Hepatitis A and its treatment in India

If you are suffering from Hepatitis A than you must read this blog to have knowledge about it and to know where you should seek help. Below we have discussed Hepatitis A symptoms, reasons, diagnosis, treatment, cost of treatment, and prevention.

By Ezaz Rahaman

Updated on 04th, Jan'22

The liver is the largest internal organ in our body, it is highly essential for the normal functioning of the human body.it performs many tasks such as:

  • Production and storage of vitamins.
  • Control of insulin levels (sugar levels).
  • It also controls the production of many hormones which are highly essential for the normal functioning of the human body.
  • Secretion of bile which helps in the digestion.
  • Filters the blood.

HEPATITIS-A is one of the most common liver diseases caused by the Hepatitis A virus and prolonged exposure to this disease leads to CIRRHOSIS leading to liver surgery and liver transplant in India is very well known but let us talk about the current topic i.e. Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A is the case where the liver is enlarged beyond its normal size, this means that it has been either infected or injured and thus has an effect on its performance.



Children who are under the age of 7 may not show any symptoms but children above the age of 7 and other adults will have symptoms that are similar to that of a flue. Some of the symptoms are listed below:

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Jaundice
  • Light-colored stool
  • Muscle aches
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pains
  • Dark-colored urine



Anybody can fall victim to hepatitis A, but these are several reasons due to which gets hepatitis A:

  • Living with someone who is currently a Hepatitis patient.
  • Traveling to underdeveloped countries.
  • Usage of illegal drugs.
  • Drinking untreated water or eating food that is washed in untreated water.
  • Eating food made by an infected person who did not wash his hands after using the bathroom.
  • Having close personal contact with an infected person such as thorough sex.
  • Also, men having sex with other men are most likely to get Hepatitis A.



  • Being coughed on or sneezed upon by an infected person.
  • Sitting next to an infected person.
  • Hugging an infected person.
  • Breastfeeding.



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Hepatitis is diagnosed through a blood test where a sample is collected from the veins of a person and it is sent to the lab for examination.



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Hepatitis A usually gets cured in a few weeks even without treatment, however, one can get medication from a doctor to reduce the severity of the symptoms. One should be careful with the duration of six months and should not do anything that puts his/her liver in danger otherwise he/ she will be a victim of CIRRHOSIS and should undergo liver transplantation. Hepatitis can be cured by using injections as well as it can be prevented in the childhood stage by using pediatric vaccine were in a small quantity of the virus is inserted into the body which helps the body to develop immunity towards the virus and fight it off in the future however it does not work if the subject is already infected with the virus.


Here, we have listed some of the best hospitals in India for Liver Transplant. And we also have listed some of the best Gastroenterologists in major cities of India to treat you, click the link to visit - Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad.



The medication for Hepatitis A in India is produced only by two companies and it is in the form of an injection. Here is a list of those injections along with their approximate prices. Please note that the prices may vary depending upon the local taxes and the prices given below are not an exact figure but extracts from the database of Medindia.

Name Of MedicineProducerPrice
AVAXIMAventis Pasteur India ltdRs.928
AVAXIM 80u pediatricAventis Pasteur India ltdRs.915
HAVRIXGlaxo Smithkline PharmaceuticalsRs.1360
HAVRIX 360Glaxo Smithkline PharmaceuticalsRs .720
HAVRIX 720Glaxo Smithkline PharmaceuticalsRs .906



Hepatitis A is the mildest of the Hepatitis series viruses which range from A to E. However, it can turn into liver cancer, cirrhosis and also lead to death and it must be prevented in childhood stage itself. this can be done through vaccination. this vaccination is done in two stages namely initial dose and the final one after a time period of 6 months. The centers for disease control and prevention have recommended the following individuals to take the vaccination

  • All children at  the age of 1, or older children who did not receive the vaccine at that age
  • All the Laboratory workers who may come in contact with the hepatitis A virus
  • Men who have sex with men
  • People with plans to travel to those areas of the world with high rates of hepatitis A
  • People who use illegal drugs either injected or non-injected
  • People who receive treatment with clotting-factor concentrates
  • People with chronic liver disease
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