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Glaucoma Surgery Cost in India- Best Hospitals & Cost

Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the optic nerves. It commonly occurs because of the pressure buildup in the eyes. It may also worsen over time. In most cases, doctors recommend surgery for glaucoma treatment. Let's read ahead to know the treatment cost and best eye hospitals for glaucoma in India.

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By Priyanka Dutta Deb

6th Apr '22

The average cost of glaucoma surgery in India varies from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 75,000 depending on certain factors that can vary from patient to patient. But the cost may vary and involve other aspects like pre-surgery tests and medications. The medication cost or cost of eye drops recommended by the doctor during treatment is additional and does not come under this range. Also, please note that these costs are for single eye treatment.

The glaucoma consultation or glaucoma test cost in India is around Rs. 1500 INR.


Robotic surgery is a revolutionary advancement in surgery; It is performed by using very small tools attached to a robotic arm.

Robotic surgery is an effective alternative to glaucoma surgery, Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) is generally contraindicated in patients with glaucoma disorders.


In this article, we will be discussing the overall glaucoma surgery cost in major cities of India. Moreover, we will discuss all the factors that can affect your overall glaucoma treatment and surgery cost.

Glaucoma surgery cost in major cities of India:

In India, the cost of glaucoma surgery can vary from city to city. Here is a list of glaucoma surgery costs in major cities of India.

Cities In IndiaGlaucoma Surgery Cost
MumbaiRs. 5000-7000
BangaloreRs. 10,000-170000
HyderabadRs. 10,000-45,000
ChennaiRs. 4000-70,000
DelhiRs. 26800-45,000
AhmedabadRs. 7000-100000
KolkataRs. 3000-75,000
LucknowRs. 4000-50,000
PuneRs. 2500-40,000

In comparison to other countries like the USA or UK, the Glaucoma surgery cost in India is affordable. Here is the comparison chart.

No.CountriesGlaucoma Surgery Cost Comparison
1.India$40-1000 USD
2.USA$1000-11,000 USD
3.Australia  $2000-12,600 USD
4.UK$4596-6567 USD

However, there are developed countries that provide Glaucoma surgery at affordable rates as well, such as Turkey ($1680 to $2700), Norway ($1500 to $2000), and Germany ($700 to $5200).

While these countries have a state of art infrastructure and are also armed with advanced technologies that enable a smooth experience for this surgery, but there are still more things that make India stand out. Keep reading ahead!

What is the cost of different types of surgery for glaucoma in India?

The glaucoma surgery cost in India largely depends on the type of procedure the doctor is performing. The approach to glaucoma treatment depends on the type of glaucoma the patient has.

These are the following types of surgical procedures available:

1. Trabeculoplasty or Laser Surgery: This procedure is performed when the patient is diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma. The surgical procedure involves the use of a laser beam.

The cost of conventional laser surgery varies from Rs. 20,000-30,000 INR.

2. Viscocanalostomy: This surgical procedure is performed only when laser surgery becomes ineffective for the patient. It involves manual opening of the channels in the eye to improve fluid drainage.  

3. Drainage Implants: This procedure is generally done in children. A silicone tube is inserted into the eye to provoke fluid drainage.

The cost of drainage implants is expensive and can vary from Rs. 40,000-50,000 INR.

Factors that affect glaucoma surgery cost in India:

Several factors will affect your glaucoma surgery costs in India. These factors include:

1. Type Of Hospital: Your glaucoma surgery cost can vary depending on the type of hospital you are getting your surgery done. This is because the charges may vary from hospital to hospital. Government hospitals charge less while the charges of private hospitals may be higher.

2. Insurance coverage: Glaucoma surgery costs may be covered under insurance. So, your overall cost may vary if your treatment is being covered.

3. City: As discussed above, glaucoma surgery costs in India fluctuate from city to city. Your surgery cost may vary depending on which city you live in India.

4. Condition of the eye: If the condition of your eye is critical or you are suffering from some other disease along with glaucoma, your overall surgery cost can vary and may be higher.

5. Surgeon's experience and expertise: Highly qualified surgeons having years of professional working experience using advanced procedures and equipment may charge high.

6. The type of glaucoma: Glaucoma surgery cost in India depends on the type of glaucoma the patient has, whether it is closed-angle glaucoma or open-angle glaucoma.

The type of procedure to be performed depends on the type of glaucoma the patient has, thereby determining the total surgery cost.

7. Type of procedure: The cost of glaucoma surgery depends on the type of procedure your doctor is performing. For example, laser glaucoma surgery is less expensive compared to incisional glaucoma surgery.

Dos And Don'ts Of Glaucoma Surgery:

The pre and post-operative care for your eye glaucoma surgery include:

● Don't use lotions, cosmetics, or perfumes prior to surgery.

● Limit eating heavy meals, alcohol, or chewing 24 hours before surgery.

● Wear loose and easy clothing when going for your surgery.

● Don't wear any jewelry while going for surgery. Leave your valuable belongings at home.

● If you continuously feel pain after your glaucoma surgery, consult with the doctor and take a painkiller as per their recommendation.

● To instill the eye drops in your treated eye recommended by your doctor to use after glaucoma surgery.

● Don't bend your head, lift heavy objects, and avoid hard coughing or physical exertion up to 48 hours after your surgery.

● Don't watch television, read, or use the phone after your surgery.

● Don't wash your head or bathe immediately and up to 48 hours after the surgery.

The best eye care hospitals in India for glaucoma treatment:

Some of the best eye care hospitals in India for glaucoma surgery and treatment are as follows:

● Max Healthcare, New Delhi

● Fortis Group of Hospitals

● Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai

● Vasancare chain of hospitals

● Center for sight

● Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai

● H.V. Desai Eye Hospital, Hadapsar, Pune

● L V Prasad, Hyderabad

Why is India preferred for glaucoma treatment and Surgery?

There are multiple reasons why people from abroad come to India for their glaucoma surgery. These include:

● The cost of glaucoma treatment in India is affordable yet cost-effective. Additionally, the price in India for glaucoma treatment and surgery is one of the lowest in the world despite high-quality care.

● There is a highly positive success record.

● Eyecare in India is globally renowned.

● India has the availability of the best hospitals with experienced and skilled surgeons.

● The availability of highly advanced procedures and instruments.


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