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Limb lengthening surgery Turkey ( Know costs, clinics & surgeons)

This article aims to take you through aspects of the cost of Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey. You will also find other crucial information that would come in handy while preparing to travel to Turkey for the surgery.

  • Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

By Ipshita Ghoshal

22nd July '22

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There is a huge increase in medical tourism in Turkey. the patient comes to Turkey for many treatments like fertility treatment, plastic surgery, Dental treatment, gynecology treatment, Hair transplant, Laser eye surgery, weight loss surgeries, gastroenterology treatment, and many more.


This blog will accustom you to everything you would like to know about limb lengthening surgery and its cost in Turkey.

Around 5,00,000 people visit Turkey for various aesthetic procedures. Among those, limb lengthening is a popular cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Thousands of people opt for this surgery annually to increase their height. This type of surgery is popular among people between 18-25 years old. The hospitals in Turkey have as high as a 99.6% success rate in this surgery.

Is Turkey good for limb lengthening?

According to a global report, Turkey is among the top 3 countries for cosmetic surgery.

The cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey is 90% cheaper than in other countries, given the same standard of technology and services.

The top reasons why Turkey is the most preferred country are:


Top reasons why Turkey is the most preferred country for limb lengthening

  • Regular inspection of hospitals and clinics by the International Medical Association
  • Robust examination of a doctor's certifications and credentials.
  • Facilities and treatment protocols as per the guidelines of WHO.
  • As per statistics, 43% of people in Turkey say that the country's healthcare system is very good.
  • Goodwill through Word-of-Mouth is a prime reason behind Turkey's popularity for medical tourism.
  • Turkey keeps spending a lot of money on healthcare advancement.
  • As per Statista, the total expenditure in 2022 is more than $14.23 billion.

Let’s look into more details about this surgery in Turkey. Continue reading!


Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey at a glance





Halt before




1-2 days5-7 days 10 - 12 days $10,000 - $45,000


Cost breakup of Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey


No. of days stay in Turkey- 21

No. of person - 2 

Total cost - 8243 USD (Estimated)

Expenses of treatmentCost
Hotel accommodation306 USD (18 USD per day)
Food 882 USD (42 USD/ day)
Travel expenses11 USD (0.5 USD per day)
Total treatment cost6500 USD

Disclaimer- This is an estimated cost. Costs may be higher or lower depending upon the choice of hospital, or inches of height increased.


There is no need to be confused about choosing a doctor for your surgery. Read along to learn about the best surgeons in Turkey.

Who are the best Limb Lengthening Surgeons in Turkey?

Skilled doctors should perform this surgery. Exact cuts on the bone will only produce the best results. So, we have listed the top five limb lengthening surgeons who practice at the top hospitals in Turkey. 


Op. Dr. Mehmet Aydogan

Türkiye'de ilk defa gerçekleşecek! Skolyoz tedavisi için İple Gerdirme  Tekniği Kadavra Kursu - Sağlık Haberleri
  • Dr. Mehmet Aydogan is an orthopedist, traumaticologist, and advanced spine surgeon in Istanbul.
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Osteochondral Autografting - Mosaicplasty Surgery, Laminoplasty, and limb lengthening are his areas of interest.

Currently, he works at Medistanbul hospital, Istanbul

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 Dr. Serdar Zengin 


  • Dr. Serdar Zengin is a well-known orthopedist and traumatologist.
  • His interest lies in limb lengthening, trauma surgery, Spine Surgery Arthroplasty, and leg and arm rescue surgeries.

At present he works in Acibadem hospitals group.

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 Dr Fatih Arslanoglu

23 Best Hand surgery Doctors in Turkey: reviews and cost of a consultation
  • He is a notable orthopedist and traumatologist.
  • His specializations are Knee replacement, knee calcification, knee ligament injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, meniscus tears, limb lengthening, and many more.

Currently, he is working at Medistanbul hospital, Istanbul.

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 Dr Yaman Ege         


  • He is among renowned orthopedists in Turkey. 
  • His interests are Hip/Knee arthroplasty, Traumatology and limb lengthening to mention a few.

At the moment he is an orthopedic surgeon in American hospital Istanbul.

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Dr. Ahmet Turan Aydin 

  • He is a reputed orthopedic surgeon based in Turkey. 
  • He is known for specializing in services like Arthroscopic Meniscectomy, Mosaicplasty Surgery, and limb lengthening, among others.

Presently he works at Memorial hospitals group, Istanbul.

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Hospitals for Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

All inclusive packages by hospitals for Limb Lengthening in Turkey

Limb lengthening is a widely known procedure in Turkey. People look for hospitals that have the best services and are cost effective at the same time. The hospitals in Turkey provide limb lengthening packages inclusive of all services and facilities that are required throughout the procedure.

The packages include facilities like:

  • To and fro transportation from hotel and clinic
  • Airport shuttle
  • Doctor’s visit and anesthesiologist cost
  • Laboratory analyses cost
  • Surgery 
  • One week of hospital stay
  • Three meals per day
  • Medication and medical support
  • Interpreter and translation services 

Don’t stop! Keep reading to learn about the best hospitals in Turkey to avail top class services.


7 best limb lengthening hospitals in Turkey

There are many things that you must consider before choosing a hospital. The hospital you choose should cater to all your needs. 


Clinics for limb lengthening surgery Istanbul

NpIstanbul Brain Hospital, Istanbul


Saray, Ahmet Tevfik İleri Cd No:18, 34768 Ümraniye/İstanbul, 



$13,500 - $15,500

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Baskent University Istanbul Hospital

AddressAltunizade, Oymacı Sk. No:7, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey

$12,500 - $16,000

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Avcilar Anadolu Hospital, Istanbul


Mustafa Kemal Paşa Firuzköy Bulvarı, Kayabaşı Sk. No:1/3, 

34775 Avcılar/İstanbul, Turkey


$13,000 - $15,500

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Clinics for limb lengthening surgery Antalya

Medical Park Antalya Hospital

Address Fener, Tekelioğlu Cd. No:7, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey

$12,500 - 16,000

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Memorial Antalya Hospital

Address Zafer Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 91, Dokuma, 07025 Kepez/Antalya, Turkey

$13,500 - $16500

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Clinics for limb lengthening surgery Ankara

VM Medical Park, Ankara


Address Kalaba, 06120 Keçiören/Ankara, Turkey

$12,000 - $16,500

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Given Hospital, Ankara


Kavaklıdere, Remzi Oğuz Arık Mahallesi, 

Şimşek Sk. No:29, 06540 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey


$12,500 - $16,000

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Bewildered to see the prices, right! Continue reading ahead to know the detailed cost of the surgery!


How much does it cost to have limb lengthening surgery?

Turkey is among the top countries for cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. The reasons are low costs, excellent medical facilities, and technological advancements.

If you can show patience for a few months, the surgery will give you outstanding results. The estimated cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey ranges from $10,000 to $45,000. The exact price may vary based on certain factors and the type of procedure.

What factors affect the limb lengthening Turkey price?

The following factors affect the total cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey:-

  •  Infrastructural costs of clinics and hospitals
  •  Expertise of surgeon
  •  Deploying novel procedures & technologies
  •  Patient complexity owing to their state of health
  •  Services provided as a part of package deal
  •  Desired length
  •  Fixator type

What is the cost of various limb lengthening procedures in Turkey? 


There are various procedures for limb lengthening, and the cost varies accordingly. The following table shows the cost estimates for the same.


Procedure Details Cost

Ilizarov Circular

 Fixator Lengthening Technique

  • Walking Time- 6 to 12 weeks
  • Recovery Time- 8-12 months 



Lengthening Over Nails
  • Walking Time - 4 to 5 months
  • Recovery time - 8 to 9  months
Precice 2.2 technique
  • Walking Time - 4 to 5 months
  • Recovery time- 8-9 months

Precice Stryde 

Lengthening Technique

  • Walking Time - 2 to 3 weeks 
  • Recovery time- 8 to 9  months 
$50, 352
Holyfix Lengthening Technique
  • Walking Time - 6 to 8 weeks 
  • Recovery time - 9 to 12 months 



Which country is best for limb lengthening?


Countries like the USA and UK have advanced facilities and experienced doctors. Turkey is no less advanced in medical advancements and qualified doctors. In comparison, Turkey offers much lower rates than the former countries. The table below will help you choose the best surgical destination.


Country Cost 
USA$75,000 - $84,000
UK $59,300 - $88,000
Turkey$10,000 - $45,000

Country-wise cost comparison of limb lengthening surgery

What is the cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey?


City Cost
Istanbul $12,000 - $16,500
Antalya$12,000 - $17,000
Ankara$12,000 - $17,000


Before and after outcome of limb lengthening Turkey

Leg-lengthening: The people having surgery to be a bit taller - BBC News
This is an elaborate procedure where doctors make incisions in both the femur bones in your legs. The doctors then insert a titanium rod that slowly stretches inside your body, making you gain a few inches of height.


How many Inches can you grow with Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey?

Limb lengthening surgery can be life-altering. You will gain at least 2 to 3 inches of height post-procedure. However, the change is not immediately visible.

Since the recovery procedure is around 8-12 months, you can expect to see clear results after 12- 15 months. The rod inserted is removed almost 1 to 1.5 years later.


Satisfaction among the patients

The surgery brought delight to all the men and women unhappy about their stature. The results are pleasing, as they like the more extended look of their legs. The associated risks are significantly less in this surgery. So, the satisfaction level among the patients is high, around 90% or above.

The results last a lifetime once the bone regeneration is complete. The height of the individual increases forever.


According to Dr LS Wang, an Orthopaedic Surgeon with more than 18 years of clinical experienceand  currently the Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Medical Director of Arete Orthopaedic Clinic has quoted -

“Generally, it's possible to lengthen a bone by up to 15-20% of its original length. In practical terms, this often equates to a few inches. However, lengthening beyond this can risk complications such as nerve damage, muscle contractures, and problems with the new bone formation.”

Now, if you have decided to choose Turkey for your surgery, continue reading to learn about the critical details of traveling.


How to prepare for limb lengthening in Turkey?

How to prepare for limb lengthening Turkey


Prior to Surgery

To have limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, you must follow several important directions. These are as follows:

  • Avoid drinking or smoking for at least one month before the surgery.
  • Be active and do a lot of physical activity to maximize the chances of easy recovery post-surgery.
  • Avoid taking any drugs for recreation like cocaine.
  • Abstain from taking any medications, blood thinner(e.g., Aspirin), concoctions, etc.

Prerequisites for traveling to Turkey on medical terms 


What documents do I need to carry for a medical visa to Turkey?

  • Original copy of a passport, valid for six months from the date of departure.
  • Blank pages for visa stamps
  • Current passport size photos of dimensions "2.5x2.5.”
  • A cover letter that has information like your name, passport, travel details, and purpose and duration of travel.
  • Signed letter by an authorized signatory, addressed to the Republic of Turkey Consulate General.
  • Document for hotel confirmation and return tickets show the itinerary.
  • Travel insurance document.

How to get medical visa for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey?

How to get medical visa for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey?

  • Step 1: Apply for an e- medical visa online by selecting your nation and type of passport or ID you need.
  • Step 2: Download the form you filled up for future reference.
  • Step 3: Visit the Turkish embassy in your country to get consulate approval.
  • Step4: Plan your travel once the visa is approved


How will ClinicSpots help you in planning the surgery?


ClinicSpots is a tech-enabled medical Q&A platform. You can ask questions that qualified and licensed medical practitioners will answer.

  • We will assist you in:
  • Getting Visas for traveling overseas.
  • Choosing the best medical services across the globe.
  • Hassle-free arrangement of lodging & accommodation.
  • Preparing a treatment plan specific to your health conditions.
  • Resolving your doubts by providing an all-time guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Is limb lengthening surgery safe?

Answer: Limb lengthening surgery is very safe and effective. It can be done securely in children and adults both.


Q.2) How much taller can limb Lengthening make you?

Answer:  After your bone is fully consolidated, you can return to any activities which you can do before surgery.


Q.3) Can a person run after limb lengthening surgery?

Answer:  After your bone is fully consolidated, you can return to any activities which you can do before surgery.


Q.4) How do I activate my growth spurt?


  1. Eat plenty of nutritious food.
  2. Get enough protein, but not too much.
  3. Focus on calcium and vitamin D.
  4. Build healthy eating patterns.
  5. Reign in snacking.
  6. Promote physical activity.
  7. Get enough sleep


Q.5) When do boys grow the most?

Answer:  It is seen that boys show they go through physical puberty between the ages of 10 to 16.


Q.6) How can I reopen my growth plates?

Answer:  No, you can not reopen your growth plate, but still, you can grow a tiny size by maintaining the correct posture


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