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Epilepsy Treatment in India: About Hospitals, Doctors and Cost

Discover comprehensive epilepsy treatment in India. Renowned specialists, advanced therapies offer hope for improved seizure control and quality of life.

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By Shalini Jadhvani 30th May '22 14th June '24
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Epilepsy treatment in India has seen remarkable advancements, with approximately 12 million people benefiting from these developments. The country's approach, blending modern and traditional methods, ensures personalized and effective care. This comprehensive strategy in epilepsy treatment in India aims to improve patients' lives significantly, adapting to each individual's unique challenges and needs. With a focus on accessibility and innovation, India is at the forefront of providing quality epilepsy care.

Discover advanced epilepsy treatments in India with our expert neurologists. Book your consultation today for personalized care and a better quality of life!

Overview of Epilepsy 

Epilepsy is a condition affecting the brain that causes repeated spontaneous seizures. These seizures occur due to random electrical activity in the brain. It can present at any age but is most commonly prevalent in childhood or after the age of sixty years.

Epilepsy is a lifelong disease with no cure yet, but with the right medical intervention, its symptoms ease with time. 

There are several types of seizures caused by epilepsy, but they can broadly be divided into two types—






To diagnose epilepsy, a neurological examination is first conducted to check the patient’s behavior, motor abilities, and mental function. 

  • In addition to this, blood tests are also done to rule out infections that could be causing the seizures and check for genetic causes.
  • The most common test to check brain activity and detect epilepsy is called Electroencephalogram or EEG.  Different types of EEGs are done for different kinds of seizures. 
  • CT scans are also conducted to check for bleeds in the brain and tumors.
  • An MRI is required to check for other issues like scarred tissue or damage in the brain which could be caused by a stroke.

Are you diagnosed with epilepsy? 

Don't worry! We present you a list of the best epilepsy doctors and hospitals in India who can help you win the battle against epilepsy with their powerful weapons called ‘epilepsy treatments’! 

Best Epilepsy Doctors in India

Prioritize your health with the leading Epilepsy Doctors in India – schedule your appointment now for expert care.


Do you know one factor that influences the success rate of Epilepsy treatment? 

Yes, it is the experience of the best epilepsy doctors in India! 

This is one of the reasons why the success rates of Epilepsy treatment in India are increasing. 

Yes, India is a hub for the most experienced Epilepsy specialists! 

Below we have listed some of the top Epilepsy specialists in India who perform Epilepsy treatment in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and other major cities of India. 

Mumbai :

Dr. Pravina Ushakant

Dr. Pravina Shah - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - MD (General Medicine), DM (Neurology), MBBS
  • Experience - 47 years
  • Practices at Fortis Hospital

Dr. Ramesh Patankar

Dr. Ramesh Patankar - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist, MD (General Medicine), DM (Neurology), MBBS
  • Experience - 38 years
  • Practices at Sushrut Hospital

Click here to know more best epilepsy doctors in Mumbai

Delhi :

Dr. P.N. Renjen

Dr P.N. Renjen - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - MBBS, DM (Neurology), FRCP
  • Experience - 40 years
  • Practices at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Dr. (Lt Gen) CS Narayan

Dr. (Lt Gen) Cs Narayanan - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications -Neurologist,  MD (Medicine), MBBS, DM (Neurology)
  • Experience - 42 years
  • Practices at  Manipal Hospital

Click here to know more best epilepsy doctors in Delhi

Bangalore :

Dr. R Srinivasa

Dr. R Srinivasa - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist,  MD (Medicine), MBBS, DM (Neurology)
  • Experience - 44 years
  • Practices at Aster CMI Hospital

Dr. Joshi E V

Dr. Joshy E. V.  - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist,  MD (Medicine), MBBS, DM (Neurology)
  • Experience - 43 years
  • Practices at  Joshy’s Medical Center

Click here to know more best epilepsy doctors in Bangalore 

Chennai :

Dr. V. Soundappan

Dr. V. Soundappan- Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery), MBBS
  • Experience - 42 years
  • Practices at  Soundappan Brain and Spine Specialty Center

Dr. M. Kodeeswaran

Dr. M. Kodeeswaran - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist, Spine Surgeon (Neuro), Neurosurgeon, MCh (Neuro Surgery), MBBS
  • Experience - 21 years
  • Practices at  Apollo First Med Hospital

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Hyderabad :

Dr. Sri Ram Chandra Damaraju

 Dr. Sri Ram Chandra Damaraju - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications -  Neurologist, Spine & Pain Specialist, Neurosurgeon, DNB (Neurology), MCh (Neuro Surgery), MBBS
  • Experience - 31 years
  • Practices at  Lakshmi Hospital and Research Center

Dr. Neehar Potluri

Dr. Neehar Potluri - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist, MD (General Medicine), DM (Neurology), MBBS
  • Experience - 22 years
  • Practices at  Neehar Neuro Center

Click here to know more best epilepsy doctors in Hyderabad 

Kerala :

Dr. Gigy Kuruttukulam

Dr. Gigy Kuruttukulam -- Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - Neurologist, MD, DM, MBBS
  • Experience - 26 years
  • Practices at  G Square Neurology, Kochi

Dr. Tharun Krishna B S

Dr. Tharun Krishna B S - Best Epilepsy Doctors in India
  • Qualifications - MCh (Neuro Surgery), MS (General Surgery), Diploma in Orthopaedics, MBBS
  • Experience - 29 years
  • Practices at Apollo Adlux Hospital, Ernakulam

Let's discuss

Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India 


Unlock the best epilepsy treatment at India's premier hospital – seize control of your health and life, contact us today!

Choosing the right hospital for Epilepsy treatment is like winning half the battle against Epilepsy! 

India is a hub for the best epilepsy treatment hospitals that are equipped with modern infrastructure, technology, and doctors. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the top epilepsy treatment hospitals in India.

Mumbai :

Let's see hospitals for epilepsy treatment in Mumbai

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Nanavati Hospital - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABL & NABH Accredited
  • 350 Beds, 1500 Health-Care Providers 
  • Treats 10,000 patients every year

Global Hospital, Parel

Best Hospital in Mumbai Parel
  • NABH Accredited
  • 200 Beds, 260 Doctors
  • Part of IHH, the world’s largest healthcare

Bangalore :

Let's see hospitals for epilepsy treatment in Bangalore

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield

Manipal Hospital in Whitefield ...

  • NABL & NABH Accredited
  • 284 Beds, 55 Doctors
  • Multi-Speciality Hospital

Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta

Apollo Hospital -  - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • JCI Certified
  • 250 Beds, 56 Doctors
  • Treats 10,000 patients every year

Delhi : 

Lets see best hospital for epilepsy treatment in Delhi 

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital  - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • JCI Certified
  • 100 Beds, 202 Doctors
  • Treats 10,000 patients every year

Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Artemis Hospitals  - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABL, NABH & JCI Accredited
  • 350 Beds, 103 Doctors
  • Multi-Speciality Hospital

Chennai :

Lets see best hospital for epilepsy treatment in Chennai

Apollo Hospital, Greams Road

Apollo Hospital - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABH & JCI Accredited
  • 560 Beds, 206 Doctors
  • Treats 10,000 patients every year

Fortis Malar Hospital

Fortis Malar Hospital  - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABH Accredited
  • 180 Beds, 160 Doctors
  • Treats 11,000 patients every year

Hyderabad :

Lets see best hospital for epilepsy treatment in Hyderabad

Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills

Apollo Hospital - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABH Accredited
  • 550 Beds, 148 Doctors
  • Treats 10,000 patients every year

Continental Hospitals

  • JCI & NABH Accredited
  • 250 Beds, 130+ Doctors
  • Super Speciality LEED Qualified hospital

Kerala :

Lets see best hospital for epilepsy treatment in Kerala

Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi

Rajagiri Hospital - Best Hospital for Epilepsy Treatment In India
  • NABL, JCI & NABH Accredited
  • 1200 Beds,  Doctors
  • 2 Million patients nearly till date

So, what are you thinking? 

It is time to get closer to your victory against Epilepsy and almost win the battle against it by choosing India as your treatment destination as it has the best hospitals for Epilepsy treatment. 

Cost of Epilepsy Treatment in India

Epilepsy is not considered to be a cost-intensive disorder. If the patient is solely on oral medication, the cost will range from 3,500 to 6,000 INR per month, depending on the city the individual lives. Occasionally, extra costs will be incurred as Neurologist fees and any other investigations that may be required.

On the other hand, surgical intervention is quite expensive, and the cost can range from 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 INR. Other procedures are even more expensive. For example, a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure starts from 11,50,000 INR and can be as costly as 16,00,000 INR, depending on the hospital chosen.

Other factors to consider are the number of investigations required pre-surgery, the city the procedure is performed in, the severity of the seizures, and any post-surgery complications.

Below is a city-wise comparison of surgical treatment for epilepsy in a reputed private hospital:

CityCost of Surgical Intervention in INR

Cost of Epilepsy treatment around the world

Epilepsy treatment cost in India is more affordable than in other countries.

Don't believe it? 

Check it out on your own in the table below: 

India$5,000 - $7,500
USA$25,000 - $40,000
Turkey$6,000 - $10,000
Australia$30,000 - $50,000
Canada$20,000 - $40,000

Epilepsy Treatment Cost in Different Countries

Explore the Global Landscape of Epilepsy Treatment Costs and embark on your journey to recovery – reach out to us today to take the first step towards your treatment.

Epilepsy Treatment in India

Surgical treatment
  • The portion of the brain which causes seizures is removed. The objective of the surgery is to eliminate damaged brain cells causing seizures.
  • Respective and multiple subpial transection are some of the surgeries for epilepsy. The cost of epilepsy surgery in India varies depending on the surgery. 
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Vimhans Nayati Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi are some of the best hospitals for epilepsy treatment in India.
$2,500 - $6,500
  • Drugs prevent seizures by regulating neurons. These neurons inhibit and excite other cells, interfering with brain functioning and causing seizures.
  • Sodium valproate, Carbamazepine, Lamotrigine Levetiracetam, Topiramate are some of the popular medicines for epilepsy in India
$65* per month
Stem Cell therapy
  • Stem cells are used to repair damaged brain tissues and develop healthy neuron cells to reduce seizures.
$7,000 - $10,000
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Epilepsy in India

Stem cell therapy for the treatment of epilepsy is an exciting new potential treatment that is being studied in India and the rest of the world.

Stem cells are those cells that form all the human body's tissues. This type of therapy is also called rejuvenation therapy. Stem cells release neurotrophic factors that promote nerve regeneration or neurogenesis. This has a high potential of replacing scarred or damaged brain tissue that is responsible for seizures.

Stem cell therapy in India has a proven track record in the treatment of several neurological disorders including autism, conditions caused by strokes, dementia, and head injuries. For the treatment of epilepsy, an autologous transplant is done, wherein the patient’s stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow of their hip bone, treated, and re-injected into their bodies. This leads to significantly fewer complications and infections.

Currently, only clinical trials for this treatment are available. In a study from 2017, where the patient’s stem cells were used, three out of ten patients achieved complete remission (no seizures) after one year. Besides this, five patients out of ten began responding favorably to AEDs, which hadn’t been the case before the transplant.

So far, no side effects have been reported in these trials, and the procedure has been deemed absolutely safe. With the presence of so many established stem cell transplant centers in India, it is only a matter of time before regular stem cell transplants for epilepsy treatment become available.

It is not yet over!

There are other epilepsy treatments that are widely used in India.

other treatment

Other Treatments

There are several other treatments available for epilepsy, which are only used in difficult cases. Some of them are:

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation(VNS): 
  • Deep Brain Stimulation(DBS): 
  • Ketogenic diet: 

Permanent Treatment for Epilepsy in India

Is there a permanent cure for epilepsy in India? While there is no permanent cure for epilepsy, the right diagnosis and treatment plan can help individuals live a seizure-free life.

For most patients, seizures almost stop after surgery, which is performed in nearly all major hospitals in metro cities of India. Using the correct medicine after surgery helps individuals stop having seizures in 2-3 years, after which they can slowly be weaned from AEDs in consultation with their specialists.

Free Epilepsy Treatment in India

Epilepsy affects over 10 million people in our population, many of them belonging to rural areas. So far, the Government of India has not enacted any centralized policy that will enable poor epileptic patients to avail themselves of free medicines and treatment. 

However, various government hospitals run epilepsy clinics where medicines are highly subsidized and sometimes even free for individuals who fall below the poverty line (BPL).

Yes, you read that right!

Several NGOs like the Epilepsy Foundation also tie up with various charitable hospitals to conduct camps that help diagnose epilepsy in individuals for free or at very minimal rates.

For most people, going to a government hospital with a reputed neurological department is the best bet for getting quality treatment at subsidized rates. Some of these hospitals are:

Why choose Epilepsy treatment in India

  • Best in Class Hospitals: The top international medical institutes accredit hospitals in India. They can provide you with reliable and high-end epilepsy treatment in India
  • Best Doctors: Doctors in India are highly skilled and have received training from globally renowned institutes. They have been providing their expertise in epilepsy for years and are highly acknowledged by their patients.
  • Ultra Modern Technology: Epilepsy clinics in India have an advanced infrastructure and the latest technological equipment. They prioritize providing maximum clinical success to the patients.
  • Cost: Indian medical facilities are well-reputed in handling epilepsy cases worldwide. However, their cost is approximately 70% less than top hospitals in other countries. India can provide you with a similar standard of treatment par with many developed nations. 

Discover the compelling reasons to choose Epilepsy treatment in India – prioritize your well-being with us. Call now to book your appointment and experience expert care firsthand.

Not still convinced? 

Don't worry! The success rate of epilepsy treatment in India will surely convince you to choose India as your treatment destination. 

The success rate of Epilepsy treatment in India

Epilepsy is an extensive disease. The cause and symptoms of it vary among patients. There is no absolute cure for epilepsy. Various treatments and medications are used together to treat epilepsy. Treating epilepsy can be complicated. Yet, India has shown optimistic records in treating epilepsy. There is up to 70% chance of eliminating seizures permanently after Epilepsy treatment in India.


How common is epilepsy in India? 

Epilepsy affects approximately 12 million people in India, making it one of the most prevalent neurological conditions in the country.

What advancements have been made in epilepsy treatment in India? 

Recent advancements include cutting-edge surgical techniques, newer antiepileptic medications, and innovative diagnostic tools like advanced brain imaging and EEG monitoring.

Are there specialized epilepsy centers in India? 

Yes, India has several specialized epilepsy centers offering comprehensive care, including diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management, with a focus on patient-centric approaches.

Can children receive epilepsy treatment in India? 

There are dedicated pediatric neurologists and child-friendly treatment protocols to manage epilepsy in children, ensuring they receive appropriate and compassionate care.

What support is available for people living with epilepsy in India? 

Numerous support groups, rehabilitation services, and educational resources are available to help individuals and families cope with epilepsy, offering emotional and practical support.

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