over 77 million people here have diabetes, mostly because of genes and less active lifestyles. But, don't worry! This article talks about how India's treatments are really helpful and easy to get. They can help you control diabetes and live a healthy life. Let's find out about these treatments and see which one might be best for you.

Overview of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic health condition where your blood sugar levels are found to be high. This happens because your pancreas is unable to produce a hormone called Insulin. Untreated diabetes can cause damage to nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

Diabetes Types

Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes






Diagnosis of this condition is done by a simple blood test measuring blood sugar levels and glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

Are you or your loved one diagnosed with diabetes but confused about where to go for treatment? 

Do not worry! We have listed some of the best hospitals and doctors for diabetes treatment in India for you below. 

Prioritize your well-being – schedule a blood test today and take control of your health journey.

Diabetes Treatments in India

Diabetes Treatments

Several types of treatment are accessible in India. Depending on the severity of your diabetes and the treatment you are comfortable with, you can select any one of these. To make your selection process easier, we have detailed each treatment.

Certainly! Here's an overview of the best treatments for diabetes in India:


  • Type 1 Diabetes: Insulin injections or pumps.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Oral medicines like Metformin; sometimes insulin.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Healthy diet with more fiber and less sugar.
  • Regular exercise like walking or yoga.
  • Keeping a healthy weight.

Regular Blood Sugar Checks: Using a glucometer at home.

Regular Doctor Visits: For check-ups and to monitor complications.

Education: Learning about diabetes management.

This table provides a quick overview of the various treatments available for diabetes in India, along with their costs.

Treatment TypeDescriptionCost in INR
Type 1 Diabetes Treatments  
Medication/InsulinInsulin injections/pumps, various types500-12,000/month
Ayurvedic TreatmentKapha dosha treatment, herbs like Triphala500-750/month
Homeopathic TreatmentLimited evidence, Abroma Augusta used500-1,500/month
Type 2 Diabetes Treatments  
Allopathic MedicineMetformin, other oral medications700-1,200/month
Herbal/Ayurvedic MedicineHerbs like Giloy, Vijaysar500-800/month
Insulin InjectionsFor advanced cases, with/without oral meds500-12,000/month
Homeopathic MedicineJambolanum for mild/moderate cases500-1,800/month
NaturopathyLifestyle changes, dietary guidance2,000-3,500/month
Home RemediesHerbal mixtures, amla juice, etc.Cost of ingredients
Surgical InterventionFor damaged organs, ulcers1.5-3 lakh/surgery

Remember, each person's treatment may vary, so it's important to follow a doctor's advice.

Best Hospital for Diabetes in India

Best Hospital for Diabetes in India


Now that we have understood what Diabetes is, it is time to take a look at the top hospitals for the treatment of this condition in India. 

When looking for a hospital, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Highly experienced specialists
  • Affordable cost of treatment
  • A dedicated Diabetes clinic

All the hospitals in the list below fulfil the above criteria. Additionally, they also have several international accreditations. This ensures they provide a high standard of care.


Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital


  • This hospital has the top-ranked diabetes speciality unit in Mumbai.
  • It is also accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and NABH.
  • Its diabetes clinic is equipped to treat all types of diabetes and diabetic complications.

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital


  • Nanavati Hospital is known to arrange special health camps to educate patients on diabetes management in children and adults.
  • It is certified under FICCI.
  • This hospital has several experts to provide a multi-disciplinary approach for treating complications of diabetes.
  • Some of the best known doctors for diabetes treatment practices at Nanavati.


Indraprastha Apollo Hospital


  • Apollo Hospital has a separate unit to treat diabetic patients.
  • It has advanced facilities like hyperbaric oxygen therapy and conducts procedures to insert insulin pumps in patients having Type 1 diabetes.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital


  • This hospital is known for catering to several thousand international patients till date.
  • Its diabetes clinic provides a well-rounded approach to treatment.
  • They undertake everything from diet counseling to bariatric surgery in diabetic patients.


Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road


  • This hospital is well-known for providing affordable healthcare.
  • It is accredited by NABH.

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road


  • This hospital is accredited by JCI and certified by NABH.
  • It is a 276-bed hospital.
  • It is famous for providing complete diabetes care under one roof. 


Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills


  • This hospital is JCI accredited.
  • Besides diabetes treatment, the hospital also undertakes diabetes research.
  • Its excellent panel of doctors is certified to conduct all types of surgeries required to treat diabetic complications.


MIOT International Hospital


  • This is a 1000-bed multi-specialty hospital.
  • It is one of the top hospitals in Chennai for treating diabetic complications in children and adults.


Chellaram Hospital


  • This hospital is dedicated to the treatment of diabetes and its associated complications.
  • Apart from having state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is also a top-notch diabetes research facility.
  • They were ranked as the number one hospital in Western India for Diabetes Care in 2018.

 Best Diabetes Doctor in India

 Best Diabetes Doctor in India

Consulting a good doctor is the most important factor in successfully treating diabetes. 

So, what kind of specialists are qualified to treat this condition? 

You would want to look out for a diabetologist or an endocrinologist. In a few advanced cases, you may also need to consult an ophthalmologist, a nephrologist, or a neurologist.

To make your life easier, we have compiled a city-wise list of the top diabetologists in India.

Dr. Kanchan Kewalramani


  • Qualifications - DNB (Endocrinology & General Med.), Diploma (Diabetology), FCPS (Med), 
  • Experience -18 years
  • Practices at Jupiter Hospital 

Dr. Abhijit Jadhav


  • Qualifications- MBBS, Diploma in Diabetology, FCPS(Med)
  • Experience -16 years
  • Practices at Aaditya Care, Mulund

Dr. Sweta Budyal


  • Qualifications - DM (Endocrinology), MBBS
  • Experience - 9 years
  • Practices at Fortis Hospital

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Dr. Amitabh Khanna


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Diploma (Cardiology), MBBS, General Physician
  • Experience - 33 years
  • Practices at Diabetes Specialty Center, Dwarka

Dr. Arvind Kumar


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, MD (Medicine), MBBS, Consultant Physician 
  • Experience - 18 years
  • Practices at Health First Multispecialty Clinic, Dwarka

Take charge of your health and your life. Contact us today!

Dr. Anirban Biswas


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, MD (General Medicine), MBBS, Consultant Physician, Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology (FIC)
  • Experience - 16 years
  • Practices at Biswas Heart & Mind Clinic

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Dr. Shivaprasad C


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, DM (Endocrinology), MBBS, MD (General Medicine) 
  • Experience - 20 years
  • Practices at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center at Whitefield.

Dr. Narendra BS


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, DM (Endocrinology), MBBS, MD (General Medicine) 
  • Experience - 22 years
  • Practices at Sattva Super Specialty Center, Indiranagar

Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, DM (Endocrinology), MBBS, MD (General Medicine) 
  • Experience - 29 years
  • Practices at Manipal Hospital at Old Airport Road

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Dr. D. Shantharam


  • Qualifications - MD (General Medicine), Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology, MBBS
  • Experience - 30 years
  • Practices at Apollo Hospital, Greams Road

Dr. Rajendiran N


  • Qualifications - MD (General Medicine), Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology, MBBS
  • Experience - 34 years
  • Practices at Apollo Hospital, Greams Road

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Dr. Mohammed Anfas

Dr. Mohammed Anfas - General Physician - Book Appointment Online, View  Fees, Feedbacks | Practo

  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, General Physician, MBBS, MD (General Medicine), Internal Medicine
  • Experience - 16 years
  • Practices at Shine Specialty Clinics, Tolichowki

Dr. Ravi Kumar Muppidi


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, DM (Endocrinology), MBBS, MD (General Medicine) 
  • Experience - 25 years
  • Practices at Advanced Endocrine and Diabetes Hospital & Research Center, Kukatpally

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Dr. Amit Sakaria


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, MBBS, MD (General Medicine), Consultant Physician, Internal Medicine, General Physician
  • Experience - 17 years
  • Practices at Prudent International Health Clinic

Dr. Abhay Mali


  • Qualifications - Diabetologist, Diploma (Diabetology), MBBS
  • Experience - 11 years
  • Practices at Sanjeevani Healthcare

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Cost of Diabetes Treatment in India

As you are planning to get diabetes treatment done in India, you would surely be interested in learning about the cost of treatment, right? 

We know you well! And that's why we've mentioned everything you need to know about the cost of diabetes treatment in India. 

Factors Affecting Cost of Treatment 

Well, this could depend on various factors, like:

  • Physician and specialist consultation fees
  • Medications
  • Laboratory tests
  • Advanced tests like eye screening and foot screening
  • Hospitalization in case of complications

The average monthly expense of a diabetic could be anything from 3000 to 8000 INR. This will include expenses of consultation, laboratory tests, and oral medications or insulin.

The estimated yearly expenses of a diabetic patient range from 35,000 to 95,000 INR. Of course, any other complications like diabetic foot or kidney failure will drive up the expenses.

Depending on the city one lives in, there is a slight difference in the cost of diabetes treatment. 

Navigate the path to recovery wisely – contact us now to understand the factors influencing the cost of your treatment.

Let us take a look at the difference in the cost of diabetes treatment across different cities of India.


Cost Comparison of Diabetes Treatment in India with Other Countries

The cost of diabetes treatment in India is a fraction of the cost of diabetes treatment in other countries. This is not surprising, considering the lower cost of living in India. Several international patients find it more cost-effective to get treated in India.

Curious about just how much is the cost difference between different countries. 

Let’s do a comparison below.

Comparison of Diabetes Treatment

Latest Diabetes Treatment in India—Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells can mature into any tissue of the human body. Stem Cell Therapy in India is indicated for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and is considered to be the best diabetes treatment in India. 

diabetes treatment in India

In Type 1 diabetes, fetal stem cells give the best results. They help regenerate the damaged beta cells of the pancreas, which are responsible for producing insulin.

Type 2 diabetes

In Type 2 diabetes, stem cells obtained from the bone marrow of the patient can be used. This procedure is usually performed to correct organ damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes.

The cost of stem cell therapy ranges from 6,800 to 13,400 USD, with each cycle costing 2000 USD. The number of cycles will depend on the severity of the disease and the response of the patient. In comparison, the cost of stem cell treatment in other European countries can range from 25,000 to 150,000 USD.

Although the success rate of this treatment depends on numerous factors, in general, 70-80% of patients report significant improvements in their conditions.

This procedure is completely safe and non-invasive. No side effects have been reported in over a decade of research.

Permanent Cure for Diabetes in India

No permanent cure for diabetes type 1 in India has been discovered yet. However, it is possible to go into remission with this disease. A person is said to be in remission when they have a blood sugar level within acceptable limits for at least three months without taking any medication.

Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy treatments have all shown resounding success in treating type 2 diabetes.

Now, let's discuss,

Diabetic Complications and their Treatments

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to organ damage and several other complications, which also adds to the cost of treatment. Some of the commonly seen complications are listed below.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment in India 

A diabetic foot ulcer is a non-healing ulcer usually seen on the leg. Treatment involves skin grafting. Sometimes, multiple rounds of skin grafting are required to achieve proper closure.

The monthly cost of such patients on average is 19,020 INR per month. Each skin grafting surgery can cost up to 1.5 lakh INR.

Foot Ulcer

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in India

It is possible to get the best diabetic retinopathy treatment in India for 13,992 INR per month. The cost of eye surgeries can range from 50,000 to 1.2 lakh INR.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment in India

The average cost of managing diabetic neuropathy is 13,135 INR per month. Surgical intervention can cost 1.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh INR.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Free Diabetes Treatment in India

India has a wide network of public hospitals that usually provide free treatment to diabetic patients. Medicines are provided for free to patients suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Complications that require surgical intervention are also done for free in these hospitals, or at a highly subsidized rate.

Apart from these hospitals, several NGOs like Project Disha diagnose and provide insulin for free to children suffering from type 1 diabetes.

Success Rate of Diabetes Treatment in India

So, you must be wondering just how successful diabetes treatment in India is, right? 

Well, it is a little difficult to put an exact figure to this question, due to the several modalities of treatment available.

However, it is safe to say that both allopathic and alternative treatments are hugely successful in controlling blood sugar levels. Even newer treatments like stem cell therapy show a success rate of 70-80% in controlling blood sugar levels and reversing organ damage.

Success Rate

Why Choose India?

You have all the information you need to choose India in front of you now. 

So let us highlight the most important points that make India a good choice for diabetes treatment. Hopefully, they will help you make an informed decision.

  • Highly skilled specialists with modern infrastructure
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Highly regulated medical practices
  • Lower cost of living, thus reducing expenses of the caregiver accompanying the patient
  • Latest treatment modules
  • Easily available medical visas

Experience top-notch healthcare in India - prioritize your well-being and call us to book your appointment today.

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never got diabetes? 

If you have a family history of diabetes, don’t despair yet. We have made a list of ways you can try to prevent diabetes.

  • Lose extra weight, especially around your belly
  • Exercise regularly—do moderate exercise for 150 minutes every week
  • Watch your food intake—try to cut down on carbohydrates 
  • Eat healthy fats or unsaturated fats

Lifestyle Management for Diabetes

Lifestyle management is a crucial aspect of diabetes care. It involves adopting healthy habits and making informed choices to effectively manage the condition. Here's an overview:

Healthy Diet:

  • Balanced Meals: Focus on a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients. Incorporate whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Carbohydrate Counting: Monitor carbohydrate intake as it has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. Choose complex carbohydrates like whole grains over simple sugars.
  • Portion Control: Practice portion control to manage calorie intake, which can help in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Consistent Meal Times: Eat at regular intervals to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Regular Physical Activity:

  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling, most days of the week.
  • Include Strength Training: Incorporate strength training exercises twice a week to improve muscle mass and insulin sensitivity.
  • Stay Active: Incorporate physical activity into daily routines, like taking stairs instead of elevators.

Weight Management:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is essential, as excess weight can affect insulin sensitivity.
  • Work towards a realistic weight loss goal if overweight, through a combination of diet and exercise.

Stress Management:

  • High stress levels can affect blood sugar control. Practice stress-reducing activities like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises.
  • Ensure adequate sleep as poor sleep can negatively impact blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

Regular Monitoring:

  • Regularly monitor blood glucose levels to understand how different foods and activities affect your blood sugar.
  • Keep regular appointments with healthcare providers to adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Avoid Harmful Habits:

  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption, as these can exacerbate diabetes complications.

Education and Support:

  • Stay informed about diabetes and its management. Join support groups or online forums to share experiences and learn from others.

Implementing these lifestyle changes can significantly improve blood sugar control, reduce the risk of complications, and enhance the overall quality of life for individuals with diabetes. It's important to tailor these recommendations to individual needs and preferences and to consult with healthcare providers for personalized guidance.

How can ClinicSpots help you in your medical treatment?  

ClinicSpots is an integrated medical platform connecting India’s best medical facilities and most efficient doctors with patients worldwide. We allow patients to search, compare and coordinate their medical treatments with trusted hospitals. Whether cancer, heart disease treatment, or gender reassignment surgery, we cater to patients in every niche. 

Here are the details of how ClinicSpots assist international patients in the following ways:

  • Medical Counselling
  • Help With Medical Visa Travel Guidance
  • Assistance with Payment, Currency Exchange & Insurance

Step 1. Medical Counselling


Things You Should Know

Visit the Website

  • Your enquiry is reviewed within 24 hours
  • You receive call to review medical histories and reports.
  • Our medical counselors will guide you with treatment plans.
  • Our medical counselors will assist with travel planning.
  • You travel to India and begin treatment.

Connect on WhatsApp

  • You need to send your medical reports over WhatsApp
  • Our medical counselors will review your reports.
  • Our executives pitch doctors and hospitals best suited to your needs.
  • Treatment is tailored to meet your financial and medical expectations.
  • Our medical counselors explain tentative treatment plans.
  • You will receive a cost estimate.

Video consultation

  • Connect with doctors to make informed choices.
  • Clear all your doubts regarding critical care before you travel.
  • Connect with India’s best doctors regarding critical cases such as transplants, cancer treatment, surgical complications etc.

Step 2: Help With Medical Visa Travel Guidance


Things You Should Know

Medical Visa

  • Medical visa is issued for 3-6 months as per the line of tentative treatment.
  • We assist in extending visa duration (IF REQUIRED)

Visa Invitation Letter

  • Only NABH/JCI-accredited hospitals can give VIL.
  • We issue VIL once you confirm your visit to India.
  • With VIL, visa to India is processed and issued quickly.

Travel Guideline

  • Through VIL, 2 people will get visas to assist the patient (max. 3 in some cases)
  • Patients can visit India on tourist visa for minor treatments (dermatology treatment, basic health check up, etc)
  • Patients need medical visas in India to undergo major treatments (cancer, cardiovascular issues, neurological issues, etc)
  • Patients in India need a medical visa for admission to a hospital.

Stay & Bookings

  • We assist in FRRO form registration.
  • We assist in C form submission.
  • We arrange accommodation suiting your medical needs (built-in kitchen, infection control)
  • We arrange accommodation suiting your financial needs

Step 3: Assistance with Payment, Currency Exchange & Insurance


Things You Should Know


  • Cash payment limit is subject to change with the hospital
  • Only cash is accepted for minor medical expenses (doctor consultation, blood tests)
  • Wire transfer/Credit/Debit card accepted for major expenses
  • International currencies accepted in SUPER/multi-specialty hospitals
  • We do not participate in fundraising initiatives

Currency Exchange

  • We assist you with forex
  • Hospital admin assists you with forex


  • Send your insurance documents to our executives
  • Our executives will check which hospitals accept the insurance policy.
  • Hospitals then directly connect with your policy provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What diseases can be treated through stem cells?

Where will the cells be taken or sourced from?

Will stem cell therapy have any after effects?

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Is stem cell therapy permanent?

What precautions to take post stem cell therapy?

What’s the cost of stem cell therapy in India?

For whom is stem cell therapy recommended and beneficial?

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stem cell dental implants available

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