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By Arya Kamat

Updated on 29th, Jul'22

In recent years, medical and health tourism has expanded its growth across global markets. Turkey has ranked among the top 10 nations that attract medical tourists in recent years due to its accredited facilities equipped with advanced technology, high-quality, inexpensive healthcare, and world-renowned hospitality.

Turkey has jumped to public attention as a top destination for high-quality dental work. The reason for this is that dentistry in Turkey is frequently 50-70 percent less expensive than in other countries, not to mention that the high quality of dentistry care provided by Turkish hospitals and clinics is comparable to that of Western clinics and hospitals. While veneers and implants are the most popular procedures, the possibilities are unlimited.

There are lots of clinics in Turkey that provide exceptional service; it can be difficult to decide where to go. To assist you, we've compiled a list of the best dental clinics in Turkey.


Best Dental Clinics in Turkey

1. Dental center Turkey

Guzelobamh. Rauf DenktasBlv, 07230 Muratpasa/Antalya, Turkey
  • The Dental centre clinic in Antalya is regarded as one of the most prestigious private dentistry clinics in Turkey.
  • The clinic is supplied with 3D Tomography equipment, which enables Oral Surgeons to arrange Dental Implants with extreme precision and in some situations, Directed Operation. On-site fabrication of dental veneers and crowns is possible with the smile design technology and CAD CAM equipment.
  • Numerous patients, including some well-known television personalities, travel to the clinic in Antalya for larger treatments like as Smile Makeovers and Dental Facelifts.


2. Uzmanlar oral and dental health clinic Istanbul

Ihlamurdere Cad. Engin Apt. 92/3 Besiktas, Istanbul, Istanbul, 34357, TR
  • This Clinic offers superior dental services in Istanbul and is a one-stop solution for all of your dental and oral health needs, with an emphasis on aesthetic smiles achieved through veneers and oral implant logy.
  • Provide treatments like Dental implants, Veneers, Dental Crowns, Invisalign, Composite Veneers, Porcelain Crown etc
  • The clinic's objective is to assist you in achieving a beautiful, confident, and healthy smile by providing high-quality treatments in a contemporary facility equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools.


3. All on Dental Clinic Istanbul

First Floor, Omer Avni Tümşah Han, Inonu Cd. No:36, 34427 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
  • All on Dental Clinic is a world-class dental clinic that provides comprehensive general and specialty care to both locals and foreign visitors.
  • The clinic team consists of dentists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, implantologists, and aesthetic dentists, as well as dental hygienists.
  • Treatments at All on Dental include: Fillings, Orthodontics (braces), Veneers, Inlays/Onlays, Children’s dentistry, Dental implants and more.


4. Smile Dental Antalya

Fener, Bülent Ecevit Blv. No:85, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya,
  • Smile dental provides a comprehensive range of dental services, whether you need a simple scale and polish to refresh your smile, a new white filling, or the best dental veneers in Turkey. Treatment is both inexpensive and expedient. This clinic offer online consultations based on x-rays obtained in your country.
Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Here cosmetic dentist will custom creates your new teeth based on your wants and desires, resulting in a smile that is a perfect match for your attitude, gender, and skin tone.
  • Main treatments are dental implants, veneers, dental crowns, dental lumineer is a cosmetic dentistry technique similar to a veneer that is used to improve the look of teeth.


5. Myra Dental Turkey

SirinyalıMah. İsmet Gökşen Cad Osman Eceoğlu Sit. B-Blok No.114/A,
  • Myra Dental Center Turkey provides first-rate dental care at an affordable price. You can consult with the best dentists in Turkey.
  • Clinic provides dental services such as Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Smile Makeovers, all-on-four procedures and professional teeth whitening via laser.


6. Umut Dental Clinic Antalya (Dental Clinic Antalya)

Kanal, Antalya Blv. No:110, 07080 Kepez/Antalya,
  • This clinic is well-known in the region for its aesthetic and implant dentistry, as well as dental tourism. Additionally, it boasts a highly skilled medical staff.
  • Treatments include Dental implants, Dental crowns, Dental bridges, immediate implant placement, Porcelain veneers and Sinus lift.


7. DCT Klinik Turkey

Güzeloba, Rauf Denktaş Cd No:12/A, 07000 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
  • The clinic is considered to be one of the best dental clinics in Turkey because it applies the most up-to-date dental technology in its procedures.
  • This clinic is the ideal combination of health-care and elegance in one package. They provide treatments like Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Dental Veneers.


8. Marmaris Dental Clinic Turkey

Kemeraltı, Hasan Işık Cd. no 4, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Turkey
  • Marmaris Dental Center is associated with the following dental implant manufacturers: Alpha Bio, Camlog, NTA, Nobel, and Straumann. Additionally, dental crowns made of Zirconium, CEREC or E-max is available. They are the world's greatest dental treatment brands.
  • All of the materials are of the highest quality, and every treatment is backed by a warranty that lasts for an extended period of time.
  • Dental clinic Marmaris provide treatments like Porcelain Crown, Alpha-Bio Dental implant, Dental Bridge, Root Canal Treatment, E-Max Veneer and many more.


9. Attelia Dental Turkey

KızıltoprakMahallesiAspendosBulvarı, Çam Plaza No: 19/B, 07300 Muratpaşa, Turkey
  • Mehmet Işlek, Turkey's most well-known dentist founded the clinic in the year 2000.
  • Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre adhere to the highest international hospital standards and are likely the most experienced in the country.
  • The dental centre is equipped with 17 modern treatment rooms where our qualified dental physicians provide a quality and painless service to patients.
  • Treatments include laser gum treatment, smile makeover, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental bridge etc.


10. Dental Excellence Turkey

Çaglayan, BarınaklarBlv. No:66, 07230 Muratpasa/Antalya, Turkey
  • A group of highly skilled dentists devoted to delivering adults and children with the highest quality dental care. Dental Excellence provides gentle and high-quality care in a stress-free and anxiety-free atmosphere.
  • Provide treatments like smile makeover, dental crowns, teeth whitening, Smile Design, All on Four Treatment, Invisalign


11. Dental Design Turkey

Dental Design Turkey YeşilbahçeMah. A Blok Kat:1 D:4, 07160 Muratpaşa, Turkey
  • The Dental Design team is first and foremost concerned with long-term health. Additionally, the team is committed to providing the highest quality, most individualised dental care possible. Dental specialists are always used to undertake procedures.
  • Biocompatible metal-free implants, implant treatments, oral screening, laser dentistry, platelet-rich plasma therapy, computer-controlled local anaesthetic, and digital x-rays are among the services provided.


12. Dentakay Turkey

Kemalpaşa, Namık Kemal Cd. No:60/A, 34204 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey
  • Dentakay was founded in 2009 and has been a hub of brilliance ever since. Dentakay is one of the best dental clinics in Istanbul, offering top dental services in a modern, high-tech clinic setting.
  • Services include Teeth Whitening, Hollywood Smile, Dental Bridge, Digital Smile Design, Dental Crowns, Gingival Esthetics and surgeries like Jaw Surgery, Orthodontics and Laser Dentistry etc are done here.


These are the best dental clinics in Turkey, which offer a wide range of services in the field of dentistry. These clinics employ experts who are knowledgeable and trained in both surgical and medical treatments. The cost of dental treatment in Turkey is extremely affordable, especially in comparison to other nations such as UK, Germany, France and a number of other European countries.

Not just clinics, but some of the best hospitals in Turkey, such as Medical Park, Medipol University Hospital, LIV Hospital, Memorial Hospitals Group are also provide oral and dental care services

Dentists in Turkey provide implant and dental veneers to millions of patients every year. Particularly in Turkey, Antalya and Istanbul are fast becoming the most popular destinations for people wanting teeth fixed because Turkish dentists are incredible. The highest quality of treatment is one of the primary reasons for this.



What are the most common treatments performed at dental clinics in Turkey?

 The following are some commonly performed dental treatments in Turkish clinics:-

  • Teeth whitening: Tooth whitening is the process of using tooth whitening gels to remove pigmented, organic, and inorganic contaminants that have accumulated in the porous enamel layer on the surface of teeth.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants are titanium-based artificial tooth roots that are inserted in the jawbone to replace the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Titanium is a tissue-friendly substance, and dental implants made of titanium undergo a variety of procedures to facilitate cellular adhesion to the jawbone.
  • Dental Fillings: One of the most popular and straightforward procedures, require usually more than a couple of hours. Dental fillings are required to repair cavities caused by infected teeth.
  • Dental Crowns and veneers: A crown is simply an outer layer for a broken tooth. It is available in a number of materials, such as metal or porcelain. Both veneers and crowns are types of dental restorations that can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your teeth. The primary distinction is that a veneer simply covers the front of the tooth, but a crown covers the full tooth.
  • Root canal: Typically, patients require a root canal if there is inflammation or infection with in tooth's roots. An endodontist who specialises in root canal treatment carefully takes the pulp from the tooth, cleans, disinfects and forms the root canals, and then seals the gap with a filling.


Why do people prefer Turkey for Dental treatment?

  • One of the primary reasons for choosing Turkey for dental care is that the expenses are significantly lower. Patients in the United Kingdom can save up to 70% on dental bills. Naturally, the more thorough and costly the treatment, the more money you save–which is why Turkey's dental implants (including all-on-4) and veneers are so popular.
  • The dentists and experts are highly trained. Dentistry education is quite challenging in Turkey. The most successful candidates are chosen through examinations and undergo intensive training. There is tremendous competition. Each dentist must maintain ongoing education and keep their knowledge current. Following graduation from dental school, Turkish dentists find work in various countries. Specialists recognize numerous Turkish dentists among the world's most outstanding dentists.
  • Economical, high-quality health care. With global education and experience, Turkish professionals can provide high-quality dental care similar to the rest of Europe. Turkey has been a significant hub for dental tourism since the early 2000s, and it can provide a level of experience and quality that other countries cannot match. Most dental clinics in Turkey are advanced and equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • The majority of hospitals and clinics are internationally accredited by the GCR. The majority of Turkish clinics are GCR globally certified facilities, with several of them ranking among the best in the specialty.
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