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Pacemaker Surgery Cost In Hyderabad

Lowest Cost (approx) $476

Average Cost (approx) $595

Highest Cost (approx) $654

  • Treatment Type : Catheter-based approach
  • Treatment time : 1 to 5 hours
  • Recovery time : 4 to 6 weeks
  • Hospitalization days : 1 day
  • Chances of recurrence : Low
  • Success rate : 58.30%

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A pacemaker is a small device implanted into the chest cavity that controls the heartbeat. A person having a heartbeat of slower than 60 beats per minute usually requires a pacemaker. Pacemaker surgery cost in Hyderabad starts from INR 38,847 (USD 476) and goes up to INR 53,373 (USD 654). On average, the cost of pacemaker surgery in Hyderabad is around INR 48,558 (USD 595). 

Cost in Top Cities


Top Doctors

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More Information

Factors affecting the cost of pacemaker surgery in Hyderabad

Given below are some of the factors which influence the cost of pacemaker surgery in Hyderabad: 

  • Surgeons' Qualification
  • Type of Surgery
  • Cost of the Pacemaker Device
  • Hospital Charges
  • Health Insurance Coverage

Other Details

Why should you choose Hyderabad for pacemaker surgery?


Hyderabad has significantly lowered prices when compared to other medically advanced cities. A pacemaker surgery in Hyderabad is less by a very big margin than in London, New York or Singapore. 

Excellent surgeons:

Surgeons in Hyderabad are skilled and regularly perform such complex surgeries. The belong to the small group of expert surgeons best suited to do this job. 

Standard infrastructure: 

Pacemaker surgery is available in world-class hospitals in Hyderabad. These hospitals provide their patients with top-notch medical care and first-rate services.

Excellent post-operative care

Top post-surgery services are provided to patients in the best hospitals in Hyderabad. It may take you less time than you anticipate to heal fully.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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I am some problem in my chest

Male | 25

There could be many reasons for this. Sometimes it's just a case of indigestion or heartburn caused by eating too fast or consuming foods that don't agree with us. Another frequent reason is acid reflux, characterized by a burning feeling in the chest. Stress or anxiety might also be considerations since they can sometimes affect the chest. Eating smaller meals more often and avoiding fatty, spicy foods is advisable. If the matter persists seek medical help to rule out anything serious.

Answered on 2nd May '24

Dr. Samrat Jankar

Dr. Samrat Jankar

Hello, Can I ask if what should I do if my mom's blood pressure didn't go lower than 170/70. She's a dialysis patient. But since last night, her bp is 180/60 or 190/70.

Female | 62

It occurs when pressure builds inside­ blood vessels. There­ could be several cause­s – stress, kidney disease­, or not adhering to the dialysis routine. Unche­cked, it can lead to heart strain, e­ven damage arterie­s. You should promptly alert your mom's doctors. They might alter medications or propose­ lifestyle changes.

Answered on 27th Apr '24

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

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