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Braces cost in Mumbai

Lowest Cost (approx) $353

Average Cost (approx) $2156

Highest Cost (approx) $3960

  • Treatment Type : Orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment Time : 1-2 years
  • Recovery Time : 1.5 - 2 years
  • Chances Of Recurrence : Mild
  • Success Rate : 70-99%

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The cost of dental braces in India ranges from ₹28,944 - ₹3,24,706 ( $353 - $3960).  But this cost depends on certain factors including doctors' expertise and the type of braces you choose, plus it can vary from patient to patient.  However, the dental braces cost in India is much more affordable compared to other countries.

If you are worried about how much teeth correction might cost you in Mumbai, we have got you covered. Here is a detailed guide about the overall dental braces cost in Mumbai.


Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $340 $2080 $3819
Ahmedabad $284 $1736 $3189
Bangalore $334 $2042 $3749
Mumbai $353 $2156 $3960
Pune $321 $1965 $3609
Chennai $306 $1870 $3434
Hyderabad $296 $1813 $3329
Kolkata $271 $1660 $3048

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We all wish to look beautiful when we smile. But thanks to the dental treatments that We have teeth whitening to correct the yellow teeth. And what if teeth misalignment comes our way?  No worries, the option of dental braces is available to correct your mal-positioned jaws and teeth and misaligned patterns in your tooth.

Types of dental braces and their cost:

There are the following types of dental braces:

●    Metal braces: These are traditional braces whose brackets are made of metals and are attached to wires.

●    Ceramic braces: They are expensive compared to metal braces and are less noticeable. Ceramic braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic material that is attached to wires.

The metal and ceramic braces are also called self-ligating braces. They are small brackets attached to wires. The self-ligating braces cost in Mumbai is around ₹39550-₹50850 ($482 - $620).

●    Lingual or Incognito braces: These braces are attached behind the person's teeth. The lingual braces cost in Mumbai are also high compared to metal and ceramic braces but they cost less than Invisalign braces.

●    Invisalign or invisible braces: Unlike all other types, Invisalign braces do not have brackets attached to wires. They are a series of 15-30 custom-made hard plastic aligners fitted together in the person's tooth. The aligners for teeth cost in India or transparent braces price in Mumbai are the most expensive of all the other types.

The cost of these braces may vary depending on certain factors. For example, the ceramic braces cost in Mumbai is high while the metal braces cost in India is comparatively low. Here is an approximate range of braces for teeth price list in India:

No.Types of Dental BracesDental Braces Cost Range In Mumbai (INR)Dental Braces Cost Range In Mumbai (USD)
1.Ceramic braces33900 - 62150$413 - $856
2.Metallic Braces28250 - 50850$344- $620
3.Invisalign or Invisible Braces11300 - 316400$138 - $3,859
4.Lingual or Incognito Braces81360 - 214700$992 - $2,619

For your convenience, we've included a cost comparison of Dental braces in Mumbai and other countries below.

CountriesDental Braces Cost Comparison (USD)
India$312 - $3,504 
USA$3,000 - $7,400 
UK$1,967 - $13,115 
Canada$2,396 - $7,987 

Factors that affect Braces cost in Mumbai:

Braces cost in Mumbai can vary depending on certain factors. The factors that majorly affect dental braces prices in India are:

1. Type of braces: As we discussed above there are four types of braces, each having its own cost. Out of which invisible braces are the costliest among all others, the lingual braces cost in Mumbai is the 2nd highest. Hence, the type of braces you have chosen plays the foremost role in determining the cost of your overall treatment.

2. The number of appointments: The patient's oral condition may determine the number of dental visits or the number of appointments they are going to have during their treatment. 

At your first visit, your doctor may give an estimate of the overall cost and the number of dental visits required. But the cost and number of visits can fluctuate depending on your oral condition during and after treatment.

Hence, the number of appointments depending on the patient's condition is the second important factor that contributes to the overall dental braces cost in Mumbai.

3. Dentist experience and expertise: The more qualified and experienced the dentist is, the higher they can charge for their services.

4. Type of equipment used and treatment technique: The treatment technique and the type of equipment the doctor uses during your dental braces procedure can also affect the overall dental braces cost in Mumbai.

5. Location of the clinic or type of hospital: The charges of big hospitals or clinic setups located in posh localities charge higher as compared to smaller clinics. But this factor can vary depending on the expertise and experience of dentists.

6. Post-treatment maintenance and medications: The post-procedure maintenance cost and medication cost may vary from patient to patient and can fluctuate depending on the patient's condition and needs.

7. Insurance: If the patient's dental cost is being covered by insurance, their braces cost in Mumbai with insurance will vary.

Post-Treatment Care For Dental Braces:

Before getting your dental braces, clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly.

After you are done getting your dental braces, here are some post-treatment care to follow:

● Avoid chewing hard foods for a few weeks because it might damage your braces and cause the treatment to take longer.

● Avoid eating sticky foods.

● Avoid crunchy and chewy foods till a few weeks after your treatment.

● Brush and floss your teeth regularly. If you don't take care of proper teeth cleaning, you may require frequent dental visits after your braces.

● Rinse your mouth with warm salt water regularly for a few days after your treatment to heal your mouth's soreness.

What do the Dental braces in Mumbai package include?

To offer comprehensive orthodontic care, the dental braces package in Mumbai normally contains numerous components. While particular packages may differ across dental clinics, the following are frequent inclusions:

  • Orthodontic Consultation.
  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Dental Braces Application
  • Follow-up Appointments
  • X-rays and Imaging


Other Details

Why should you have to get your dental braces in Mumbai?

The benefits of getting dental braces from Mumbai are:

● The orthodontic treatment cost in Mumbaiis affordable and budget-friendly as compared to other countries.

● The provision of high-quality care with advanced aesthetic equipment under the supervision of experienced personnel is available all across Mumbai at affordable prices. 


Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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